Denver Decides 2019 _ Candidate Forum Mayor

Denver Decides 2019 _ Candidate Forum Mayor

hello I’m Wendy Brockman and welcome to
Denver decides Denver decides is a community partnership dedicated to
accessible and transparent elections the partnership includes the League of Women
Voters of Denver in her neighborhood cooperation historic Denver and is
presented by Denver eight TV today we are presenting a candidate forum in
anticipation of the means of election coming up on may 7th among other offices
this election includes the candidates vying to represent the citizens of
Denver as mayor of Denver our format is a pretty standard one the candidates
will have timed opening and closing statements that will be followed by
rounds of questions that have been submitted by organizers of the forum
since we do have a time limit we may not get to all of the questions but those we
ask have to be answered by all of the candidates and there will be timers out
front so you can see how you guys are doing on time all right so let’s begin
by meeting the candidates vying to represent you as Denver’s mayor the
candidates are seated left to right facing the audience in the order that
their names appear on the May ballot so beginning at my far right is Penfield
Tate seated to his left is Michael Hancock continuing to my left is Jaime
Gillis on her okay Caitlin Rose Heffernan apologized on my left is Jaime
Gillis Stevens siku Evans and to mr. Evans is Lisa Lisa Calderon let’s
welcome our candidates to the forum all right we will begin with one minute
opening statements from each of the six candidates and we will proceed in ballot
order with these statements so starting at my far right we will begin opening
statements one minute for Penfield tape wendy thank you good morning my name is
Penfield Tate I’m pleased to be here with you today I’m asking for your
support and your vote to be Denver’s next mayor as we lead
Denver’s future I’ve walked the city and visited with many of you and
neighborhood meetings and in your homes and on your block and one thing I’ve
consistently heard from all of you is that you want change you want new
leadership you want leadership that is accessible that is ethical and that is
transparent and that is the leadership I’ll bring to the mayor’s office you’ve
talked about a number of issues that concern you that we have to address my
experience in the legislature my experience in the private sector are
ideally suited to help address those issues whether it is raining in and
managing development so that it works with us and for us rather than getting
done to us whether it is addressing the need for more attainable and affordable
housing throughout the city whether it is the need to help those least
fortunate among us to help lift the homeless off the streets and whether it
is the need to fix our transportation system thank you alright next we’re
gonna hear from Michael Hancock Thank You Andy I want to thank the League of
Women Voters and decide aid for this opportunity once again today you’re
gonna hear a lot of negativity directed toward the city and me and a rush to
criticize my administration I think differently I think as a city we have a
lot to be proud of in terms of what we accomplished over the last eight years
the city I found in 2011 was a city that had a lot of economic and infrastructure
challenges today 2019 you find a city that is has one of the lowest
unemployment rates in the country people are working you find us making massive
investments in our infrastructure and a plan to really transform some of our
most iconic destination a city of Denver including national Western Stock Show
the Airport and the Convention Center this is a city that is desirable that is
thriving in a city that cares for her pee
one that can also address the challenges of its people while we thrive I look
forward to the conversation Thank You Michael now an opening statement from
Kalin Rose Heffernan good morning thank you for having me and thank you for
building and providing a ramp onto this stage that will be used in this facility
after this event if you ask me I already won for that very same reason my name is
Caitlin Rose safranin I was born and raised in Denver
I’m a musician I’m a freedom fighter for the little ones I am an educator and I
got into this race as an artist to figure out what it would be to reimagine
what it means to campaign for office reimagine what it means to be a
politician I ride public transportation every day I work with underserved youth
in the city every day and I’ve seen this city not serve those of us who are in
poverty and I’ve seen it kill a lot of my homeless friends so I jumped into the
race as a form of desperation and I look forward to the conversation Thank You
Kalin next good morning my name is Jamie Gilles candidate for Denver mayor and
I’m thrilled to be here this morning I have made a commitment to visit all 78
neighborhoods across the city of Denver as part of this campaign and last
weekend while I was visiting one neighborhood a woman came out to me and
said you know we have invested in a lot of Denver a lot in Denver but we have
failed to invest in our most important resource which is our people people out
there are stressed they’re stressed by the fast pace of growth by how
development is changing their neighborhoods by the congestion by the
changing nature of life in the city their quality of life is being impacted
economic prosperity is not being felt by all that’s why I’m in this race
I’ve spent a career working in urban planning I’ve trained to be a city
manager I’m the only one up here who has truly fought back on development and on
developers to ensure that our city grows and grows thoughtfully but we must be
more Thank You Jamie now let’s hear from Stephens sake who Evans good morning hmm
it’s kind of early my name is Seiko and this is my second
