Day 1 blogging Sculpting my new doll the head (tips & tricks)

Day 1 blogging  Sculpting my new doll  the head (tips & tricks)

hello everyone I’m Barbara from fairysnmypond and today I’m just working on one a doll that I am starting to make
and I thought I would just put the camera on and just let you see what it
is that I’ve done and what I’m doing now my last tutorial I shared with you that
I was going to show you how I came up with an idea for beginners to get their
eyes in place and the same shape and this doll was already beyond that so I
won’t be showing you that in this tutorial okay now I wanted to share this
with some of you is that one of my most favorite tools is nothing but a plastic
straw I love using these in matter of fact I really do I use this more than a
lot of things but I do have a couple of metal tools that I do use quite a bit okay I also have my cornstarch and that
is the way that I have it sitting on my table when I’m using it I always want to
keep it covered because dust can get in it okay now for her I have been trying
to make her more even on both sides that’s where I’m at with her and I’ve
had to add some clay now I’m going to share this with you is that a lot of
times depending let me get my clean straw here a lot of times when I’m doing
eyes and they are going to be large or you you can downsize it by starting it
up this way but I take a straw and what I want to do is
I want to make sure that I’m not going off to the side I want to make sure that
I’m going straight on and I’m going to slant it let me see if I can show you
sideways let me get it in first okay now I’m just going to slant it just a little
bit can you see that and I’m just going to press down just to make it the
impression now I do have a wax core inside and I will be melting that out so
I will be drilling these eyes out and I will be putting her eyes in from inside
of the head okay always check to see if you’re pretty even and that’s what I’m
doing and I can see I’m a little bit higher here now I’ve never experienced
this but somebody had told me this maybe it was just the type of straw or
something but she had said that she was using the straw and then the little the
color started to come off and got in it got into her clay I’ve never had that
happen to me so I just want to put that out so that if you decide to use a straw
that you’re aware of that but see I just love it you can do really some nice
things with it once you get the hang of it okay now I’ve added the clay and I see
I’m going to have to add some right up in here I’m going to show you what how I
take this right here and I’m going to start blending it now when I added this
clay I I put that down and I put my pressure down on the center of that so
now I’m just going to move my clay out I guess it’s what would it be like rolling
out dough you want to go from the center out that’s what I find and it works very
well for me and I’m putting very little pressure because it doesn’t take much okay now I were to do this and I’ve got
to go in and see how I can do that no pressure
because I don’t want it to I added the clay so I don’t want to go back to where
I started from by pushing it in just rolling it lightly on top and see how
that works and then of course when I get this all blended I’ll have to clean her
up and then take the smaller straw for the more smaller areas and I will just
roll it very lightly and I’m focusing on while I’m doing this that everything is
rounded I don’t want to roll that to where I am making it flat see if I can
turn it around see how I’m doing it and then like right
in here see if I can bring the camera up a little bit see if that’s not it’s not
better then I will take see that little area the area right in there I’ll take
the straw and very lightly go from the center out to the to that seam so that
you can blend it and sometimes I’m going to give you this little tip too is that
I don’t always have to do it but sometimes I’ll put a little bit of
cornstarch on it and you know just dust it and it just really well slide nicely
over your clay that’s if your clay is like the straw is grabbing the clay and
you want it to slide a little bit more just dust it with the cornstarch same
thing around the mouth and it’s really really best boyy if you
have something to wear it can hold your your head and you’re not putting your
fingers on it and I know sometimes I I’m not thinking and I’ll go and I’ll put my
finger on it like that that is that’s a constant reminder to myself you think I
would not do it okay then just take your smaller one and just go lightly very
lightly okay now this side here it’s already
been put down so I would take my straw and just lightly bring that clay out you know a lot of people think that when
they first find out about polymer clay and they think they want to sculpt that
they have to have all these tools and you don’t because I do I have have a few
that you know I paid some pretty good money for them and I love until this day
but these little tools right here I’ll always go back to them and then the
other thing that you can do which I don’t have one here because they do get
ruined is that if you have an area you can cut your straw and make it into the
shape like if you wanted a little round shape or a pointed shape you can always
do that I’ve done that but the only thing with that is that you might get
some little rigid edges so you’d have to have very good sharp scissors or knife
if you’re going to do it with a knife okay I’m just looking putting my straw
corn from the corner of the mouth to the corner of the hi there
same thing here and then by doing this I am looking to see how if they’re level and then I wanted to show you this too
