Crores via TRADING : Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Crores via TRADING : Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

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38 thoughts on “Crores via TRADING : Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

  1. Wah abhishek sir aaap ne dil kush krdiya phle Twitter pr or ab yha sat. Bna diya full tym trader ka… holidays😊👌👌👍👍

  2. Vijay kedia sir also told in one interview
    Ek hi Amitabh or ek hi shahrukh hota hai
    So one n only one Jhunjhunwala

  3. Sir make a video on operators,full details. Like why do they, how they do it, is it legal or illegal .. i mean full information, if you got time…🙏

  4. I was reading "intelligent investor" and notification for this video came 😄😄 ab aage read karu ki nahi 👀 ? Already finished 2 chapters

  5. Wow.. come on Boss , choose a followerz fan of urs and give him an interview at this time and then we as ur follower will watch the video again after 20 years. What say..

  6. Abhishekji, I have been subscribed to your mails and videos for some time. You came across as stressing more on investing in your earlier days. But lately, I have noticed a clear tilt towards trading and you have been promoting trading with a lot of enthusiasm. Any particular reason for this?

  7. once a trader always a trader! we can drive motivations from anyone – i firmly believe it should be good balance of both investing and trading

  8. No man..I am a broker & out of my all 5000 customers 98% in loss by trading while 72% customers are in profit by longterm Investments & got a dividends on that!

  9. Please sir Hindi Mai bta do aap Kya kehna chate hai. Mujhe English smjh hni aa rhi. Koi mujhe btao Hindi Mai je Kya kehh rhe hai ?

  10. Titan or DHFL ye unke portfolio ke stock gir rahe to unhone wo na bechke put option kharid rakhe the….he also doing trading ….

  11. Thank you sir for this # i am looking for someone who is already done this trading and made money you clear my confusion, thanx a lot

  12. Wow👍👍 great sir thxs a lot for this video from u we r on a right path because u have hold our hand and in right direction

  13. Sir out of context ek doubt tha …i have recently made a profitable strategy .Need your guidance …..sir can we trade by 4 lots in futures for intraday ? Does the spread affect my profits ….will it affect by huge ammount ? Or is SL-M type of order is suggested ? If it's SL-M order what's the max ammount of lots can I trade comfortably ?…thanks …love u sir

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