Dan and Phil vs. Tumblr

Dan and Phil vs. Tumblr

Citizen of the internet do you want to go to a place that will horrify you, inspire you, and make you laugh until you dribble, and make you afraid to ever go on the internet ever again? Then you have come to the right place. As today we are going into the deep dark world of the danisnotonfire Tumblr tag. *sinister music* Sinister music is appropriate. If you don’t know what Tumblr is, it is a “blogging” website where most people post a bunch of pictures that represent their personalities. So if we go to mine, for example it is mostly swag, Asian stuff, irony, and Kanye West, and that’s pretty much me in four words. It’s also a place where fandoms post and create stuff about things that they like, making it simultaneously one of the most amazing and terrifying places on the internet. And I’m proud that the people that watch my videos are some of the funniest, most creative and inspiring followers out of anyone, but also the most insane… just- just disturbing… *shouting* Phil, will you join me moral support? Yes? Hi! Okay let’s see what some of you guys have been up to recently… Yay! I’m scared. You should be Into the rabbit hole we go! And the first thing we see is… It’s me will my hair from 2011. Oh! Oh it keeps going. Ope and it get’s worse *Phil laughing* Okay what is happening? That one is terrifying! This could not have gotten off to a worse start. Okay! *both laughing* That’s basically my last video… I love that in one frame. When did you do that? I don’t know. I thought the wings were real. *Dan shouts and laughs* Oh my God! Oh my god. Why?! What is that? I didn’t think it was possible to make Nicki Minaj more scary. Why does that exist? Cartoon of me with flower crown- what is with the flower crown? We still don’t know… No, we don’t know. Oh my god look at this, it’s me and you as L and Light *laughs* Wow! That is so good! When I see things like that I do understand why people say… we do look like the characters. Yeah I can totally see it! *Dan as Light* I am Justice! *Phil as L* Kira I like how out of every picture ever, she chose that one. You did pull that exact face though! I did Can we have like a picture next to the picture just to see? It’s a fantastic recreation- It’s just the same! -of one of my lowest moments That is beautiful. Indeed. Someone went down the Log Flume with me–*What?* — and Edward Cullen faces! That is so good! Dan and Anthony forever- Oh! Wow Okay… well I’ll make sure… to never show Anthony these pictures. *Laughs* I like that! Oh not again! I can’t keep looking at these! I think I made Donatella look more attractive personally. I feel like they’re burning into my brain and they’ll stay there forever. My butt is all over the internet. You need to get a good belt. It- That’s not how it works! You don’t understand! I don’t understand. *Shocked laughter from Phil* It’s so good! That looks like you’re in the bag! Swiggity swag what’s in the bag? Oh no! Okay! No I know this blog, this is an entire blog dedicated to editing *censored* onto my face. Oh I don’t want to see this! Okay here we go. Oh sweet Jesus! Your eyes are moving! It’s a gif. The internet is too weird! Promise me you will never try to find this. And mermaid flower crowns- right Phil, I’ve had enough… *Yeah* We have to go get flower crowns *Okay* Okay? *Let’s do it* Well here you go *children cheering* you win. We got the flower crowns. I feel pretty You’re doing the roly poly in the sea It’s me “rolling in the deep”, Phil. Oh! *Dan laughing painfully* Oh my god! *Whaaat* Imagine if you gave birth to that! You’d put it back in again, wouldn’t you? *Both screaming* Whaat is that?! That’s horrible! Oh my god! Scroll down! *Dan screaming* Stop it! Stop showing me! Scroll down! That’s so much scarier than Paranormal Activity. Who made that?! Has science gone too far? Yes *Both screaming* The horror won’t end! I don’t know how much more is left of my tether, Phil. *Dan moaning and crying and laughing* Oh we have a post here from cyndaphil that says, “Dan has more chins than I have friends.” Thanks! *Dan laughs* Harsh! Maybe she just has one friend Oh wow this suddenly got very sad. Hooplah! Me and Jennifer Lawrence getting married I see that. That’s not at all what I think about… everyday *Both laughing* That’s like my favorite thing on the internet *Ah* What was going through Nial’s mind when he met me. I’m not gonna lie guys, there was a lot of erotic eye contact. Oh my god! Wow! Oh my god! It’s like on of those comics. Becky and Jessica fanart! Phil I don’t think it would be right for us to go through tumblr without acknowledging the hard work of the fanfiction writing community. Oh no. There’s nothing wrong with fanfiction! It’s a creative hobby! It is. Would you rather was into creative reading and writing or snorting crack off a hobo? There’s some creepy stuff out there Dan. Let’s find a creepy one. Okay here’s one called “The Skin Fic” Oh no *Romantic music* “‘You don’t need any sun cream, Phil!'” “Phil bitterly mocks Dan’s voice from just yesterday.” “‘It’s not even that sunny!'” “He retreated to the bedroom and stands next to the bed, looking at the sleeping Dan with a cocktail of love and anger burning in his stomach.” “Dan’s jaw drops open as his eyes flicker over Phil’s sun damaged and peeling form.” “‘I’m in agony, you utter *beep* *swear word*!'” “Phil goes to pull away but Dan tightens his grip.” “Their bodies collide as Dan grinds his soft skin into Phil’s tender and rough form.” I sound like an Onix! “Dan pecks his lips but diverts his attention to a strip of skin peeling from Phil’s neck.” *Worried and disgusted laughter* “Phil closes his eyes as Dan takes the end of it between his teeth and-” *NO!* “pulls it away fluidly” *No, no more!* “‘Maybe I lied about you not needing sun cream.’ *Stop it!* Dan moans,” “Guiding Phil’s sore hands to his *NO!* already hard” *no* Nope nope nopity nope nope nope nooope… NO! *Upbeat music* I guess I want to thank the guys on Tumblr, for- for that. And all of you guys for being in my life, you know it really inspires to want to… keep sharing my life with you on here. Though I do think *snaps* honestly, that youtubers attract people that share the same sense of humor, which is, of course, amazing but uh, basically… This- this is all my fault then… and I am so sorry if my videos have influenced you in any way. But that’s the message of this video. Please don’t sue me *Explosion* It’s the sexy gif dance! Well that was an adventure If you want to see more Asian people and dogs then you can follow my Tumblr which is danisnotonfire.tumblr.com or if you just want to know what disasters I inevitably cause in life you can follow me on Twitter @danisnotonfire But if you wanna be told when I make a new video then you can click here to subscribe to my channel and then you’ll be told when I make a new video. Or you can click on this face if you wanna check out Phil’s videos. Right, I hope you have a good week everybody. I don’t think you’re smart enough to play Light, Dan. *Scoffs* Excuse me? Well he’s a super genius. Well I’m writing your name in the Death Note No! No, it’s happening *Don’t do it!* Okay *No!* Phil dies of cats at 7:21 “Of cats”, what does that even mean? What time is it now? 7:21 Uh oh *Squishing and dying noises*

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  1. Sooo apparently theres the skin fic,the backpack fic,the cherry fic and many others… im going to read them all because life is already hell

  2. 2:40 okay its been a real uhh twenty something years of the internet folks but its time to take down every dns server

  3. I was questioning whether or not to see this video
    Edit: yea im pretty much questioning my existence right bow 🙂

  4. Me' tries to get through like 58 videos that have Dan and/or Phil in them before two A.M.

    Replay button: am I a joke to you

  5. 4:22 – For anyone having a bad day. Dan and Phil Reading The Skin Fic. (Dan is getting really into the story and Phil runs away. I live them so much)

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