is that as I’m doing this I also have a visual in my head and you guys don’t
know what it is so I’m going to share that with you because I found I thought
I have found that artists have visuals in their in their thinking and they’ll
be sitting there doing it and you’re you don’t know what it is that there’s what
visual that they have and you would miss the whole thing of understanding what it
is that they’re doing okay I just now go ahead and roughly draw this in and I hat
do have this in one of my other tutorials but it was one of the first
ones and that I did and I had a webcam and I did so many um zom zom zoms on
them and I wanted to take it down I really have but I get so many emails off
of that that they just it has helped them so I just leave it up but I’m a
work in progress okay here you go I have a center here and let me show you
this because this can help out too let me see if I can do this okay I’m going
to take a ruler here and I’m just going to line it up okay
here’s my mouth let me see get this I’m paying attention
to this and not checking to see if it’s on the camera okay let me just tilt it
until I get this on there okay this little ruler helps that has helped me
out so much sometimes okay I’m going to line it up to where the center would be just going to put my mark there because
this part here I can always have that off just a little bit and by doing this
with the circle it helps me now I’m going to have a
little impression here so you don’t want to really press down really hard but I
want enough to where I can see it okay there’s that there’s that one and
there’s that one okay I’ve got a lot of work to do okay now back to what it is that I’m
saying okay here’s the center not not all dolls would be this way but this one
in particular is okay here’s the center and what I’m visualizing is my heart now
her brow will actually go up here she’s going to have a high brow okay now I
don’t want to dig into this too much and I like to bring it all the way out to
where the jaw bone would be okay and I’m just visualizing that heart now this
helps me with getting it both sides the same amount of clay and I’m going to do
the same thing let’s see cut back in there take it out now I might be a little bit
off on this this side because of the angles but you’ll get the idea and just
bring it down and I tried to get that lined up okay can you see how I’ve done
that see where my line is here I take it up to right about where the ball if this
is the ball of the chin okay I will take that line right up to where that ball
would start and I would do this make sure that this is lining up the same as
I have on on the other side I want them to be both the same then I’m going to
take this off and I’m going to show you what else I have to look at turn it
around this way okay as I brought this around and sometimes I have to bring it
out more because I want it to get the jawline to be right about where that
stick is in the center of that stick now normally I would not be sketching
the fan I would be just visualizing it but I want you guys to see what it is
that I’m visualizing okay same thing okay now I’m going to hold it but I’m
going to tell myself to hold it very very easy am I very quickly do this because I
think you guys got the drift okay now as I do that okay here’s where the jaw is
okay bring my line across and I’m pretty much right on it okay now when I look at
this this is when I’ll start working with it and I will make sure that all my
this side of my clay is the same shape as this side and remembering by me doing
that which I do want to put it back what and then I just worked my straw you know
very very lightly can see now I’ve got to get those lines
out of there like I said I wouldn’t have put those in and here is like the fetter
okay and I need to come down let’s there now that’s how I visualize
it so now I have a lot of smoothing to do but I wanted to show you how I
visualize that how I get my both sides to line up and of course always turn
your piece in every direction so that you can see if it’s lining up but by me
putting that line in helps me out a lot to stay in focus in that one area to
work with to get it symmetrical okay everyone I think I’m going to let
it go from there and I’m going to go ahead and work on this some more if I
come to an area to where I think I have something like

12 thoughts on “Day 1 blogging Sculpting my new doll the head (tips & tricks)

  1. The centering aspect of this video is very helpful. I did not do that with my male fairy (I eyeballed it only) and now when I look at him I can see his nose especially is off-center. Granted, not everybody has symetrical features…but it would have been nice to get it more symmetrical.

  2. I absolutely love your videos. I am new to creating things with polymer clay. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us your methods and techniques. I would have never thought about using a straw. I was wondering you have a metal tool on the table in this video. I have been looking for one of those on the internet but not sure I found the right one. May I ask where you got yours? I am sculpting small faces my eyes are usually only about 2 cm total ( thats including the white area around the eye). I have been doing a lot of practicing and getting better with every attempt. I just think that metal tool will help with the shaping around my eyes seeings how they are so small. Thank you in advance. Looking forward to your eye tutorial. I always have tons of questions.

  3. I’m new to this I started making mini fairy gardens and started using clay to make the features now want to try dolls for the gardens your videos are excellent and really helpful thank you! Liked and sub

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