Cuba Gooding Jr | Second Accuser is a Big Time Blogger | Claudia Oshry Accused Cuba Gooding Jr

Cuba Gooding Jr | Second Accuser is a Big Time Blogger | Claudia Oshry Accused Cuba Gooding Jr

when I first got on it was for like
teenagers to send nude photos of themselves to each other and my how
we’ve come so far it’s really new source for a lot of Millennials I check
snapchat first thing in the morning I read the jelly mail that’s how I get my
number-one source of news that’s used to be Twitter for me and a lot of people do
the same thing it’s a fun social platform for me it’s a broadcasting
opportunity to speak to millions of people but for other people it’s just a
fun way to socially engage with your friends with silly filters but to also
stay current on like what’s going on in the world yes
now that chick is accused in Cuba of touching her when she was very very
young and we’re gonna talk about it but first on this channel we always put on
our plus seven glasses of sexy as Hale because I’m working on skill of my craft
bringing you guys are more info on YouTube experience something better to
look at and helping you find a life gained in every situation please
subscribe to this channel turn on those notifications so when I drop videos you
get them check out the life game financial Channel so last week I did a
story about how Cuba Gooding got accused of fondling a woman’s breast that was
sitting directly next to his girlfriend but there was also a blogger and social
media girl Claudia Austria tell me y’all might know it she’s pretty famous she’s
got a big following across all her social media platforms and she does
podcasting and she just came out and said that Cuba Gooding jr. stuck his
finger up her butt when she was 16 years old
damn what in the world is going on here and listen to her quote at the end of
the day like I don’t know if I ever considered myself to be like a victim of
sexual assault because I’m not there are people who are real victims that I would
never compare myself to them but yes when I was in high school I was fucking
16 years old Cuba Gooding jr. put his finger up my butt and I felt wild like I
felt I don’t even know what the right word is and now it’s just become like a
part of who I am it’s a part of my story cuba gooding Julian’s legal team came
out and denied all this stuff said it didn’t happen what’s the life gain from
this there are a few here number one ladies if this situation happens to you
when you’re very young you’ve got to tell somebody I don’t think we can deny
the story or prove it because there’s no evidence so my life get on that is
you’ve got to have some evidence to prove most of these situations that’s
not to say that it didn’t happen or that it did because both sides are saying the
opposite of each other so we won’t know what the truth is unless there are some
certifiable evidence but it just sounds rather timely she drops this the minute
this other lady talked about he grabbed her breasts and in the video you saw it
he didn’t grab her breasts he did put his hand on her thigh but it didn’t
wasn’t involving no breasts so the life game for here is if you’re gonna get him
but if this happens to you you need to go ahead and tell immediately nowadays I
think women are understanding that to get in front of these type of situations
you’ve got to go ahead and divulge the information fast and up close it’s not
back in the day we’re probably back during her day if you rat on some
superstar like this you is gonna be made to look bad we’re in the me to era now
where as you can prove that these things are going on you can get some help and
fellas again don’t put yourself in situations where it can be your word
against theirs and you’re caught in a corner but I want to know what are your
life games for this type of situation have any of y’all seen this blogger
before I didn’t even know about it but apparently she’s a big deal she makes a
lot of money they hosted her on you seemed an open and clear all over the
place so leave me comments about what you think where are we going to be going
and it’s Cuba Goodings gonna get in any trouble that’s gonna do it for this
video don’t forget to like my video please comment subscribe go get yourself
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17 thoughts on “Cuba Gooding Jr | Second Accuser is a Big Time Blogger | Claudia Oshry Accused Cuba Gooding Jr

  1. Cuba Gooding Jr's Second Accuser is a Big Time Blogger, Claudia Oshry. Subscribe Life Gains Review Channel –

  2. Cuba caught up in the #me too.
    Always years ago and the perp is BLACK! HOLLYWOOD IS DONE WITH BLACK MEN ACTORS.

  3. Damn LAMONT. What the hell is going on with people nowadays? People accusing people of everything whether it's a lie or not. Keep the content coming. Have an awesome day brother. Love ya

  4. Yo homie , Hahahhaha they don't even have to give any context to the situation. They just accusing people of shit they can't even prove now days. Lol it's like damn dude I mean this dude aint never been good in anything really, but come on. Lol, it's over for men. This is the shit they used to do back in the day, the same way Emmett Till was murdered. You say hello to a chick and next thing you know they linching your ass for rape and shit.

  5. Nah women are understanding these days that they can use niggas as a leg up to get famous by saying someone did some shit they didn't do. Wonder how many book deals these lying ass women get behind destroying mens careers? Publishing houses have to stop fucking with these people. Vh1 and surviving R kelly and all this. Them dumbass bitches lived with this illiterate nigga all these years and nobody taught them what a door knob is, huh? Cosby hit these bitches with some special k hard enough that it lasted 30 years hahahahhahaha this rip van winkle ass bitch just waking up from the pudding pop dick hahahahahah….come on man!

  6. That's why black men need to stay away from them white women because they are nothing but trouble i stay away from these women in America tyson because they are all about money

  7. LG: ladies …Come with Receipts 🧾 before you speak about a negative encounter involving the death of someone’s reputation/legacy.

  8. BITCH PLEASE!!!!   This MeToo movement BULLSHIT has crossed the line! I say we start our own movement and call it "Fuck you, MeToo"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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