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  1. 11:53 The metaphore is mixed. The Genome is the underlying code, the Software. The Epigenome is the Operating System, that is the Base Code that interprets and actions the Software's instructions.

  2. I'll be turning 50 this May.
    I quit sleeping well several years ago and I believe that not sleeping properly 0-4 hours nightly has amped up my aging process. I have had very little energy for 7-8 years now
    When I find enough energy to exercise, it takes several days to revover and if I get my heart rates up to high, it takes awhile to come back down to normal. I have yet to found the key to my poor sleep, but
    I would do just about anything to find the key to unlock that pathway.

  3. Dear Mr Sinclair: I do 5day prolong Fasting every 4months for over a year now. would you like a blood sample if it could help you reveal a deeper knowledge of the science.

  4. I understand that the contra indications of antibiotics such as Doxycycline are that they destroy a large amount of the various bacteria in the gut and as such , diseases such as Parkinsons and Alzheimers occur . Due to the then imbalance of types of bacteria , some proliferate too much and make their way into the Vegus nerve and enter the brain where they never should have been in the first place . The consequences are as mentioned above . How about addressing those aspects ?

  5. This is all BS. What's the point of deluding yourself into living longer? I'm getting back to watching porn. This wasted my time…

  6. Only issue… 4 billion years since we crawled out of the primordial swamp? Nah. Intelligent design is what brought us here, not chaos into order, against entropy and 2nd law of thermodynamics. I'll listen to other info he shares and most else makes sense. I believe we can grow cells back. We do it daily. Can they be better quality, I believe yes, given the quality of input and lack of toxins which are everywhere.

  7. I'm calling bullshit on this one. If his data is a strong as he presents he would have already gotten the Nobel. I think he is fishing for funding. I will be very happy to be wrong!

  8. Study zen or taoism…and realize this isnt necessary. Why is it so hard to grasp we are non existence and existence..something came out of nothing at some point. We are all that

  9. Foolish!! Even if you extended your life by a million years, what‘s the inevitable outcome? Think …. no, you need to overcome the body:nowhere else is salvation!

  10. 17:00 treatment for alzeimers is 2Mhz ultrasound, look up Dr Stuart Hammeroff's research here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx0SsffdMBw&t=2280s

  11. Ever since I've since his interview on Veritasium, I've been hooked on his videos. I truly hope they find a way to turn the biological clock back to being in my 20s again, I'm in my mid-40s now. I was at the prime of my life in many ways, memory, health, looks, physique, etc. Would be great to look that way again.

  12. Fuck yes to a plant-based diet & veganisim. It's been quite noticeable that people age slower on a plant-based diet, awesome to have David Sinclair back this up with deeper science & his own choice of food.

  13. If I was an alien and wanted to destroy the Earth, I would give a pill to humans to make them live for ever. Overpopulation will be our biggest downfall!

    This guy within cause and effect could make more damage to the Earth and people, more so than any tyrant ever has in the face of history. Yet he doesn’t know it…… or does he?

    Sometimes we try to do good, but within cause and effect it turns to evil. We try to fight hunger by feeding children, but the more we feed the more they get born and the more hunger there is. Feeding children and contraceptives should go together, otherwise we are just doing more evil.

    You don’t like little birds in pet shop cages, so you buy them all and release them in the wild. But within cause and effect you are a bird murderer. You have released those birds in the wrong environment, they will starve to death, and some will get torn apparat by predators before they die.

    Many of us want to do good things, but we need to think before we act to make complete sure that our actions will, indeed, be positive within cause and effect.

  14. This all sounds wonderful and it probably is. But if successful, it begs the question of what this will inevitably lead to for the future of mankind. Can you imagine a world in which scientific advances can guarantee people living up to 1,000 years (if not more)? Certainly societies could not manage current birth rates coupled with no deaths–or dramatically reduced deaths. So basically, this opens up a can of worms (other problems). I would imagine birth would need to be governmentally controlled. I think we are seeing attempts of this now even in the U.S. The first fruits, so to speak, in many of our trends and movements. Some may argue we have enough resources, but that is highly debatable and truth be told we can barely manage resources for mankind as is. I do not suppose we are going to "magically" one day be able to do so. That is almost like saying we should invade some country when we cannot even handle the wars we are in and do not know how to resolve them. So the government is going to have to find creative ways to limit births, since nobody is dying. Can you imagine a world full of adults and no children or "old" people? The government (in conjunction with corporate allies) will also need to become proactive in deciding who gets to live long and who does not. Maybe the rich? The powerful? The beautiful? Hitler wanted a perfect race too. Certainly this will go beyond helping people stay healthy, it will lead to eugenics no doubt. These days we will invest in any corporation to make money and preserve retirement funds. What we invest in is supporting science and the corporate movements. I'm all for technology and advancement, but where is it all leading?

