Wee all know, that there are dangerous places in the internet, BUT THE WORST PLACE IS TUMBLR! TUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Kitsu]: Bullshit! 🙁 [Michauuu]: It is still 4chan *error 404* 4chan is polite with Tumblr, at what Tumblr does with every possible fandom that exists [Kitsu]: You know, what is more dangerous than Tumblr? [Kitsu]: TS. #It’sHardToDeny_Face In general… …you want to introduce yourself? There are many of us here. therefore, we have… Kitsune from drawings [Kitsu]: UUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sonia from the covers of FNAF *There is no Sonia around :)* We all love you, Sonia We’re waiting for the next one When ,,I got No Time”? I was on the BRB *Dat face XD* Okay, let’s start again, because we’re introducing, because I wanted to officially introduce you all. So, we have… Kitsune Kichiku from drawings, [Kitsu]:Hello darkness my old friend… XD we have… Sonia, from the covers of FNAF Maybe this time she will answer? When ,,Undertale”? XD discard her from the conference Cherry!!! [Cherry]: Yeeey, good morning!!! :3 who… pressure shit as Isaac on his channel and once Gothic But he’s already peeing Gothic. and we have… *Wait for it…* MMIICCHHAAUUUUU!!!!!!! *Jhn Cena so hard X)* Michauel, what his dick itches!!!!!!!! HEY!!! Michau ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I think someone left Michau, come back, Michau, I’m sorry! Michau, come back! X”’DDD Did he left? XD I heard someone leaves the room Michau! MICHAU,THE NOODLES ARE WAITIN… X””””’DDDDDDDDDDD and there’s me, that idiot also from FNAF *Memories ^^* back to the topic TUMBLR!!! Were here because of that On Tumblr apparently is everything IN WORST VERSION!!! [Kitsu]: That’s not true! Kitsune… If you like that kind of thing, it does not mean that to the others it’s normal, okay? *( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)* We all know… [Kitsu or Sonia]: but I really do’nt know what do you mean I understand… I understand and I’m tolerating.. but that does not mean, that I like [Kitsu]: But what are you was searching there? [Cherry]: A sense? 🙂 Doctor Who.. …and Gravity Falls… …but I found, I found a fucking pairing, and an INCEST ONE! [Kitsu]: Eleven, I do not want to worry ya, but if you type it in Google, you will find it too :/ I didn’t typed: PARING! [Kitsu]: Yes, because this is probably part of the picture THE PART OF TUMBLR!!! Ok… that part that Tumblr is bad, we have already behind let’s get to the part… where I’ll try to find myself on Tumblr. [Kitsu]: Eleven, but you are aware, that after this episode, you’ll find something there? 🙂 Sheeeesh Tumblr ヽ(@ᴥ@)ノ But there is,, Eleven of the stranger things ” But you don’t even know what’s about it, right? [Sonia]: nope. It is one serial, on Netflix ,,Stranger Things” I started to watch it And what happened? The main character is called Eleven! I’m just waiting, until people come to my channel and will start asking:NO, FOR FUCK SAKE, BECAUSE I HAVE THAT NICKNAME FOR SEVERAL YEARS!!!!!!!! Nevermind… [Kitsu]: Boy, you have so many drama’s :/ I hate it! Do you still considered, that Tumblr is a normal place? [Sonia]: yup. [Sonia]: Who is Claudia? :/ I don’t know any Klau- Wait, no, I know a few Claudia’s but NOPE!!! One of the doctors already has a number eleven, right? nevermind… how to enter … ,,Elefelen”! ,,Gargamel-go kill yourself-Comments” ,,Jedenastek”? Maybe I’ll find something? I’m afraid You know- Hey, you know, this is a good sign, if I don’t find anything on Tumblr *.* [Michauuu]: Enter your name and surname. fuck… Fuck… {Michauuu]: Your’e lucky! :[Cherry]: You like it? No, Cherry i don’t li- What is it, really? [Kitsu]: This is… …a website. There are other websites, that I prefer more. and yet… Oh! Nice Cosplay! There’s something nice! a normal thing Nice, I like it! let it be… Everything’s alright… This is nice eith- And now… Let’s destroy our dreams! ,,Doctor Who”! *As if someone didn’t know, ,,Doctor Who” is whole childhood of this moron in the corner XD* [Cherry]: its…ok :/ Hey, I don’t know, they do something with Tumblr, now that the normal stuff I find? ,,Lady with a weasel” Ey, this is evil, why.. Why i can’t fi- Srsly, ey! Maybe try to enter,, Doctor Who Pairing “or something … NAAAH! I don’t I type these thi- These things find themselves! They took my nick. the end. DO U LIKE ME?