Dear Internet Guru: Your Advice Doesn’t Work For Me

Dear Internet Guru: Your Advice Doesn’t Work For Me

Hey, it’s Tiffany Clay, welcome back to my
channel! Today I want to take things in a little bit of a different direction.
Specifically, I want to talk about this world of online marketing and internet
gurus who are out there giving us so much advice, telling us what to do, and
effectively influencing so many people in how they should be thinking and doing
things in the world. If you haven’t met me before,
my name is Tiffany Clay and I’m a life coach. And by design my job is working
with people to help them when they’re feeling stuck – to help them find a way to
move forward in whatever direction it is that they want to go. Now, that kind of
goes against a lot of what in my online marketing and online gurus are saying,
in that they give us a lot of advice. And certainly when we find ourselves
stuck in life we do tend to go to Google, start typing things in and look for
resources to help us. And that’s wonderful because we have this wonderful
internet space full of books and videos and other things like that, that can
really help us take the first steps forward. However, what I want to highlight
today are some things that I feel are themes that keep resurfacing with people,
that actually tend to focus a lot on where people are feeling like they’re
not succeeding, and they’re failing in life, and that if they were only able to
change themselves to do these things that everything would just magically
shift for them. But in these cases the advice doesn’t always work. And in fact,
it could actually do the opposite when people feel that it doesn’t work for
them. So in this video, I’m going to highlight five pieces of advice shared
by online gurus that I just don’t agree with – so make sure you watch all the way
through to the end because I’d love to know if you agree with me or if you have
a different opinion. My biggest beef with the online space is
not that there’s so much information out there – because I think it’s wonderful for
us to have access to so much information – but it’s the advice out there that is
being sold to us like it is the only way to do something. I really disagree with
the fact that there’s only one way to do something. So I want to highlight five
things that I’ve picked up on in my journey that I feel maybe that I’m not
the only person thinking this. So the first piece of advice that I really
disagree with from the online marketing and online guru world is that you have
to be a morning person to be successful. So if you’re like me and you’re a night
owl, you’re probably thinking that you’re a failure if you’re not getting up at 4
a.m. and meditating and working out and writing in your journal and writing your
book and all those other things that these so-called gurus told us that we
should achieve and do every morning between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and 7:00
a.m. Let me tell you – once you let go of all
of that advice and start to follow your own energy cycle and your own energy
level, your focus will naturally shift into where you work the best.
So stay true to who you are and follow your own rhythm, because I promise you
you can be just as successful as a night owl as you can be as a morning person-
you just have to listen to your own intuition. Okay,
piece of advice number two that I really don’t agree with is that you have to be
focused on a work-driven schedule. Now I’m not saying not to work, because you
have to work if you want to succeed in your business or your career, or even if
you want to achieve some kind of a fitness goal or anything like that – yes
you have to put the work in. But focusing a hundred percent on work is only going
to leave you over-scheduled, overworked, burnt-out, exhausted. And how are you
going to really be able to enjoy any of that success if you find yourself a
burnt-out mess at the end of it? You have to make sure that you build in time
for yourself for self-care and time to rest and restore and relax. But also you
need to have time in your life for spontaneity and fun and things that just
pop up out of nowhere. You cannot be living to a calendar and a schedule that
is down to the second and the minute every single day – it is just not
realistic. So if you don’t like using a calendar – don’t use one! And I know a lot
of people would be freaking out right now throwing away their calendars, but
you know what? Do what works for you. That’s always the best way. Okay, advice
giving number three that I really disagree with strongly is in the health
and wellness space. Now let me just put some brackets around this here – for
someone who works specifically in health and wellness and they’re giving you
advice based on their area of expertise? great! But when you have someone who’s
like an online business mentor or marketer and they’re telling you that
you should be taking certain supplements or doing certain types of diets or
certain types of exercise or anything that goes along the lines of, you know, a
specific diet like ‘oh you have to be paleo, you have to be vegan, or you have
to drink apple cider vinegar, or you should only do CrossFit, or only do yoga,’
or whatever… Remember, this is advice based on what
works for them it may not necessarily work for you. And as well, you cannot give
blanket fitness advice like that to the general population when you don’t have
your own strong background in health and wellness. So always take any of this
stuff with the sense that, okay it sounds interesting, it could work, but do your
research and make sure that whatever it is that you’re learning about is
something that could work for you – don’t just take blind advice because somebody
else is doing that thing. Okay, number four – and this is a weird one because I
wasn’t really quite sure how to title this – so I’m just going to call it forced
behaviours. And you guys have heard all of these things like, oh, if you want to be
really successful you should get up in the morning and stand in front of your
mirror and give yourself a pep talk, and just talk to yourself, look yourself in
the eye, pound your chest and be like ‘woohoo let’s go’!
Or maybe set alarms on your phone for different
things throughout the day to pop up so you just jump up out of your desk and
run around or say something to yourself. Or maybe it’s around something a little
bit more low-key like journaling or writing gratitude lists or whatever that
may be. So here’s the thing – if it’s not
something that you naturally do or naturally feel comfortable with then
essentially it’s a forced behavior. No matter how helpful it may be to those
online gurus, it might not help you at all if it’s something that doesn’t sit
with you. So if you’re the kind of person who enjoys exercise and movement ,then
that might be a way for you to get some of that extra motivation going in your
day. If you’re someone who likes to meditate or journal, then that might work
for you. But remember, no one piece of advice works for everybody. Now all of
these things are going to bring me to something that is a little bit of a
bigger topic – and in fact we could even have a whole conversation or a whole
other video about this – and that is: online gurus will quite often sell you
quite hard on the idea that the only way that you’re ever going to be successful
is if you invest a lot of money – and by a lot of money I mean $10,000 or more of
your personal money in some of their online programs, whether they’re
mentorships or self-study or coaching, the list goes on. I’ve heard of people
paying upwards of $100,000 a year to work with some big-name marketers out
there – so buyer beware!! You do not need to invest your entire life savings to work
with an online guru to be successful. Many, many many people have been
successful off their own back without anyone really helping them. Now
certainly, yes, programs and books and coaches and things like that are
wonderful, but only if it feels authentic to you. So whatever it is that you feel
you need, and how you want to invest in yourself, it has to feel like the right
choice for you, not a forced choice. It also has to feel like something that you
can commit to and put the work into. You also have to have a sense of being able
to be in a relationship with that person, because ultimately, if you’re going to be
investing a lot of time and money, you want to make sure that you actually like
the person that you’re working with. So, big one, lots to chew on there. Again,
we could have a great conversation around this. But now that we’ve gone
through all five things, all five pieces of advice that I don’t necessarily agree
with, I’d love to know if you share my thoughts, if you feel the same way, or if
you disagree. So drop me a comment in that comment section below because I’d
love to hear from you. And my final thoughts on this whole thing, and you
probably notice all the way through I’m kind of hinting at this, is that whatever
you do in your life that you feel that you need help with, or need help moving
forward with, is that you have to trust the guidance of your own inner compass.
It is the one thing, that intuition, whatever you want to call it, your inner
wisdom, it is your own inner voice that will ultimately lead you in the
direction that’s best for you. Because how many times in your life have you
ignored that little voice in the back of your mind, when you know when you look
back you’ve made the wrong decision? So I just want to leave that with you now – to
always go with your gut, always listen to your heart, because it will never lead
you in the wrong direction. So thank you so much for watching all the way through
to the end with me today, I can’t wait to hear your comments! If you liked this
video give it a thumbs up, share it with a friend, and finally, make sure you’re
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watching, and I’ll see you in the next one –
bye for now

