CUSTOMIZING MY BULLET JOURNAL! | Copic Markers on Toned Paper

CUSTOMIZING MY BULLET JOURNAL! | Copic Markers on Toned Paper

This is my brand-new bullet journal, as
you can see, it’s completely empty and the cover is a little ‘blegh’ – so I thought I
would design and draw on the front cover the back cover, the inside, and the back
pocket – let’s see what I came up with I’ll be using my Copic markers for the
blunt of the work but first I’ll need a pencil and start sketching out my idea I did all my thumbnailing and like pre sketching before jumping into the cover
because I wanted to have a pretty good idea of what I wanted to draw before I like went all in so I kind of came to the conclusion that I wanted to
draw a bit of a studious-looking character but like also fashionable and
like – I don’t know – like a college-aged individual with fashion sense and then
glasses so that they looked – you know “studious” that was the idea because for
me bullet journaling has been really really helpful for me to keep track of
like my daily to-do lists and that’s how I use it – I use it to keep track of
what I need to do what I’ve already done and then to make sure that
I’m not missing out anything and writing it down and making little
checklists has been extremely helpful so when I think of my bullet journal, I
think of being productive – I think of getting good grades – I think of just
doing well at life so I wanted to create a character who looked like they had a
pretty good handle on things so that is what I’m doing – I gave her a bit of a
messy bun, those studious glasses like I mentioned before, a fashionable outfit and
of course a backpack – oh! and I also gave her a pencil sticking out behind her
ear so that you know she knows how to check off her…. to-do lists? I guess *laughs then once I was pretty happy with the layout on the page and like making sure the
character fit pretty well there wasn’t any like giant blocks of white space
that just looked unnatural I went in and started adding in the details – now with
all of my thumbnails I had never really put in a lot of details so this was
definitely a new step, it was time to really develop this character and make
sure it looked the way that I wanted or well I guess as close to the way I
wanted that physically do, so I was going in and
adding the details to like the hair and making sure that the hair looked like it
had a little bit of volume to it but it was also like sort of unkempt and then
like the face I realigned the eyeballs a little bit better and made sure that she
had a forehead – this is something I kind of like messed up with with my art I
always like forget to give my characters foreheads and I have a pretty decently
large-size forehead so it’s like…. you’d think Id remember that those things exist
and give them to my characters so I wanted to make sure that I gave this
character a forehead and the glasses I had drawn originally weren’t exaggerated
enough so I decided to give her these giant circular glasses so that they’re
super obvious and you know that she’s wearing glasses – I don’t want them to be
too subtle I want them to be you know on her face in your face you know? and to
give her a little bit of originality and to pull her a little away from that
generic Harry Potter look I gave little heart details to the rims of the glasses
which i think is quite cute and continuing the detailing stage I went in
and add some more details to like the ruffles on her shirt and defined her
hand a little bit more so it wasn’t just a plain little blob – I also decided on
what I wanted her pant seems to look like and like where they should go
and the belt loops and things and also the section/the bottom section of
her shirt I added like that cute little whats it called? like a tie so it’s like a
it’s kind of like a wraparound shirt and then it ties on the side so that creates
that like v-neck, that was the idea at least, and then I added ruffles to the
bottom of that because I thought that’d be really cute and it kind of like pulls
in the ruffles on the sleeves and you know it’s a cute little crop top thing – I
don’t personally know a lot about fashion I’m kind of just faking it
from what I’ve seen on Pinterest and I was happy with basically where the art
was at that point I just erased to that top bun section so I’m a erasing a small
section at a time and adding in the line art – it’s kind of hard to see what’s
going on because of the camera angle but I’m taking it very slowly trying to add
depth to any places that might be more in shadow than others and basically just
trying to incorporate all of the small little tips and tricks that I learned
from doing inktober back in October it’d be kind of hard to explain what
those are without you having an experienced it yourself but like
basically (I use that word a lot) but what I’m trying to do is create depth in the
lineart so that it doesn’t look too stiff and that might include like not
closing all the lines completely or using thinner lines for less obvious
sections of the hair and then thicker lines for thicker sections
of the hair, does that make sense? like parts that are with more depth get more
lines and I’m also using like hatching for sections that would be more in
shadow – I hope that makes sense – but the best thing I could suggest is that you
just draw a lot and use a lot of line art and see what looks best in your
style and what looks not so good in your style and kind of avoid those things and
lean towards the things that look good you know? and the things that are fun of
course, also incorporate those – and usually when something starts looking
good it’s a little bit more fun I’m not gonna lie, that that’s just kind of the
truth, so try to incorporate those things into your art and you’ll definitely see
improvement and maybe even have fun you know? woohoo! one of my favorite things to add
line art to is ruffles, so I’m just enjoying this a lot – oh! I just realized I
didn’t mention what pen i’m using, i’m using a prismacolor premier fine liner
and this is the 0-5 size I’ve tested this with my Copic markers a few times
and it’s always worked pretty well so I’ve decided to use that for this