time running for mayor 2015 I was on the top of the ballot I’ve been down at City
Council for 12 years I have made over 800 presentations to them during that
period of time in both general sessions and subcommittee meetings and contrary
to other folks of opinion I was there on the job every day now there’s some folks
who’s been at for a while knew some folks who just got here happened to be
the elder statesman of the group and it’s so good to be around such
intelligent young ladies and gentlemen thank you say ku now her opening opening
statement Lisa Calderon good morning hi I’m Lisa called it on and I’m running to
become the first woman mayor of Denver thank you to the organizers of this
forum and especially for including all qualified candidates it’s important that
all voices get heard it’s one of the reasons that I’m running for mayor my
pillars are equity fairness and justice and those are based on my over 30 years
of public service it to the city I’ve been born and raised here raised my
family here I’ve also been a 20 year non-profit executive and I’ve actually
been challenging this administration for quite a while not just when I was
running for mayor around their treatment of folks with mental illness or
affordable housing and so I look forward to talking about
those issues as well including Public Safety I’m running because I want to see
more opportunities for more people in Denver it shouldn’t matter whether
you’re connected to the mayor or not that we all get equal opportunity to
compete for contracts equal opportunity to thrive and I’m also fighting for more
voice for our communities thank you thank you Lisa now the first of our
submitted questions for the candidates we know our candidates have another
engagement today so we have tightened up our format a bit each candidate will
have 30 seconds to answer these questions we’re going to start in
reverse order from the opening statements and begin with Lisa Calderon
here’s your first question over the last year there was a controversial proposal
to redevelop Larimer Square and make major changes to the historic district
protections there while that proposal did not move forward how would you
support neighborhood historic districts and landmark buildings as Denver grows
and changes I supports historic sites one of the things we don’t have is a
full and complete inventory of all of our historic sites and which we need to
preserve neighborhoods have been fighting for that for the past 20 years
it’s time that we also fund historic Denver it’s important that we maintain
our cultural spaces as well with the rapid development we are losing a lot of
our history in Denver and so I would I absolutely support preserving a Larimer
Square and glad to see neighbors rose up and fought that decision thank you sake
who same question for you yes one of the struggles that we face is to make sure
that in these historical sites all cultures are represented and just so
happens that the absence of African culture in Larmour Square is missing if
you go back to the days where there was mining camps and gold rushes and whatnot
you’ll find that black people were the early settlers on the South Platte River
pologize Seiko I have to cut you off and keep it moving
Jamie guy lists the same question for you I applaud historic Denver in pushing
back and working to find alternate development scenarios which allowed
Larimer Square to remain in its a Stark form but be able to evolve with time and
I only think it’s sad that the city didn’t truly fight that same fight I
think losing our historic areas the threat to Larimer Square and had that
actually moved forward would have been very detrimental to our historic sites
around the rest of the city we need to preserve and protect what is ours all
right thank you Kaylin Rose Heffernan well I also agree
with preserving our historic sites my priority is making those historic sites
accessible many of these historical buildings were built before people like
me were seen as people so I don’t actually have access to a lot of our
beautiful landmark historic sites so also a lot of our historic sites are
unaffordable for people living on disability and in poverty so my priority
is making historic sites also accessible great the same question for Michael
Hancock many months before the plan became public of course the developers
came and briefed me on their Stratus of the concept that they had and it was in
my office that I looked at that plan and said whoa
this is gonna be a problem go back out meet with historic Denver and go back
out and engage the community around this new concept and I said to them at that
point I cautioned them you’re going to have a challenge with this I just want
you to know so there was no real official plan for the city to react to
they came in an advisory capacity to share with us they went back out and
exactly haphazard communication unfortunately led to the kind of
corruption we had but it’s going to be bad at going forward
Penfield you have 30 seconds one of the things that has made downtown Denver a
treasure is the work that Dana Crawford and other early urban pioneers did in
restoring Larimer Square we ought to take in I will as mayor take all means
and steps necessary to preserve what they have done in the investment
they have made we’ve heard a lot about what the city has or hasn’t done we all
need to be mindful of this we’ve got to preserve our heritage because once it’s
lost it cannot be reclaimed do not think that this battle has ended because it
has not the developers that are proposing this are still working Thank
You painful apologize this is our next question number two and
the first to answer will be say Q Evans and remember candidates you have 30
seconds for your answer describe what you think are the benefits and or
detriments of the rapid population and construction growth in Denver yes okay