8 thoughts on “Dear Internet Guru: Your Advice Doesn’t Work For Me

  1. I agree, we tend to go to Dr Google and dont learn to trust our intuition, our life experiences and our own inner wisdom. Girl!!! too many videos on morning routines, getting up crazy early. Follow your own rhythm, love it.

  2. Another comment here, I agree with most of your points and trusting our own inner compass, I also agree spending thousands of dollars with a guru isn't necessary. I am not 100% sure you have to like the expert though. It would help, my best coaches I love and admire and respect. However there have been some experts that their personality seems super not the type of person I would hang out with and be friends but I recognize that they have mastered an area that I haven't mastered and made a mental decision to just learn what I need from them in that area because they clearly have mastered something I am bad at. It takes a certain level of determination/or maybe maturity not sure if that is the right word … anyway I learn from them and then move on to coaches that more resonate with me. Just another way to look at it. Would love to hear your thoughts as I have really been processing this one a lot lately.

  3. I'm sharing my opinion here and would love to know – which points resonated with you? And are there any you disagree with?

  4. Awesome video. Great points… you can be a successful person no matter the time of day… it’s all about hard work and consistency.

  5. I love what you said about how everyone says their way is the only way to success!! It's so true that there are so many ways of doing things and you don't always have to follow one method to achieve your success!

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