>:( [Sonia]: majestic eyebrows. Thnx. No, that was about her. [Kitsu]: You have one eyebrow. Okay, they might do something good with it BUT! Now comes something… …worst At the moment It’s calm I warn you, that there may be spoilers to Gravity Falls… I hope that more will not be [Sonia]: Thnx, dumbass! Thnx, dumbass! Nooo! [Cherry]: It’s starting… I’ve read ,,Stanley Penis” *Dat face tho XD* It’s my fault It is not here so many bad things that I once saw And they are kinda cute This is great! Against all odds After all, I’ve seen some things on Tumblr so yeah… [Kitsu]: When you type weird things, weird things pop I DON’T TYPE WEIRD THINGS!!! [Kitsu]: After all, this pairing is everywhere It’s pouring I think i got it. But who is it? I didn’t recognize this guy from the carto- [Kitsu]: This is this fucking triangle! They personalize him that much? That Bill? That’s not Bill Cipher! I don’t agree! I do not even watching this cartoon, I know that this is him. YOU KNOW TUMBLR TOO GOOD!!! Nooo! What the fuck are you? Guys, avow, which of you has Tumblr? [Kitsu]: ME! [Michauuu]: I just assumed it… I wanted to throw from the conference, but perhaps I’m just gonna hangup. [Michauuu]: Hey, but you also have Tumblr :/ THAT’S WHY I WANT TO HANG UP!!! Oh no, now there are two of them. One of them is black. Black is the be- Why did he loo- [Sonia]: He looks like he was made out of chocolate>.:( Why do I have to explain myself instead of someone, beacuse he interceded other hash- YOU’VE EXPLAINED TUMBLR!!! LionTale? [Michauuu]: wat? K,K, this is funny 🙂 this is funny 🙂 this is really funny I have to admit. this is good 🙂 I can even like it. this is good NO, that face X) [Sonia]: I’m seeing face in this sun! 🙂 It’s screaming in the background ,,The Cycles Of Life” and there’s screaming in the background. I see. Good. K… K… K… This is the moment, when… ,,Supernatural” begins. Yeah 🙂 ,,Look In The Stars”. yes. This is also good. this is also good. And behind him should be The Emperor Palpatine. destiel. Only one thing comes to my mind, what could it crossed with. Dean and Castiel. You sons of bitches, i was looking for- Wait, why there’s a lion king there? Please, explain Tumblr to me, How is it fucking works that you paste a totally normal thing to the insane… …things. [Kitsu or Sonia]: It’s like our group someone, who paste a fanart about… i don’t fucking know… You know, what is the difference between our group and Tumblr? Our group It is however moderated Someone fucking guards all of these hashtags and other stuff For example- Sonia [Sonia]: I’m watchovering! 🙁 She screams for hashta- YES, SONIA WATCHOVER THESE HASTAGS!!! And who watchover Tumblr? No one is watchovering Tumblr. and this is bad……. [Kitsu]: Your’e bad too, because no one is watchovering you! G-g-g-go wash yourself! 🙁 Shrek. ヽ(@ᴥ@)ノ Green day? 😐 Shrektember is over I like it more. [Cherry]: wat? We had fisting, now we have shreking! [Cherry]: Scroll down this page slowly 🙂 [Sonia]: Is that a ring? Cherry, you would not be able to afford this, sry. [Kitsu]: I’s pendant. It’s not that I also could not afford this. [Kitsu]: I do not know why it looks like a fanart on the group which I don’t accept [Sonia]: I do not know why this person draw a nose better than me :

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  1. Heh kiedy to oglądam (już chyba setny raz) jest rok 2019 i zazirodzki paring jest na pożądku dziennym … Tak chcę umrzeć

  2. Jakie to jest zabawne XD

    za każdym razem śmiech XD

    JEBŁEM 11 razy XD

    Dziękuje za to wszystko Elek, Sonia, Wiśnia, Kitsune i (Po troszku) MICHAUUU

  3. 11:08 dopiero teraz 3 lata później ogarnełam że tam jest "lion king" bo w "król lew" jest taka scena i oni zrobili ją w undertale xDD

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