Day 5 Blogging sculpting my new doll with tips and tricks

Day 5 Blogging sculpting my new doll with tips and tricks

hi everyone I’m Barbara from fairies in
my pond and today is blogging 5 sculpting my new doll i want to show you
this before i go any further with it but I’ve started to clean it out and I’ve
started to drill the eyes and i want you to notice with this part when they are
just made with the straw they appeared to be smaller and i have to keep that in
mind when I’m sculpting when I drill it out do you see how much larger that they
do get there is the back of it now I have a lot of drilling to do because I
want I’m going to need the I to be flush against the back of the eye socket but I
wanted you to see the difference of the eyes before I move on so I’m going to go
back to the drilling and then I’ll show you what is next here i want to point
something out with drilling the eyes i have a bead hear that wait a minute drop
the eye ok i have a bead here actually it’s rough and I that I never used but
it’s about the size i’m going to use and what i want to point out here is when
I’m drilling the I the I’ve noticed that the top part inside the eye is starting
to level out where the bead to fit nice and flush when that happens and I
noticed that on the bottom here it needs to be cut out more I have to pay
attention with my drill and i only have to drill out the bottom part and pay
attention to not drill out anymore from the
act of the top of the eye I’ll show you what it looks like you look at the
inside of the eye and you look at how the bead is pressing up against the eye
those are the areas that you once want to concentrate on drilling so in other
words what I’m saying is sometimes when I have the drill with the attachment I
don’t touch the whole eye socket I start working in areas around the socket I
keep putting the beat in to keep measuring it now just in case I drill
too much it’s really not a problem because I can always go back and patch
it up okay everyone I’m going to go back to my drillings I have the 1i pretty
well drilled out I still have a little bit more but I wanted you to see really
the difference between each I how much smaller this I had started out and buy
me drilling it how much bigger that they they did get so when you do that you
have to keep that in mind with the size of your eyes okay now i’m going to show
you i’m going to just insert the eye if you to see what that’s going to look
like but my goal is you see the gap I don’t want any of that so that means i’m
going to do a lot more drilling and then this is something else that i do is as
I’m working with it i’ll just take a little bit of coconut oil and i will
keep rubbing it into my polymer clay and the k everyone i’m going to go back and
work a little bit more on this I and then I’m going to drill up this one and
this I have the ice all drilled out now and I wanted to show you what it looks
like and here’s the inside now the inside I’m going
to still clean it up more to make I’m going to get more of this out of here
send it up a little bit more now you don’t have to do this I just like doing
it because it gives it a lighter appearance I don’t know it changes the
look of the clay all right i want to show you this because i started her ice
now i’m not going to go into it with this tutorial on how to make these eyes
because i already have a tutorial on how to do it but i just want to show you a
little trick is that I’m telling you these alligator clamps really come in
handy I put in my two part epoxy to fill the hole once that’s dry I put a little
toothpick in it just to hold it now when I get ready to drill I can actually hold
it and start drilling okay I wanted to share that with you now the other thing
that I think I’m going to be using as far as painters I’m going to be using
the glass paint and i’m going to give you this little tip I or I should say my
own theory here because I get a lot of people writing me and saying that the UV
gel let’s see if I can find it in the UV gel they have a lot of problems with it
that it wants to pop out of the iris and i’m going to give you my theory on it of
white it might be happening to any of you is that it’s going to depend on what
kind of paint that you’re using you want a paint that the UV gel is when you
apply it to the dry paint you don’t want that UV gel to be able to lift that
paint up because the UV gel is wet and i think that between that and the paint
has enough moisture to lift your paint now the glass paint I field
probably are one of the best things to use now put the glass panes when you put
it on now even though it’s just that little tiny bit I like to let it set
overnight and let it dry and then what I do is I take my heat gun and I actually
apply heat to it and when you read the back of the instructions on the glass
panes it tells you to bake the paint and since I applied the heat with a heat gun
which I find that the heat gun is plenty I don’t have to stick it in my oven that
really sets that paint in and it doesn’t cause that UV gel to lift that paint up
like other paints would okay I wanted to give you that little theory of my own
but I also wanted to show you the little tip here with the alligator clips ok so
I’m going to go back and I’m going to clean this up oh and before I forget I
was going to show you this too this is another little thing that I do do is I
always take my ruler and what I do is I find the one that my iris is the size of
and that’s how I keep measuring the other eye to this one and I get close to
the same size ok everyone I’m going to go back to painting them and we’ll be
back with my next stage

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  1. I always enjoy and learn so much from your videos and am so grateful for you sharing them! I do have to say I am a bit lost on this doll. I wish you would show you actually doing the wax core, the drilling, etc., rather than just talking about it. Because I'm fairly new to sculpting, I'm having a different time fully understanding what you are explaining. I'm going to keep at it tho!?

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