December Bullet Journal Setup | Moon and Stars

December Bullet Journal Setup | Moon and Stars

Hi everyone,
The last month of the year is upon us and it’s both a bittersweet and exciting moment
as our wishes come true and as we continue to create new ones. Honestly, as some of you know, it’s been
a huge struggle for me to get here and I am so motivated to get everything organized enough
for me to start illustrating and creating again. I’m at a point where I’ve been reacting
to life versus being proactive with it and I feel as if I’ve lost control of my all
the things I want to do. So for this setup and month, the focus will
be on our wishes and finding that magic in our lives, where we we can take a breath and
be at peace. This spread is a special homage to the one
that started the entire journey of the bunny and bear back in January, using the same moon
and stars theme, to create a full circle of my bullet journal. Here the bunny is fishing up all of our wishes
one by one as we continue to make them, to the moon. I’m keeping this spread really simple with
my black microns and accents of gold with my Gelly roll. Using my 02, 05 and 08 micron to give the
drawing a bit of depth, so that it’s not all one line weight. If you don’t have the different sizes, just
go over the the lines you want to emphasize, moving it over slightly, as if you’re drawing
another line, but very close to the first one. As the bunny and bear continue their beloved
journey, a journey we all know very well. Where we have to continue to move forward,
while we wish with all of our might for things to change and simply be better. We wish to be kind to ourselves, to be successful
even though sometimes we don’t know what that is, and most of times we simply wish
to be happy. Here as the bear slowly walks forward, the
bunny sends both of their wishes to the moon. Hoping and praying that all will come true. Since I fell in love with painting with ink
from inktober, I’m going to use the same ink here called, black magic and paint it
on just like I would watercolor. I’ll start with moon and use my larger size
12 brush to get that texture. For any ink medium where you can’t erase
or cover with paint, one of my biggest tip is to start lighter than you think you need
to. I go into the basics of watercolor which can
be applied to ink in my last video, so I’ll link that below if you want to get better with watercolor. After the ink is dry, then I’ll go back
in with my gold Fintech palette to add in some shine and draw in some of the details
with my micron, completing the piece. The painting will go here and then this month’s
dedication page is on the right. This month is dedicated to our wishes. Our wishes of more time, of changing the the
past, of being a better person, and of finding our way to a bright future. So that we may need be lost, struggling, and
stressed. Underneath that is one of my favorite quotes
by Catherine Pulsifer, she says: “If I had one wish for you on this special day it would
be: May the best of your past be the worst of your future.” Next I have my 4 month future log where I’ll
write my main goals and events for that month underneath the corresponding month. This is something I started doing about 2
months ago and I find it so helpful to think about the future months as early as possible. This way, I’m not feeling as overwhelmed
or blindsided and I can basically be ready, sometimes that’s not the case, but it still
does help. Since the holidays are here, and I chose not
to do the typical Christmas theme, I still wanted to add some golden hollies into the
spread to kinda give it that holiday cheer! Underneath the months the phases of the moon,
again accented with gold. While I was reading the Bullet Journal Method
by Ryder Carroll, he is the man behind the whole idea of bullet journal to begin with,
he talks about how the journal can help you live a life full of intention. And that’s when it hit me that the reason
why I felt so stuck is because I haven’t been living my life with true focused intention. I’m doing what I think I need to based on
whatever life throws at me and then in the meantime, I have all of these wishes that
I want to make true, and I try to squeeze those in as I can. Basically, I’ve been trying get everything
done, but as we all know, nothing then gets done and even if we do something done, there
will always be more to do. And so, I started to simplify my to-list. I’ll make my list, like normal and then
mark 1-3 goals a day, marking the main one with a star. If I complete anything in the day, it’ll
be that one that is starred. It took some time to accept not doing everything,
but at the end of it, I started to feel more accomplished than I ever did. I’m still accepting that some things will
need to be done later or may never be done and that’s okay. We only have one life to make our wishes come
true, and no one else will accomplish that for us. I have an extra copy of the book, this not
sponsored by them by the way, but they were so nice to send me an extra copy and a special
edition dot grid bullet journal, which I have two of, if you’re interested you can sign
up at the link below to join the giveaway! I think this was the same reason I came up
with this monthly calendar and tracker in one, where I can plan out the month and track
the items in my keys section according to the color. Without needing to draw up a whole new setup
and to save time. Unlike the future log, this is where you focus
on what you need do this month in order to reach your goal or goals. My goals this month, as I’ve found an editor
for my book, is to finalize the story and begin working on the illustrations, I am so
excited, I can’t believe this is happening. Because of this I’ll be posting much more
content on the Blush Community Patron page which was created to give you sneak peeks
of the book, so that is my second goal, to focus more on Patreon. I am also changing the rewards so that you
can sign up for a goodie bag every month that will contain exclusive art only available
to the blush patron community. You can find out more at the links below and
if you want this setup as well, you can find a link down along the description. This will be on sale until 26th as the end
of year Etsy sale is happening now all stickers are on sale as well, so check it out! To celebrate the season of giving, the bunny
and bear exchange their special gifts. The bunny gives her best friend a star and
the bear gives the beloved bunny the moon. This page will be left blank for anything
I’ll need it for during the month. So If I need to create a shopping list for
the holidays I can do that here, or if I want to practice Vietnamese which has been my lifelong
goal, I can start that here with maybe a word a day. If anyone wants to help me practice Vietnamese,
leave me a comment below. What is leave me a comment in Vietnamese,
I don’t know. But this way I can practice reading more. Plus my mom loves to read the comments so
this is perfect. Thank you so much friends! Okay, Finally, the bunny takes our wishes
and fills the night sky with a twinkling orchestra of stars. They shine each night to inspire us to continue
to make our wishes come true. The moon is now a Waning crescent moon which
represents that a cycle is near the end. It is the time to think things over and complete
anything remaining. Think of things you need to part with, that
are no longer serving you or that you have lost interest in. And to basically get ready for the next year. Underneath this lovely scene is a short quote
by Socrates, he says, Be as you wish to seem. Reminding us to work to make our wishes come
true. Huge shoutout to Wix for sponsoring this video,
I’ve used them to create my own website and start this hard but very rewarding journey
of being an artist entrepreneur and I love them so much that I want to keep sharing them
with you. This is a very sincere thanks and if you’re
need a beautiful website to start your blog or portfolio, you can start one for free or
if you want to open a shop, Wix does not take any cut of your profits, you can do that with
a yearly plan. And you can take 10% off any of these yearly
plans with the coupon code and link in the description. One of my wishes this year was to work with
companies that I love and that wish has come true and some days, I still can’t believe
that I’m making a living from doing things that I love, so thank you and check out my
website if you want to see what Wix is about! Overall, this journal setup is much more simplified
than most because I didn’t do a story, which I did not have inspiration for as I really
need to focus my storytelling on my book but I love how it turned out and hope you did
too! I also, I hope this video inspires you to
simplify your life and focus your limited energy on the things that matter. Wishing you a happy holiday season and I’ll
see you next time! Bye.

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