#DAPGOOSE – The Dan and Phil Go Outside On Stage Event

#DAPGOOSE – The Dan and Phil Go Outside On Stage Event

[Lots of geese noises] [Dan]: Hello London! [Phil]: And the internet! [Dan]: There is no one else to introduce us here tonight, so we have to just do it ourselves.
[Audience]: *Screaming* [Phil]: Okay, I’ll do my best announcer voice. [Phil]: (In an announcer voice) Introducing… [Dan]: Wait, Phil, that’s a bit “X Factor” sounding. [Phil]: Alright okay, you give it a go. [Dan]: (announcer voice) Prepare for the most mildly interesting evening of your lives! [Phil]: Why are you American? [Dan]: Oh whatever, fine let’s just do it together.
[Phil]: Okay. [Both]: Introducing… Dan and Phil! [The Internet Is Here plays] [Dan]: What up?! (More audience screaming) [Phil]: Hi! Hello! Hi! Hello, hello! [Dan]: Hello everybody! [Dan]: Hi! Over there! [Phil]: Hi! [Phil]: Hello there! [Dan]: At the very top, hi! [Dan]: In the strange box over there, how you doing? [Dan]: Alright people of London, how are you doing tonight? Are you good? [Phil]: You good? [Audience Cheering for the most amazing people in the world] Oh no! [Dan]: Cut the music, cut the music. Cut the music. No no stop stop. [Phil]: I’ve spilled your cup of tea everywhere. Oh no! [Dan]: Did you literally just spill my tea? Don’t! Not with the paper! [Phil]: There’s a river of tea just flowing towards the end of the stage. [Dan]: You just got tea on the book! [Phil]: It’s gonna- I need to stop the flow. [Dan]: A lot of people like to say, Dan and Phil are your YouTube personalities exaggerations of who you are in real life? [Phil]: No. [Dan]: That is Phil Lester. [Phil]: I am that clumsy… [Dan]: Ladies and Gentleman [Audience Cheering] [Phil]: I am that clumsy in real life. [Dan]: Let’s just leave that like that as well. [Phil[:] I think we saved the iPad, it’s okay. [Dan]: Yeah, as long as that’s okay that’s fine. [Phil]: So, thanks everyone for coming outside to see us. [Dan]: Oooh. [Dan]: Starting with a pun, really Phil? [Phil]: Yeah. [Dan]: Okay, you went there. [Phil]: I started with a pun. [Dan]: And welcome to… DAPGOOSE! All right! [Dan]: Whose idea was that, Phil? [Phil]: I’m sorry. I mean… I was trying to think of a good name… [Dan]: I was like, it’s gonna be a classy, like panel Q&A. I was thinking an intellectual evening with Dan and Phil, and then Phil went… No I’ve got an idea. [Phil]: Dan and Phil Go Outside On-Stage Event. Then I saw like the acronym and went DAPGOOSE! It had to happen! [Audience Cheering] [Dan]: Here we are, now indeed, so here you all are tonight in a theater but… [Dan]: Those guys down here… You’ll see there’s a camera lurking in the background [Dan]: I have mentioned that this whole event tonight is being filmed, and I am gonna put it on danisnotonfire, so that’s good. Hey! [Dan]: So I feel like we need to say hello to the people on the internet. [Phil]: Yes. [Dan]: So I’m gonna count to three and then I all want you to go, “Hello Internet!” [Dan]: : Like that.. and you guys down here turn around, look at the camera and do a little… [Dan]: [gestures] point okay. So you ready guys? [Both]: 3… 2… 1… [Dan, Phil, and audience]: Hello Internet! [Dan]: There we go, nice! [Phil]: Nice intro. [Dan]: Now the one person watching this on YouTube is like, “Woah,” [Phil]: Woah. [Dan]: “I feel incredibly uncomfortable, that was a lot of attention.” It’s okay, I’m sorry. [Phil]: So, I’m liking this stage setup. You brought a little flower on stage, Dan. [Dan]: When we walked here earlier, it was literally just the table and the chairs, and I was thinking, You know obviously this is very my aesthetic: nothing and a black cloth, but it was a bit bleak. [Phil]: It was a bit bleak, it was like your soul. [Dan]: So I saw this and was like, there we go. [Phil]: Yeah. [Dan]: Finished, and it’s all good. [Phil]: I think it could use something a bit more though, I did see something back here. [Phil leaves stage for a moment] [Dan]: What are you doing? Phil? No no no, not the plant! oh, Jesus Christ [Phil]: Now we’re talking [audience cheers]
[Dan]: *laughing* no no [Dan]: Sorry, that.. that is the plant… That’s next to somebody’s desk there, sorry about that. Phil has just taken the plant. [Phil]: But now I’ll feel comfortable, like I’m at home when I’m sat next to it. [Dan]: I mean, okay look, we got technology, houseplants and spilt hot drinks. This is a Dan & Phil apartment set right here. [Phil]: It is definitely. [Dan]: Let’s get comfortable, shall we?