one of the good things about it is that it’s almost over you run out of land and
one of the bad things about it is that in the process of it being over a lot of
folks especially poor working poor and homeless people have been left behind in
terms of the benefits of this development that’s happening and so as
we continue to get left behind and yet at the same time we have folks talking
about we need to be included in it by the time we’re included in it is going
to be over so we need to get busy right now change that you say to apologize to
cut you off there Jamie you’re up next in talking to residents around the city
I haven’t heard an anti development or anti growth sentiment I think people
recognize that there has been some great things in addition of culture of places
to eat of places to visit of opportunities for new residents to be
here I think it’s the way the growth has happened impacting neighborhoods
scattershot density that’s not truly tied to transit the way the design of
the buildings has been this blocky bad development with non-activated
ground floors that has me Jamie apologized next up is Kailyn Rose
Heffernan my father has been a union iron worker since I was born my first
word was crane so I like seeing all the cranes in the city because I have a
special connection to iron workers unfortunately majority of our contracts
not going to union construction workers and the reality is is that many of us
don’t have access to this new development it’s pushing communities of
color out at the most highest rate in the country and we’re killing our poor
people more than ever before so all right thank you next up is Michael
Hancock jobs follow the talent pipeline and so we certainly have seen 80 over a
hundred plus hundred thousand-plus jobs come to Denver Global Competitiveness
our diversity has changed in Denver and improved in Denver diversity in
amenities in terms of our restaurants or entertainments the attraction of
world-class entertainment into Denver and the urgency around investment of our
infrastructure on the con side of course are the housing economics mobility and
again the urgency of investing in infrastructure which is quite costly
Penfield tape growth has positive aspects but the problem we have in
Denver is it hasn’t been managed directed or planned well that’s why we
have so much displacement that’s why we have gentrification you can talk about
bringing jobs but the jobs that have come into Denver have not been available
for the people in Denver that’s why we have so much displacement the jobs are
bringing in new a transplants to Denver and the diversity is good we need to
expand but it’s displacing people at an alarming rate we now lead the country in
displacing Hispanic residents Lisa Calderon revitalization is important to
a growing city to thrive unfortunately it’s come at the cost of
too many of us too many folks are being pushed to the outskirts of the city we
have a new form of redlining going on where they want our bodies for workers
but not planning for us to live and grow in this city as well so gentrification
is a downside of revitalization there are anti displacement policies that we
can put in place to help keep longtime residents here as well as strengthening
our small business community all right thank you our next question for the
candidates we’re going to begin with Jaime guileless Gilles apologize for
this question only let’s say initiative 300 does not exist what do
you see is real possible alternatives to helping the needs of those experiencing
homelessness in Denver we have to adopt a housing first model and immediately we
need to identify places for people to go we can use tiny homes we can use
sanctioned camping sites we can use facilities like San Diego that have
invested in big tents and structures that are safe places for people to go
and get services short-term housing long-term a housing first model to get
people into facilities the coordination of the services for mental health and
addiction and finally and very importantly access to jobs and
opportunities for these folks all right thank you
Caitlin Rose Heffernan if we’re going to help the homeless situation we have to
first see these people as humans with basic human rights I would listen to the
homeless community who also drafted 300 initiative I would overturn the urban
camping ban the first day I’ve seen it criminalize and kill our poor
communities and push them out I would also declare housing a human right has a
citywide initiative and do housing first and use our same money to house everyone
thank you Michael housing first model does work
the expanded permanent supportive transitional housing that we have
created with an eight point seven million dollar investment in Southwest
Denver has shown that we have a highest level efficacy so expanding and
duplicating that model around the city long-term lease for the tiny homes
village on city-owned land which we’re trying to do in North in global area
Swansea and continue extensive mental health and drug and alcohol addiction
services that are readily available for those who are chronically ill in our
communities particularly at this epidemic across our city in our nation
same question for Penfield we need to stop the camping band and the homeless
sweeps because the only thing they’ve generated is lawsuits that we’ve had to
settle we need to get rid of the red tape and immediately start permitting
additional a shelter space on a temporary and permanent basis we need to
work with the providers in our community and fine
more shelter space for the homeless we need to infuse that activity with other
services whether it’s substance abuse counseling mental health counseling job
placement services sixty percent of the homeless work we need to help them
transition in the housing thank you Lisa you’re next
