Curta – Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho – Subtitles: English French Spanish Turkish

Curta – Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho – Subtitles: English French Spanish Turkish

I don’t want to go back alone Elevator up! What a stupid joke. How many times will
you repeat it? Calm down, kids!
No more jokes. Well, before the bell rings,
let’s meet our new student? Gabriel, would you like to introduce yourself? I don’t think it’s necessary. Of course it is. Come here! Gabriel! Gabriel! Gabriel! Hi, my name is Gabriel. Hi Gabriel! I’ve just moved to São Paulo. -What happened?
-The boys threw a paper ball at Gabriel. Well, you’ll have plenty of time
to get to know each other, ok? Let’s go? Is your house up or down the street? -Down
-Do you want to come with us? Sure. The keys, Leo. Delivered! -Bye, Gabriel.
-Bye -Well, bye to you too.
-Aren’t you coming this way? No, I live two blocks back,
but I always walk Leo home. -Ok. See you tomorrow at school.
-Bye I’m telling you, Karina was totally
staring at you during the test. She was the last one
to leave the room -You know I’m not into her, right?
-But you are never interested in anyone. Or you never tell me. I’m your best friend,
I should know theses things. I always tell you about the boys I like. It’s been a while since your last infatuation. Ever since Thiago, if I remember right. Don’t even tell me about that idiot. Nevermind Can I sit with you guys? Sure! Sit up, Leo. So, are you finding
your way around school? I’ve already found the library. – Did you guys do well on the test?
– I think so. Karina, on the other hand,
probably not. She seemed to be daydreaming. How about you? I guess so.
But I like math. Oh, you should teach Leo.
He’s terrible at it. Would you like it if you had
to solve equations in Braille? Uhh, grumpy. It was just a quiz. I can help you for the next test. You should accept, Leo.
In two weeks, there’s another test You won’t flunk because of Bhaskara,
will you? Blabla Bhaskara… Would you rather step bare
foot on an ant nest or… have a cockroach climbing up your pants? The cockroach!
I’d take my pants off. Gabriel, how does that
evidence stuff work? Would you rather a mosquito
flying into your mouth or loosing your allowance? Always remember that, to annul the X… Who is the cat? Meow! It’s Gabriel. Giovana, how does Gabriel look like? What do you mean? His face, for example… Let me see. Gabriel? he has dark hair…
he’s about my height… he has light skin…
curly hair, you know? He has big eyes, is thin, is arriving… Let’s go? Don’t you live around here, Giovana? Yeah, in the yellow house
across the street. If you want,
I can walk Leonardo home. I don’t know…
I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s fine by me, Giovana. Are you sure? Great, ’cause I really
need to go to the toilet! Bye guys, see you tomorrow. -Are you still there?
-Yeah. You can walk, then. -Bye
-Bye Archaic period. Well, guys, since we’ve
been studying Greece, I’d like you to pair up
for an assingment, ok? But girls have to pair up with girls,
and boys with boys. Guys will write about Sparta
and girls about Athens, ok? Choose your partners, please. -Can I pair up with you?
-Ok. Larissa wants to do the
assignment at the school library. -How about you guys?
-At my place. -Have a nice work, then.
-Thanks Were you always like that? What do you mean? Dark haired… or blind? Blind. Since I was born. And, is it ok? Not all the time.
Sometimes I get angry, you know? But everybody does, right?
For one reason or another. I don’t know what
I’d do if I was blind. You’d get used to it. There’re even some advantages.
People do you lots of favors! So, you’ve never seen Giovana’s face. No, I haven’t. She’s funny. I think she likes you. – Of course! She’s my friend.
– No, I mean, she’s into you. Shut up! No way! The way she looks at you,
it seems more than friendship. Stop that. How about you?
Are you into her? No. Got it. I’ll throw that away for you. You see? What? Favors! Come in. Much better! It’s warm in here. Of course!
Your wearing a sweat shirt. How do you know
what I’m wearing? Oh, I wonder how could that be? Ok, I took it off. Leo, I need to brush my teeth.
Is there a bathroom I could use? Sure. Third door to the left. -Third to the left, right?
-Yeah. Eternity can be cruel I keep on going… Leo sings: -because I need to
Giovana sings: -so I can miss you – It’s “I need to”, Giovana!
– Isn’t it “to miss you”? No! Am I handsome? What? Do people think I’m handsome? Well, I think you are. Ok, but, what about other people? I don’t know about other people,
you have to ask them. Let’s go? Sure. Are you guys there? Yeah. Let’s hurry, I’m hungry. Sweat shirt again, Gabriel? Have you finished the assignment? No, we’ll finish it today. Ok. Bye, then. Do you see these two dots
before the letter, Gabriel? it means it’s a capital letter. Look, it’s written, “temperature of the” Give me your hand. “Temperature of the tropical
climate presents vari…” this is a hyphen… “variations …” -Bless you.
-Thanks Leo, I forgot my sweat shirt
at your place. Pick it up today after class. I can’t, I have a dentist
appointment. Then I’ll bring to school tomorrow. Ok, then. Bless you! Thanks! Where’s Gabriel? He went to the dentist. Gabriel, Gabriel… What is it? Nothing. Giovana, I need to talk to you. Go ahead. Here’s no the right place. What’s so important
you can’t say here? Nevermind. Now I’m curious! Tell me! Is there anyone around? No, everybody has already left. Leo? I think I’m in love with Gabriel. Did you hear what I said? Yeah, I did. I just don’t know what to say…. Do you know now? What do you mean by in love? Like “boyfriend” in love. Gay boyfriend? I guess so. Leo, it’s my mom calling! It’s my grandma’s birthday
and we’re having lunch at her house. I’ll stop by your house afterwards!
I won’t even eat dessert, ok? Ok. Giovana! I can’t believe you
left me alone after what I told you. I know it’s not
easy to hear, but I tell you that and
you keep me here waiting? And I bet you ate dessert! I’ve been asking myself if I should’ve
told you I’m in love with Gabriel. You’re already the jealous type.
What will happen now? Giovana? Leo, I’m sorry.
I wanted to come earlier. But my aunts wouldn’t stop
singing happy birthday. Then, they started asking
me about school, college… – Giovana!
– What? – Do you see a sweatshirt laying around?
-No. Are you sure, not even under the bed? Nope, not even under the bed. Leo, I’m really sorry
I left alone at school. Are you ok? Yeah!

