Dan and Phil Video Bloopers 2017!

Dan and Phil Video Bloopers 2017!

Hey guys, so I currently look and feel like a potato as someone sneezed on me over Christmas break. *groaning* Don’t get too close to the screen, I might infect you. But, I DID find some bloopers on an old hard drive from mine and Dan’s videos, and I–heh–we completely forgot about them, but I thought you guys might like to see them. So without further ado, and before I sneeze all over the camera, Here we go… Hey, uh, does your, uh, external vial–*laughs* Ey, uh, does your external valve cont–what does, what is it? Dan: “Does your external valve connect to the main flow pipe”. Phil: *chuckles* Yeah… …it doesn’t. Clearly. Um… Ey uh, does your external valve come–what? Dan (annoyed): “Connect”. Phil (repeating): Connect. D: You should do a clap. P: No. Uh, this is…the sitting! *claps* D: “The sitting”. It started to get really bad in the first few days of 2017 so we called out the gas mask–“gas mask” *mocking* “we called out the GAS MASK”–we called out the gas MAN… Deoxyribloo… D-deoxyribonucleic acid is– It’s a molecule… Deoxybla– Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule that kl– *speaking gibberish* Eh boo gey bababa? Ellob–abababababababa? Eh bababababababa? A bab a yoob a djable bla? Iszhab abwa a bwa baba? Eygubas a bab a bababa? Lab zhab bwab a zhuh bababwa. *singing* Guess the criiiiime so many alarms I really need *speaking* to move out of this apartment! *whispering* shut up, I can’t film videos! *sneeze* *laughs* That was close! *coughs* *disgusted noise* Euh-uh… P: Sorry, do it again? D: *laughs* D: *joking* “I wasn’t ready! P: *repeats* I wasn’t ready. D: Touring the world, and standing under the spotlights… P: You’re doing a *lot* of this. D: Good. I love finger guns. P: *laughs* P: *laughs* Don’t do that! P: *mumbling* Stop it! *deeply* Noooo! D: *evil cackling, slowly getting more hoarse* D: Pure masculinity. P: Help. This is normally when you add your color–*trips, clears throat* *hisses* This–*laughs*–I’m having problems speaking. *demonic hissing noise* D: Yasss. P: That was horrible. First face. Second face? Third face. Okay D: Give people some context, here. P: Good scene. D: This is– this is the bath mat, tucked into my underwear. P: Do you feel like a sea lion? D: I feel like… D: …I constantly surprise myself of how low I can go on YouTube. P: Good job. P: Eh, uh, does your external valve connect to the main flow pipe? D: What the f*** is this voice supposed to be? P: Pl-pl-plumber? Or, what’s it called– gas man. D: …Sure. P: London… How’s a London man speak? D: I don’t f***ing know. Hazel: What would you delete from your internet history? H: (Reading) All that porn, probably. *everyone laughs* P: /All/ that porn. Tom: I love the– T: I love the– the lack of conviction. T: All that porn, /probably/. D: Maybe just, like… D: Leaves it as his home screen? D: (Mumbled) I don’t really know. T: (Forcefully) Hazel. Incognito mode. Come on. H: I like to live life on the edge, some. D: Just leave it there! Just leave it there. H: Just leave it open. T: Just dropping hints, for the world. D: You open my laptop… well, you get what’s coming to you. P: Yep…
H: You never know… D: Two furries, tied to a bed. P: Ohh…
D: Ehm… T: (Laughing) They’re /both/ tied to the bed?
*overlapping* P: Who tied them there?! T: Who did this?! H: It’s just, like– Like a live feed… H: …Of two furries tied to a bed!
D: It’s just watching them escape, yeah. H: Like Saw?!
D: Like some Houdini stuff. P: That’s what the next Saw movie is. D: (Laughing) I like watching two furries slowly die D: from dehydration.
*laughing* T: (Emphatically) No! P: Oh, my face hurts. D: It– It’ll be two days, ’cause
the fursuit makes them really warm. H: I know what my next horror movie is, I guess. P: That’s the name of it– P: Two furries tied to a bed.
H: Two furries tied to a bed. D: (Softly) Hooray… P: So! There we go, hope you enjoyed that, and it gave you at least one LOL. If you want some more PREMIUM DAN AND PHIL CONTENT we made a video every day leading up to Christmas Eve in GAMINGMAS…2017. I’ve put a link on the screen which should be there…Now! And, also… You should come see us on tour! I promise I will not sneeze on you in the crowd. We’ve still got tickets available: DANANDPHILTOUR.COM! It’s gonna be the best thing to look forward to in 2018. I will see you very soon. …Achoo! This is the color the inside of my nose.

77 thoughts on “Dan and Phil Video Bloopers 2017!

  1. Phil: Don't get too close to the screen, I might infect you.
    Me: gets close to the screen
    Also me: Infect me!! I don't want to go to hell- I mean school!!

  2. I'm supposed to be sleeping right now but I'm laughing so hard that there's just suppressed snorting sounds coming from my room and my parents are probably concerned I choked on my own tongue

  3. Phil at the beginning: Don't get too close, I might infect you
    Me: Jokes on you, I'm already sick

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