as a 20 year nonprofit service provider who’s actually delivered direct services
to folks seeking housing we need to first stop criminalizing homeless people
we need to stop criminalizing poverty we need to have a much more compassionate
approach to the city we need to coordinate and scale up services rather
than pushing the burden on nonprofit providers we need to reinvest in
Denver’s Road home and actually appoint qualified people who know how to run
housing programs we need to stop playing a shell game with funding resources
thank you yes as a accountant auditor and tax expert retired from the
University of Denver we got to look at what is the real problems as opposed to
the symptoms everything everything everybody’s talked about is symptomatic
what we need is not housing first we need housing that poor people can’t
afford to own you cannot transfer rent or lease for the next generation of
folks and think that they don’t have a step up we need housing that they can
afford to own so that they can transfer that to their children and others so
that they can come up Thank You sake who we’re gonna stay on a schedule another
question from our forum partners for our candidates for Denver mayor and Kalyn
Rose Heffernan it is your turn to start here’s your question
according to dr. cog and state demographers estimates the city of
Denver is expected to grow by 200 thousand residents by 2040 where do you
think this growth should be directed well what we’re seeing is a big
population growth but there’s enough vacant apartments in the whole city of
Denver to house the entire state’s homeless population so while I hear
politicians say that we can’t do these sustainable solutions because of our
growth I would say that right now we’re sitting on enough empty spaces to house
everybody so I do think that there’s ways to make this city inclusive to
everybody Michael I think the 25,000 pieces of information we collect as part
of the demo right strategy appropriately parts are leased so wants to direct the
growth of this city in the future growth of the city to high transit corridors
including the 21 Tod s that we have throughout the city
of Denver with greater density as well as our arterioles around the city of
Denver where we can level the playing field with access to attainable
affordable housing at the same time reliable affordable convenient
transportation we begin to truly more thoroughly impact the lives of folks who
are living along low-income margins Penfield
we are going to grow and I’m not opposed to growth but we have to manage it and
plan it effectively one thing that’s worth noting is one of our sponsors
today Inc has been opposed to moving forward with the Denver right program
because of the flaws in developing it that simply speaks to the fact that as
we grow and as we develop more densely we’ve got to work in as mayor I’ll work
with neighborhoods because I need your input you’re the best judge of telling
us what we can put in your communities how we can put it there to accommodate
this growth that has to be spread throughout the city
all right thank you next up is Lisa a disproportionate amount of the city’s
resources are going to the city core downtown Denver where the average income
is a hundred and twenty thousand a year for a household income that means many
of our neighborhoods surrounding communities have been neglected we need
to invest in rebuilding our infrastructure rather than focusing on
sprawl and building out an aerotropolis we need to strengthen our transportation
corridors reduce our high injury networks so that everybody can live in
the city safely without being neglected Saeko yeah it’s like come on be for real
nobody here knows what’s going to be happening twenty one years from now so
too what if a what not if what we’re all underwater because of global
warming all right so let’s talk about what’s real we need to talk about what
are we gonna do with what we got now and how do we manage that in an effective
way so that the folks that are here are not left stranded not let hopeless not
left outside not left included and all of that about what if who do you need
jimy degree Las Vegas bets folks need to stop that right now
next up we have Jamie my concern with the Denver right plan is that it is all
about more growth everywhere all across the city when we haven’t effectively
invested in addressing the growth that has come and how it has impacted our
neighborhoods how it has congested our city how people are struggling to move
around right now neighborhoods can be protected there are opportunities for
density along transit corridors we need to invest in the transit piece
immediately and we need to make sure that as we grow we’re also thinking
about the sustainability of that growth which I do not feel the Denver right
plan adequately address the thing thank you our next question for our candidates
we’re going to begin with Michael what specific policies would you
advocate for to prevent displacement of longtime residents and small businesses
as demographics change and property values increase thank you we are already
moving forward with strategies to protect our residents one is we have a
property tax rebate which was primarily designed for persons with disabilities
and our older adults we extended that’s better opportunity to families with
children as part of the 2019 budget we’ve also deployed our entire nest team
our neighborhood and stabilization equity team that is a a compilation of
various agencies moving in to bring technical support supporting our
mom-and-pop shops and neighborhoods helping people remain in place and then
finally dispersing our financial empowerment centers next up we have
Penfield from 2012 to 2017 the did city did three and a half billion dollars
worth of contracting and scarcely 12 or 11 percent of that went to locally owned