[Phil]: Ok, shall we? Just avoid the river of tea on the floor. [Dan]: This was to go with my whole intellectual evening with Dan and Phil thing. [Phil]: Ohhh.
[Dan]: I was like.. This is the cozy vibe, you know? But that’s fine… We’ll just leave that there. [Dan]: So, Phil? [Phil]: Yes? [Dan]: Why are we here? What is DAPGOOSE? [Phil]: What is DAPGOOSE? Well, we have been on an incredible adventure over the last [Dan]: Yeah, the last two years of our lives have been kinda crazy.
[Phil]: Two years of our lives? [Dan]: As you all know. [Phil]: And we’ve been all over the place. We’ve been all across England. We’ve been through America on a tourbus for three months. We went to Australia, and we were like, how… [Dan]: It’s just crazy, like at this point it’s been over a year since The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire came out, [Phil]: Yes. [Dan]: Who remembers last October, yeah? [audience cheers] [Phil]: So long ago! [Dan]: And since then, an entire year has passed, we’re all dying. Literally just plummeting towards that inevitable death. [Phil]: Yeah. [Dan]: It’s actually happening. [Phil] So we were like, we’ve had all these experiences, and there’s so many things we’ve done, we need to put them together into something physical, that can be held, and kept forever into the future. [Dan]: Yes, ’cause you know me, I like my physical objects to stroke and keep as a little… [audience laughter] Consensually, okay? [Phil]: What? [Dan]: That sounded so much weirder and I didn’t even th-… Oh my god, it’s gonna get like the baking video in a minute, isn’t it? [Phil]: Oh no, don’t start. [Audience still Cheering] [Dan]: To the people on YouTube, I’m sorry, neither of us know what happened… it just, yeah. [Phil]: No… that… it was, it was a 3AM fever baking situation, I don’t know what was going on. [Dan]: Literally all of the Dan and Phil baking videos ever have been filmed at 3AM, [Phil]: Yeah. [Dan]: and that is the explanation, so just sorry about that. [Phil]: It is. What was that? [Dan]: So yeah, especially as well, when we realized that TATINOF was going to be on Youtube as a film and it wouldn’t be a physical thing, (Dan telling Phil not to touch the table) [Phil]: Sorry. I was like, we need to have a physical object! So, because we had all of these memories, and not just photos and videos, but a lot of stories to tell, we thought “hey, let’s make it into a photo book.” [Both]: And thus: [Phil]: DAPGO was born! [Both]: Woo! *applause* [Dan]: There it is, in all it’s glory [Phil]: This is the one that’s not covered in tea it’s very shiny! [Dan]: It is? It’s quite shiny. [Phil]: Smells good! [Dan]: Smells good. An-And how did you describe it in your liveshow the other day, Phil? [Phil]: I said, “Scientists would say it’s 5% more booky than the last book.” [Dan]: And, there was a word you used to describe the width of it..? [Phil]: Oh, I said it was thick [Dan]: Yeah! *giggling* [Phil]: I-I didn’t know what that meant! People were just tweeting me, and I was like “okay, I’m gonna just say this..” [Dan]: Who else un-stanned Phil in the baking video when he said “thicc”? Yep? Yep. We’re all there. Okay! Just, so-so many hands, clearly everyone agrees with that. [Phil]: Yep.. [Dan]: So tonight, in this event, because it is officially (not talking about WalMart in America) coming out around the world tomorrow [Phil]: WOOOO! [Dan]: After this evening. Everybody here, you’ve all got it. Spoliers, you can get so much attention by talking about it on the internet for like, the next two hours after this is over. [Phil]: Yeah! [Dan]: So we thought today, we’d talk about it, we’d share some things inside it, have some generic bants, obviously [Phil]: Yeah, bants! [Dan]: About stuff, and then.. [Phil]: Some interaction. [Dan]: Have a Q&A with you guys and the people at home on twitter if you tweet some stuff in so um… who would like to see inside DAPGO?? Anybody here? [Crowd]: *Loud cheering* [Dan]: Yep, yeah? [Phil]: Nice!! [Phil]: I’m just gonna jump inside the box [Dan]: Phil is gonna dive inside it.. this table is rocking, as well I mean that’s… [Phil]: W-what is this? [Dan]: Did they know who we were? This is dangerous Alright so I’ve been given this tablet that actually controls what’s happening on the screen so [Phil]: WoOoOOO [Dan]: This is a terrible idea! It’s gonna be a disaster. [Phil]: Dan and Phil working with technology, let’s see what happens. [Dan]: Oh no.. So, uh something quite cool, that we’ve been hinting at that a lot of people are like, “what does that mean,, i don’t know this word is that, a weird thing we’ve been referring to as “The Enhanced E-Book” [Phil]: Yes [Dan]: Phil (no pressure) explain what that is to all the people on the internet [Phil]: Well the last book we did an audio book, but, cause this is mainly pictures and small anecdotes, we didn’t think an audio book would really work cause you want to look at the pictures at the same time so with the Enhanced E-Book, basically, you can flick through the pages and then our voices will just jump-scare you on random pages. [Dan]: Haha, when you least expect it! [Phil]: Yeah, but it’s not just that! You can also press different sections to make spooky things happen [Dan]: So it co- it’s not all spooky [Phil]: It’s not all spooky! [Dan]: Some of them are nice things, though, it’s basically like a little bit of an audio book, just inside of the E-Book, so for example if I flick to this page… [Dan]: *snaps* [Both on recording]: Dan and Phil Go Outside! [Phil on recording]: ca-caw! ca-caw! [Dan on recording]: W-what was that? [Phil on recording]: I was being nature. [Dan on recording]: Oh, you were doing the-the ‘Outside’, are you? [Phil on recording]: *random wooshing noises* [Dan]: It’s not.. it’s not a 4D experience, Phil you’re just making noise. [Dan]: That’s going to happen randomly on different pages! [Phil]: That will happen. [Dan]: Yeah, that’s a great idea, isn’t it? [Phil]: I think that was a good noise though! *ca-caw!* [Dan]: Yeah.. [Phil]: Makes you think of nature.. [Dan]: Nothing really says “Dan and Phil Go Outside” like that noise you just made. [Phil]: No. [Dan]: So that is going to happen throughout the book we talked about pages, we explained things, we told some stories [Phil]: Yes. [Dan]: And we also, we kind of sassed the book as we go along cause this was like, two months after we wrote it, so a lot of the time we’ll, like, “what even was that??” [Dan]: So, um *giggles* Here’s the introduction! Before we start, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the ‘U’. [Phil]: *laughing* [Audience]: *cheering/ laughing* [Phil]: That.. I think that’s your best face, Dan. [Dan]: Oh! Let’s not forget Phil in the ‘O’ over here.