particular drawing because I trust it with all fine liners it’s pretty
important to give them their time to dry before you start attacking them
with like any sort of wet medium so you know just give them their little chance
and always you know test them before you go in for your drawing – oh, there’s
nothing worse than when you’ve done the entire line art of your drawing and then
you go in with like a marker and then everything just smudges oh! I’ve been there. after erasing most of the sketches I realize I completely forgot to draw in
the glasses with the pen so that’s what I’m doing right here being very slow and
careful trying to get as perfect of a circle as I can with my free hand and
I’m quite happy with the way they turned out – then I just finished up by adding
the line art to her pants adding in those seams
(those are so much fun to draw) and I was done with the line art and so it was
time to go in with the Copic markers mm-hmm I made sure there was no sketches left because I really don’t like the way
pencil-lead interacts with Copic markers it just looks “bleghy” so I made sure that
was all gone and then I used a E15 color in the skin and I particularly in
my head imagined her skin significantly darker than this mid-tone paper that I’m
drawing on and the cool thing about mid-tone paper is that it is a mid-tone
so you can either add lighter hues by using like an opaque pencil then the
color white and you can actually draw with white which is cool and you can
also get darker which is what I wanted to do for the skin – you’ll notice as I’m
drawing with them, my E13 marker was definitely running low but I was a
little too afraid to try and mix it with another color so I kind of just ‘wong-it’ –
by the time I get to the end I think it’s a little less obvious because I go
over it so many times so just bear with me and while I didn’t have like a
complete color scheme in mind when I started cuz I didn’t do enough
pre-planning – I kept seeing the color pink and brown so I was like those
are the colors I’m gonna use so that’s definitely what I gravitated towards I
did end up using some more colors as well but another
cool thing about using these toned paper or the toned cover of this bullet
journal, as it would be, is that the colors because they have that mid-tone
behind them they all kind of create a bit of a cohesive color scheme no matter
what color you pick, it kind of just helps them blend together I’m sure
there’s some colors you could pick that would just be like “whoa! that’s kind of
way out there” but for the most part you have a lot more leeway when you’re
picking colors because they’re not being drawn on like a flat white surface and
they’re all having that hint of that mid-tone-y tan color and then it’s
gonna help with your color scheme overall so me being a beginner with
color theory it’s-it’s kind of fun to be able to just use whatever color and it
kind of looks good so yeah I’m pretty happy with that – is it obvious that I had
a lot of fun with this? because I had a lot of fun drawing this, okay?- what I was talking about earlier was really obvious with that
last where I used RV000 to color
in the pants which is like a light pink violet color but when I put it over this
tan paper it looks like a khaki color okay but then here I’m using G 21 which
is a bit of a light green and by going over the backpack to give her a nice
green earthy tone backpack and this looks really cool because it has that
hint that that tan color behind it and it makes the color scheme just blend
together and oh! yes! – I like I don’t even know what to say I’m just like such a
good mood, I just really enjoyed drawing this. I used G 99 to add some pretty simple
shading to the backpack just to add a little bit more depth and make it look
two-dimensional…not two-dimensional three-dimensional! and then I colored in
her hair I actually used two different colors I used YG 95 which is a bit like
a yellowy green color and I colored in like the shaded bits of her hair and
then colored over top of that with E18 which is a reddish brown and I feel like
it really helps pull the background color of-because I used that like YG95 – and I used that to create the shading so then when
I went over it with the e15 it’s reacting to that green color underneath
of it and then it’s also where there is no green it looks brighter and perkier
and I feel like that really helps with the way hair looks in real life like
where it’s shadow where hair has shadows there’s like less vibrancy to it and
then where the hair has like lighting it it’s more vibrant and I feel like that
really played well with that if that made any sense at all – I feel like I’m
rambling at this point – then I took a step back and kind of looked at the
whole thing and realized I wasn’t really happy with that really light khaki color
for pants so I went in with a much more vibrant pink and just colored over the
top of that with it and I think it’s just much brighter and more what I
was looking for and then to tie the like green color more into the illustration I
used that same green color and added stripes to the pants so that it’s more
like a fun pattern and I really like that, I would wear those pants – I started
adding yellow shading to her top but after looking at it I realized I really
didn’t want her to wear a yellow top so I switched over to a pink color and
while the yellow shading was still there I just colored over it with the pink and
it actually looked really well I don’t think it made any weirdness to it…. that
didn’t make sense…. I don’t think it really made anything look weird I think
it just-I think it actually added to the illustration by adding like shadows with
like a slightly different hue to them I think it’s cool
so I’m kind of happy with that little mistake so yeah just like Mr. Ross would say: “happy little accidents” and it was actually because of that like yellow
mistake that I decided not to completely color in her top with pink but add that
like sort of gradient and almost like tulip effect and so yeah I’m really
happy with that I’m definitely happy with that choice I think it really adds
to the drawing it just makes it look a little special it’s not just a plain