  15. I don't understand why he said – "And I wouldn't take high doses of nicotinamide. It may have the opposite effect."? For me it looks like he just wanted to hide the truth that B3 is doing the same thing if you take it with enough food or supplement tryptophan. I'm sure that he completely understand and realised that no one can patent one of the most cheep and effective vitamin and get additional profit, read Dr. Abram Hoffer.

  16. not enough people on the planet yet, that this one wants everybody to live to 120 ?
    they – slave masters aka governement – will make you work till 100 or till you fall dead

  17. It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this. — Bertrand Russell.

    Of necessity, the search goes on.

  18. video is rather comical…I felt like I was a pedestrian on a street corner in the 1800's watching someone trying to sell their tincture that will stop ageing…lol

  19. Fantastic! Thank you so much for devoting yourself to solving this important issue. If we can age without falling victim to dementia and disease, what a quantum leap that will be for mankind. May GOD guides you in your search for the answers.

  20. "The still have the information to play the concerto"… For CDs on the date that image was taken (1998) it is most likely "the information to play the Titanic soundtrack". So yes, some things are better dead forever.

  21. Being hungry and losing weight have always made me MUCH MUCH more arthritic and disabled. I am happy being obese, 110 kg, 5 feet 11 inches tall. Obesity has not hurt me.
    I'm vegan for the animals' health, not mine.

  22. I was wondering if this "starvation diet" or "going hungry" idea to extend lifespan was pseudoscientific bullshit or if it had any validity.

  23. 34:30 THANK you for addressing manmade global warming. But, if you're worried about MMGW, as we all should be, and if you care about species extinction (I don't, since I am an antinatalist and support the extinction of ALL species) then become militantly antinatalist, as I am, as we all should be.

  24. 1. Take NMN
    2. Take metformin
    3. Fast. Eat less. Skip breakfast. Skip lunch. Fast part of a day or a full day or 2-3 days.

    Note that Dr Mercola says that metformin is a mitochondrial poison.

  25. 55:11 "…we have a company called [inaudible], full disclosure…" In case you wanted to know, [inaudible] stands for Iduna, a Life Biosciences Company.

  26. If we discovered a way to prevent or significantly delay aging, and presumably death, and people kept getting born at near-current rates, how much faster would the human population increase and how would this affect the planet (ecosystem) and social policies?

  27. Meat = MTOR = growth and you want that. He confuses this with a 24/7 activity whereas it is actually a balance that is required.

    Growth and recovery, growth and recovery.

    Do you want to be 80 or 90 and have weak muscles and bones? Of course not. And how much EPA are you getting from a plant based diet? Again, he looks at exotics like NMN and resveratrol but dismisses Omega 3’s?

    I appreciate his research but do take his lifestyle decisions for what they are. His. And not to be copied without doing your own homework

  28. Just watched a video he made in 2014….he looks 5 years younger in this video, which was made in 2019????? Is there something he is not telling us?

  29. Lifespan is integral to the concept of life itself. The possibility of being able to alter the genome to "correct" entropy seems wonderful upon first glance but will affect a host of other conditions that sustain life on the planet. Natural cycles are like the stroke of an engine piston: there must be a retreat in order to begin again the cycle of energy production that keeps the engine running. Interfering with any natural life process will be at the least destructive and at most the beginning of the end of life on the planet. The laws of thermodynamics cannot be overcome. One has only to consider the disruptive and destructive effect of cancer cells to see how "immortality in culture" can affect life. Discoveries that result from interfering with any natural process are sure to involve unintended negative consequences that cannot be foreseen.

  30. I took NMN 250 mg and Trans-Resveratol 250mg for the first time today with yogurt and I got diarrhea and my upper lip feels numb. Is this normal or is it something I should be concerned about? Seems like it’s starting to settle down now after about 45 minutes.

  31. I sacrifice myself for science. I volunteer.
    Also, you should ask very old people how much do they want to live…
    Also, what if it resets the memory too?
    But I'm not backing down. Where do I sign?

  32. rubbish, never trust someone who has got a degree from any Australian universities…they are terrible…you would not believe what garbage is passed there as PHDs… they have a science of the stone age…you can't expect anything from the first fleet…

  33. One issue not mentioned is that staying away from toxsic people will make every person live longer. In other words one od key factor of dying are proximity to other people. This is not a joke. It is hard to believie, but it is true.

  34. There are multiple methods to extending our systems, from stem cell use, to epigenetic discoveries, and with the advent of crispr editing, and possible cybernetics. I like the epigenetic methods, let's hurry up and get some crystal clear treatments to mitigate aging and double our life span. I find the Metformin substance effects interesting, we should have some good clinical evidence by now after years of use by people.

  35. "You Will Never Look at Your Life in the Same Way Again." https://youtu.be/Z3u7hXpOm58
    New research has questioned the connection between meat and health. AARP spoke with Yale researcher David Katz, MD, about the results and his advice. https://www.aarp.org/health/healthy-living/info-2019/understanding-new-meat-guidelines.html?cmp=EMC-DSO-NLC-WBLTR—NMCTRL-010320-TS3-4273988&ET_CID=4273988&ET_RID=41835031&encparam=pK4k02hqEmTFkhs6YPrL%2fjue0RIHHkOdk5mpRalbzi8%3d "Dominion (2018)" https://youtu.be/LQRAfJyEsko

  36. But even if you stay alive and youthful for another 100 years, you still have to look out for fast approaching cars, hurricanes, bullets, jealous partners, direct meteor strikes (!!) and kitchen fires.