wow. [Dan]: It’s the Phil moon. [Phil]: I do look like the moon! That’s what the moon looks like on the other side that we can’t see. [Dan]: The phoon. [Phil]: #Phoon [Dan]: That’s- Don’t let that be a thing… *ever* [Dan]: So obviously a big thing in this was how do we differenciate- [Dan]: because when two people book at them same time [Dan]: like how does that even work? [Dan]: TABINOF was fine because it was like this creative mess of a million different things but, we were like, we can’t have “D:” and “P:” everywhere, that would be stupid [Phil]: Too much “D” and “P”, so we decided to have different fonts and colours [Dan]: So this is how we represented ourselves, obviously [Phil]: Yeah. [Dan]: I went for black text, yeah. [Phil]: The deepest black they had. [Dan]: The deepest abyss. [Phil]: The deepest black [Dan]: that Microsoft Word could create And you went for blue. [Phil]: I went for a slightly italic blue which I feel like, that represents me emotionally. [Dan]: I feel like the font speaks to me as well, you know it’s kind of serious, reminds me of the x-files, it’s a bit spooky and awkward at the same time [Phil]: Definitely. [Dan]: And then yours is just like fun and normal. [Phil]: “Fun and normal”? [Dan]: [laughing] fun and- how people describe Phil So, why don’t we flick through and show another – you’re like “what is all this I’m seeing?” [Phil]: What is this? [Dan]: Heavy spoilers right now For example, what’s a good one – ah okay, here we go So- Oh my god! The 2011 branding” [Phil]: What’s happening? [Dan]: [screams] That’s when I need to edit in that “dun” suspense noise when I edit this video. [Phil]: If you’ve seen the stage show, you’ll know that these guys are integral parts of the show [Dan]: Whether you want it or not [Phil]: yeah. And we thought this would be a good place to demonstrate what happens if you press on the enhanced e-book. [Dan]: So for example, if you were to tap it [Lion roar] [Dan]: WOOOAAH! [Phil]: Ohhh! [Dan]: Oh my- we’re living in the future! This is incredible! And then, obviously: [Phil]: Tap it! [Llama noise] [Phil]: What is that? [Dan]: That’s apparently a llama noise. [Phil]: That sounds like a whale that’s been mating for a while [audience laughing] [Dan]: Phil [Phil]: [whale mating noise] That’s what it sounds like! [Dan]: you don’t – okay, you don’t say that and then do the impression again [Phil]: Well, I’ve watched a lot of whale documentaries [Dan]: The bar for the baking video was there, we’re trying to get it at least to here [Phil]: Okay, let’s raise the bar. Move on, move on. [Dan]: So that is an example of the snazzy technology, and it’s quite cool, We do things about, we talk about things, Oh, here’s another example on the props page, [Phil]: Yes. [Dan]: So, um, for example, if you touch the duck… [Duck sound] [Dan]: There we go! That’s great. Shout out to the person that said, “Big D,” in the audience. [Phil]: Yep! [Dan]: Yeah, that’s… that’s there! [Phil]: There’s the big D. [Dan]: Dan’s big D, oh god. Umm.. [Phil]: And then.. um.. [Dan]: Dalette! No. [Phil]: Also, [Dan]: This is gonna get flagged, I’m sorry people on the internet. [Phil]: You can also press on the telephone, and it does this. [Dan]: Okay! Here we go, telepho– [Dan Recording: Hi! And welcome to Uncle Dan’s phone support hotline.] [Audience cheering loudly] [Phil]: So it’s like, a fun, little adventure, trying to find, the magical buttons, within the E-book. [Dan]: Uncle Dan, I mean, who asked for that? [Phil]: No one asked for that! [Dan]: I did it, and now it’s a thing. So there we go. What else should we show ’em? [Phil]: Yeah, find another page! [Dan]: A good selection of things in the spoilers, okay. This is DEFINITLY one that I wanted to highlight. The selfies page. A lot of people were questioning this. [Dan]: So.. [Phil]: Dan, you’re face is the same in every single photo! [Audience laughing] EVERY photo! [Dan]: I think it’s a coping mechanism, I don’t know. Like, I’m obviously incredibly terrified of all of you right now. I’ve just detached from my body, and I’m doing this.. So I think that… whenever there’s a group of people behind me, I’m like, Ahh, quickly! Default pose! [Dan making casual noises] [Phil laughing] [Dan]: And then it just hap– I mean, look, it’s just scary! Look, Every, single, [Phil]: Every one! [Dan]: It’s exactly the same! [Phil]: You could’ve just gone to one show, We could’ve photoshopped you into the rest of the photos. [Dan]: I might as well have just not done any meetups, on TATINOF, [Phil]: No. [Dan] It’s just crazy.

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