100 thoughts on “Curta – Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho – Subtitles: English French Spanish Turkish

  1. Dois baguiu que na mente do léo já imagino
    Gabriel:vc sempre foi cego


    Gabriel: então vc nunca viu o rosto da Giovana?

    Mente do léo: ñ magina porra sou um cego que enxerga


    Léo:acho que estou apaixonado pelo Gabriel

    Giovana: apaixonado como

    Léo: apaixonado como namorado

    Giovana: namorado Gay?

    Mente do léo: ñ Caralho namoradO alienígena

  2. tem um filme com o mesmo nome na netflix, mesmo personagem e mesma história. Mas o filme é todo diferente, vejam pq vale a pena KSKSKS

  3. Massa o vídeo, também gostamos de produzir curtas metragem, se puder passar pra opinar ficaremos gratos

  4. De uma vez por todas: Moreno NÃO é raça! Moreno abrange a coloração dos cabelos, no caso do Gabriel(preto)… PQP!!! MORENO-LOIRO-RUIVO… Sacou??????????????

  5. Não entendi o filme direito nem se quer assistir kkkkk coitada da menina tava apaixonada pelo menino cego e ele se apaixonou pelo outro menino mais a escolha e deles né fazer oq não to falando mal viu gente detesto quando alguem fica fazendo algum mal com pessoas especiais

  6. very nice story…is the actor realy blind, he's truly adorable (would be nice if your comments were in English at least…)

  7. Gosto mais do outro filme,o completo, tem mais cenas dos dois, e o bj e mais intenso e o final e maravilhoso 👏👏👏👏👏👏

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