minority women and small business enterprises if you want to help
stabilize small businesses one of the things we have to do is create
opportunity with City dollars in City Contracting for them to do work and to
thrive you also need to we also need to and will invest in affordable and
attainable housing around the city that will stabilize neighborhoods because too
many grandparents talked to me about not being able to be around their grandkids
Lisa you are up next I would restructure the Office of
Economic Development to focus on small businesses we are headed for another
recession and we know that our small business community helped us to bounce
back in a hard times and so it’s time for us to invest in them also to
increase minority and women contracting only about 15% of all of the contracts
that flowed through Denver went to women and minority contractors we need to
scale that up and I also called for a housing department before this mayor
recently announced it as part of his reelection bed we need to streamline
resources Thank You Saku yes this summer in August the United Nations sent a team
of monitors in to investigate charges I was filed against the United States
government includes several cities and states for ethnic cleansing which was
the same thing they got Saddam Hussein for over in Iraq but what he did during
the war what has happened is that there this government here in Denver has been
accused of violating nine out of the 11 charges was to get you life imprisonment
or death after hate what we need to look at is who did this why was done arrested
people that did it so it never happens again
and they really want to bring those people back to their neighborhood thank
you we’re gonna stay on time Jamie Europe next we have to meet
neighborhoods where they are and work with them to understand that each
neighborhood has unique needs and challenges and there have been so many
neighborhoods left behind in this city’s growth the tools that a place like
montbello needs are very different than a place like wash park we need to work
with those communities to help understand whether it’s access to
transit expansion of the homestead tax exemption working with people to invest
in their homes having fresh food and access to services there we need to help
neighborhoods thrive as neighborhoods thank you Kailyn what we’re seeing in
Denver is high rates of gentrification and display
and what I feel is that sometimes we’re removing the violence that happens
within these displacement and so we need to come to better terms with how the
city was colonized how it was taken and stolen and also talk about the cycles of
pollenization repeating itself I would invest in affordable housing that’s
prioritized to the 0 and 30 percent of the average median income because right
now the average median income does not reflect those of us who are working
questions and Penfield Tate you will be the first to answer please identify what
you consider to be the most significant crime problem in Denver and what you
propose to combat that I think the most significant is I believe last year the
murder rate in Denver was the highest had been since 2004 so we have a huge
problem particularly downtown as we’ve read about where there are blocks that
are known where homicides have occurred every month we’ve got to address that
we’ve also got to address a number of property crimes that occur in our
community but the most important thing we need to do is restructure and provide
new leadership for the police department because we’ve lost the connection
between the community and the police because we don’t have enough community
policing that works properly all right thank you next up is Lisa it’s no
question that violent crime is going up in our city but one of the best ways to
reduce crime is to prevent it in the first place so when we take an
evidence-based approach by looking at crime from a public health standpoint we
can actually identify those hotspots to introduce interventions running the
city’s reentry program I focused on reducing recidivism and there are a
number of things that we can do to keep people from revolving in and out of jail
one to treat them humanely to scale up services for mental health and so those
are things I would do sake it’s your turn yes
the only way you stop crime is to empower the people to protect their
lives at the point of contact of crime which means that we must repeal the open
carry concealed weapons ordinance and allow people to be armed to defend
themselves and their property at the point of contact now don’t don’t mean
that everybody who don’t want no gun don’t have to have one what we’re saying
is that those who do need to have the right to do that and those that don’t
don’t have one but to allow us to continue on the way we’re doing and not
have the police to check this is we have to keep it moving so it’s fair Jamie
Gillis you’re up next we have begun to move to a community policing model that
I think is a move in the right direction with the police working more closely
with the community to address yes the hotspots to address crime prevention and
to also target those places where crime is occurring in a much more direct way
with resources allocated appropriately the community policing model is is a
good move neighborhoods need to be involved in
working with police on both prevention and addressing thoughtfully crime that’s
occurring in their communities kaylynn it is your turn there’s a double
standard for crime in the city right now it’s illegal
do you have a blanket to rest to eat in public and to sleep so the way that the
city is criminalizing our people in poverty and our homeless people is a
crime more homeless people died last year than ever before and it’s since
gone up every year since the urban camping ban has been put into effect
I support crisis response trauma-informed beg your pardon last up for this
