Dear Blog Journal Diary

Dear Blog Journal Diary

Wow, I can’t believe you got beat up by Rachel Maddow Dear blog journal diary Eugene here again Normally, I would be posting an article about how much my chair means to me But this time I’m going to be writing about something that should be important to everyone my fee fees As you know, I recently got beat up by Rachel Maddow and what’s worse? I lost my job over it. My friend. Melvin told me that I should sue I Went to three different lawyers and they all told me that I look like someone even a jury would want to punch So I didn’t have a chance of winning For some reason people don’t like me very much Even my online gaming squad keeps killing my characters. I Can’t help it if I’m not popular It’s not my fault that society has such high standards Things like working bathing chewing with my mouth closed. It’s hard to remember all of society’s rules. I Thought maybe I was wrong and that I should try to conform but I don’t know where to start No one wants to help point me in the right direction either I even talked to the psychiatrist and he punched me before the first session was over. I Am lucky to have someone like Melvin as my best friend though. I Asked him what I should do about it and he gave me the best advice ever He said I should do what all good leftists do and blame everyone else for my problems P.S., thankfully my chair wasn’t damaged in the attack

100 thoughts on “Dear Blog Journal Diary

  1. I think we should protest. For name appropriation. Mad Cow is in violation. Is it a he or a she perhaps a heshe? Any way she shouldn't be beating up on melvin ah I mean Eugene, him too needs love.?

  2. I am REALLY sick of seeing these ads for fatty uggo munter chicks in fat-sliming fat pants…seriously…enough already…smh

  3. But if orange is the new black, haven't the left been openly racist for 4 years now? ??

    (JK lol, they've always been!)

  4. "I should do what all good leftists do and blame everyone else for my problems."

    The left is for women and effeminate males raised by single mothers.

  5. My brother eats with his mouth open.'s like watch a garbage disposal chew up garbage….AOC Wouldn't know what that is?

  6. "My Own Tears" mug, I always wondered what leftists drank their tears out of. I'm sure at this point their tears are made up of 75% soy, to ensure the cycle of unstable fee fees keeps going.

  7. Blames everyone else for his short comings and failures? Wow. If only Eugene's breasts were smaller, he could be Hillary Clinton. (But without the body count).

  8. Eugene is missing an ideal opportunity for acceptance by not attending the 2019 Democratic Socialists of America Conference.

  9. I was going to criticize Eugene for referring to Melvin as “him” but then I realized he was probably saying “hem”. After all, Melvin is Eugene’s only friend.

  10. I understand Rachel is doing some mat training in the hopes she runs into Eugenge again. The additional training will be use to break his chair after she's through bitch slapping him.

  11. "I went to three lawyers and they all told me that I look like someone that even a jury would want to punch"… 😀

    Same here, Eugene.

  12. With the way he loves his chair, I wonder if Eugene will get triggered when or if he watches the invader zim movie.

  13. Yay there was advertising on your video!!

    Crazy, it was Google. Are they giving you warning they are watching you?

  14. Dont let the news dictate how you think. You gotta fast forward to 5:14:30 to see the real proud boys, then you can go to the end of the march and see the domestic terrorists antifa literally look for a fight after trying to stop the rally with a restraining order against it!

  15. Hard times make for strong people. Strong people make good times. Good times make for soft people. Soft people make for hard times.

  16. Melvin's advice for leftists to blame someone else for their problems is good, but incomplete. Eugene should blame right wingers, and more specifically…. Trump. Because…you got it….Orange man bad!

  17. ''greatest-wealth-inequality-in-history'' -You just have to do the math to see peoples' real chances, but it would've been more or less okay if they didn't have to worry about healthcare costs if they're unlucky enough to need it.

  18. @ME ME MEME okay buddy. When are ya gonna start clowning Don Lemon Head with 'Finger Gate' and Epstein's 'Suicide Watch' visit by Bill & Killary?

  19. the world won't end in twelve years, but there will be a million more of these guys waiting around with their hand out.

  20. I can understand. I used to never understand the concept of someone having a punchable face. Then someone showed me a collage type pic of the cuck-face epidemic. Ugggggh the utter lack of awareness of their beta-ness and even pride in the ultra-super-low-testosterone effeminate weakness exuded in each of those gaping open ready-for-dick mouths just made me understand that… that is a punchable face.

  21. Actually I know someone who doesn't shower often (for 4 or 4 days), eats with their mouth open, doesn't work, hits on EVERY girl he comes across, even married ones, thinks he's FAR better than everyone else, and wonders why he's hated. I missed out the part about him using transsexual prostitutes, but I doubt you wanted to know about that bit.

  22. I honestly find Eugene relatable. Some of us are just big, fat losers looking for direction in life. Eugene only has soyboys like Melvin to influence him. He has potential, if he heard the right words and could unstick his butt from that chair.

  23. i despise rachel madcow. that woman is insane she makes alex jones look like a quiet normal school boy. and that toxic creature is on TV LOL!

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