36 thoughts on “Demonstrating Quantum Supremacy

  1. Google can build a quantum computer but can’t even stop their AI from auto banning the wrong accounts. Can’t wait till AI is 100000 times more powerful , looks promising

  2. Stephen hawking warned us about this kind of technology. How soon before these quantum computers are merged with A.I. like deep blue.

  3. Why don't you just make a reading program? After when it drops and also you will have to have a good display. (mean the fastest advance than oeld fiber light display screen or something?)

  4. Our minds are the qubits of god’s laptops. Free will is a quantum flux.
    But for real, we have no idea what we are getting into.
    We are marching towards human obsolescence.

  5. This whole Quantum Computing racket. They talk so much and do so little. It's almost an abstract Topic until you make an application that can utilize this Hardware.

  6. I just want to know if IBMs take on it is correct or not. I want quantum supremacy so bad but IBM claims the computation can be done in 2.5 days.

  7. Gogle quantum computers can compute tens of thousands of times faster than traditional supercomputers. This quantum computer can calculate in about 3 minutes that even a conventional supercomputer can't be understood by a human who takes 10,000 years to calculate.

  8. I think I saw few movies that explaine to me about quantum computers better then this video, so I know what is gonna happen next

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