flat colored top, it’s got a little something extra – after I adding shading to the skin with that same pink color I realized I wanted her lips to be
a little bit more bold so I went in with a darker almost reddish brown color for
the lips and it really made them pop and I really liked that so I decided to give
her some more bold makeup with the eyes as well so I went in and started slowly
darkening it I started with like a lighter color and then I was like no it
needs to be more so then I darken to that no like “more!” and then I darken that
and then we ended up with that really bold dramatic eye so we’ve got the lips and the eye and I really like it I feel like she she likes to play around with makeup so
that was-I feel like I’m learning more about this character as I progress and
then I was done coloring in the character but wait! this is where it
starts getting really interesting I didn’t want her to just sit there on a
blank page I needed to add something interesting to the background and I
decided on stripes! at first I used a dark color for a stripe and then a light
color for a stripe and kept alternating between those but the more I did it the
less I – like, the more time it had been since I used the light green color
the more faded it was and the less you could see it so just felt kind of pointless so
I decided to just color in the rest of the background it was just the darker
stripe and just kind of mentally imagine where the lighter stripe would be
to save time and it still ended up with like the same result so I think it was a
good decision and I was really happy with all the color choices up to this
point but I wanted to make it pop a bit more and going into this I knew I was
going to be using my Posca white pen so now is the time! and I decided to outline
the entire character with the white pen and it just made everything just “Phoooh!” I just
love it it’s just that fun extra texture it’s like a little cartooniness, I don’t
know what, I don’t know what using illustrative? I don’t know it’s just
really really cool and I really like the effect that it has it makes her stand
out from those stripes and then to incorporate that a little bit more to
the background I added these like circles just some abstract circles to
the background to kind of just spread out that white color so it wasn’t so
concentrated around the character and it became more part of the illustration I was really in love with just the brightness and the vibrance of the white
pen so I decided to also incorporate it into her outfit, just a tad, so I added
more circles and dots to her top and used it to make like her teeth and the
glasses pop a little bit more and also used it on her bracelets and added some
doodles to her backpack like it’s not a brand new backpack she’s used it for a
while and maybe she started doodling on it one day at class kind-of-thing – and
then I also used a light pink color and filled in just a couple of the circles
at random to kind of add again just a more interesting element to the
background then I just added some final tweaks here and there using both the
Posca pen, in some cases, and markers and other and then I was done with the cover
of my new bullet journal but to personalize the bullet journal even more
I decided to customize the inside cover and this I added a “this belongs to” section so
that I could put my name in there and then I also made it all sort of match
the cover and I did this by adding glasses up the top so it’s like her
glasses and she took them off so they’re setting there at the top and at the
bottom I added her backpack just sort of to incorporate elements of the cover and
of course it really wouldn’t resemble the cover if it didn’t have those
big bold green stripes so I added those as well and of course some circles and
pink circles and Posca pen and stuff outlining things yeah,
and then it sort of matched the cover when I wasn’t done yet I decided to also
incorporate this sort of design to the back pocket which I had mistakenly used
as a swatch paper to see if the markers and the pen would work well
together on this paper but I decided to just ignore that and add the stripes and
I used like this old sticky note to put into the pocket so that the stripe
would end right at the end of the pocket and I could get a very crisp line there
with the stripes and then of course I added in the circles as well so that you
know it’s a matchy-matchy this I kept really simple so that was just about it
for the back pocket and the only thing that remained was the back cover so I
just opened up the book like completely flat and started adding in these strokes
I tried to use a ruler but it wasn’t really helping keep the ink in a
straight line so I kind of just gave up on that and just free-handed the rest of
them and I tried to add like a cool little element at the end where it’s like
some of the stripes don’t make it all the way to the top you know? like a more
designer design… thing? but I don’t know I feel like it just kind of looks
unfinished what do you think? and then of course I added in these circle designs I
don’t know I guess I could call them bubbles they looked a little bit like
bubbles so I added in those bubbles and colored a few of those in to represent
the original design and I was done I had a almost completely customized bullet
journal and I’m really happy with it if you remember… was it last year two years
ago? I did sort of the same thing so this is my old bullet journal right here I
feel like I’ve improved a little bit art wise and I’m really happy with the new
one and I’m so glad that I went through and like added in like the back cover
and everything I feel like it just feels more personalized and I’m really really
happy with it anyway thank you guys for watching I
hope you enjoyed seeing how I customized my new bullet journal I’m
very excited to start using this because I finished
my old one and it’s time to get back on track with things yeah… thank you guys
for watching! I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious
evening full of WAFFLES! BYE! ♪ What’s your opinion on Spaghetti-O’s?

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