  37. Aside from the individual benefits that might be possible, I have to wonder about the social costs to a small, already degraded and distressed planet. I'm 63 and healthy, and don't fear death, but I do dread being a burden on my children, or strangers who have no love for me. Die we will, and living a lot longer raises many questions.

  38. I think the main thing lost in this discussion is the fact that for many people, looking young is in many cases more important than simply feeling young or living a healthy long life. You want to look young and attractive. If you feel 25, but look 98 then we've only got half the solution

  39. I think this guy did botox. The first thing I noticed about him is how unnatural his face looks. It looks very stern… Think of Paul Rudd, he just looks young, but it looks natural. His skin and face looks flexible and lively. This guys skin is solid and isn't moving…. I mean if that's what he prefers, good for him. I am just curious as to whether he did botox or he is just living the right way to look young, since not Age-ing is his area of expertise 😛

  40. Good information. I have developed a self visualization technique that I have proven to keep me looking and feeling young. The visualization techniques communicate with your cells and DNA, to go back to your last cycle of years. For instance, I reset my DNA every 7 years and ideally every cell in most Human Bodies will completely have been regenerated every 7 years. What I do is completely reset myself to the last 2 cycles of 7-year periods; and like you said, Our cells never forget that previous information of when We were younger. Therefore, I reset my cells to the younger Me, since the cell information of my previous 7-year cycles still remains in me. The information is dormant in the new cells.
    A big part of this is to keep nice looking photos and images of yourself when you were feeling and looking at your best in youth, 20's, 30's. Keep those images in your head and in your files saved on phone/computers, and hanging on your walls. Constantly think of times when you felt young and at your best. It is called, "Youthful Visualization." There are other procedures for this practice. A big part is keeping the pores of your skin clean, using Vitamins A and D Skin Ointments, and much more. I can share a post. I AM now soon to be 48 and people still guess me for 35, seriously. I am an American Dark, Male, of Native American, African, and British Descent. I still get carded every time I buy beer, and still can pick up females half my age. Seriously, this works, along with a healthy diet, regular exercise, natural enemas/laxatives, vitamin/mineral supplements, and plenty of spring water. It is getting a bit strange now as I walked into a Walmart with my oldest Kid to buy my beer, and they wanted to card Us both. My Kid is 20 and the cashier said that I was not old enough to be her Father and called for the supervisor. ID checkers are starting to think my IDs are fake, and they say my IDs are misprints. The people of the World will not understand how some, mainly people of Color, will start to have more, and more of these incidences where a 77-year-old person will still look 35, stuck in His, 5th cycle of 7, never to get old or age again ever. You are right aging is a disease. Let's heal it together. We termed this in the 90's, when we were actually in Our 20's. What would happen to Us in the Future? We said that We would have the "Ageless Body Effect." Good information, however, We can do this without any medicines, chemicals, infections, or surgeries. We do it with solely The Mind.

  41. They are reactivating the Bodys growth Hormone system.Sleep also causes growth hormone release and repair.Overeating and stress destroys us aswell as poor nutrition

  42. He now needs to stay awake late night, as a consequence of this ageing thing, some anonymous unsolicited phone call from Scandinavia.

  43. Arne van der Gen PhD, a professor of organic chemistry from Holland refered me to David. Arne developed a pattented system of molucular synchronization and made a product called Amino Alliance that is found to be a powerful antiaging blend. It was developed for post operative patients in Europe but now also sold here. I have used it for a few months and absolutely see changes in the way I look and how I sleep.

  44. Is it possible to have the AI model to predict biological age? If it is open source everyone can get the DNA sequenced by a lab and check the biological age on a PC at home for cheap. 🙂

  45. Living in this 3-D ether on a perceived linear experience – bathing in entropic energy by nature here – the igniting mechanism of aging.

  46. it's possible that the "real youth drug" is still hiden from Sinclair to be called out, mainly out of socio-ethic reasons.
    There is evidence out of his inner-circle that his youthful look is due to a tortoise-extract.
    At least the physical resemblance can't be denied at 0:04 .

    The whistleblower goes on that under the false statement to help the turtoise population in Galapagos Islands, Sinclair's Gang prescribed them Sildenafil to increase their local rape-rate and therfore their population.
    The only-know side effect from the turtoise-extract seems to be so far the facemerging into a turtle.
    Though the whistleblower still lacks to backup his claims with other sources than the physical resemblence of the face turtle.

  47. k.k.. so… intermittent fasting, cold exposure, eat plant-based mostly, reduce amino acid consumption, possibly take nmn.

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