question is Michael Hancock we sit in the seventh safest city in the United
States of America even in the midst of our unprecedented growth the fastest
growing city in the country violent crime is up across this nation
and we certainly have seen it here in Denver the best way for us to continue
to counter that is of course community policing model which we’ve started and
expanded as part of my administration as well as technology with shot spotters
and and as well as halo cameras and then of course addressing the issue of
domestic violence and zeroing in on one of the
top causes or chief causes to violence in our community next up we have what we
call the lightning round in which our candidates will be asked to answer
several quick questions with a simple yes/no or pass only yes/no are passed no
expanding resists that urge we will return to ballot order and begin with
Penfield tape and then go right on down the line to at least a calendar alright
remember yes/no or pass should the nonprofit own Park Hill Golf Course be
made available for development no say yep keep it going okay next no no no no
all right do you think approval of the Denver right plans should be postponed
until after the election yes no yes yes yes yes do you own season tickets for
any of Denver’s major sports teams yes no yes no oh I’m too broke for that no
no should the city promote the use of taxpayer money to put a dome on Mile
High Stadium in order to attract the Superbowl or other big sports events to
Denver no no no no only if we get tickets for poor people no yes no or
pass that was a pass I mean like no quarterback for the brothers okay do you
support the continued use of tax incentives to recruit firms to relocate
to Denver yes yes no yes you’re married do you support
the continued use of tax incentives to recruit firms to relocate to Denver oh
no no welfare for the rich a Lisa no okay are you in favor of safe injection
sites in Denver no yes no are you serious yes only we get one for
crackheads Lisa you’re up next yes okay did you get do you get your
news from a traditional newspaper that is one printed on paper no do you get
your news from a traditional newspaper one that’s printed on paper yes the last
word yes no printed on paper Oh No okay no all right do you support purchasing
and maintaining more portable restrooms for the public’s use yes yes yes yes portable restrooms are users yes no okay
Lisa yes all right in the five years since it was legalized
have you personally tried any of the various products offered by recreational
marijuana stores no no yes no what did you say
I’m just making sure I’m hearing you have you tried have you tried
recreational marijuana okay that’s a pass no no have you attended your
neighborhood association meeting in the last six months no no no yes have you
tended the last neighborhood meeting in the last six months in your neighborhood
of course yes one more question here let me skip to it guys we’re skipping to the
last one so that some people are expanding beyond the yes/no pass rule
Michael started that all right if you are not running for office is there
someone sitting at the table that you would vote for yes person expanding no
don’t expand yes yes yes No yes all right we have completed our
lightning round can we give them a round of applause they did pretty good they did pretty
good all right so now we’re gonna do some one-on-one questioning this is a
chance for the candidates to ask each other a question so each of you will
select one of your opponents and ask him a question hopefully they will have an
answer for you we’re gonna go in ballot order again
so Penfield you may ask one of your opponents a question and if you’re
chosen you get one minute to answer him okay
mr. Tate you can begin this questions for Michael given what has recently been
reported about lieutenant in the fire department planning cameras and women’s
rooms given police officer recently being fired for sexual harassment of a
cadet given that one of highest-ranking women in the police department has filed
a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment do you feel that because of your prior
actions with texting that you’re sending the right leadership tone in the
Department of Safety Michael you have one minute okay yes thank you good
question and I’ll tell you that one of the most
regretful moments of my life and certainly in my careers Mayor was when
it was revealed that it had inappropriate text with a member of my
security detail six years prior I wish I’d known then but there was no question
about the fact that we had had this communication I apologized to her and I
think the tone that I wanted to set Matt is that you accept responsibility you
accept accountability you apologize there are no excuses for that action and
then you learn from it and we began to put in policies and practices in place
to not only hold city employees accountable but the hold of mayor and
other elected officials accountable we accomplished that task but I tell you
the first thing I want to do is to make sure I apologize to the detective I
apologize to the community and I apologize to my family and then begin
the process of learning and growing that experience one that God forbid will
ever happen again with me but also to make sure that we have mechanism to hold
everyone accountable not only in a public safety party but it cost the city
alright thank you Michael Kaelin do you have a question Oh Michael apologized
you get to ask a question okay well let’s let’s start with Jamie each of the
challengers have talked about some wildly expensive projects you have
talked about a billion dollars for affordable housing you talked about the
trolley bringing it back which was dismissed over ten years ago for being
too expensive and too difficult to deliver how would you pay for these
projects that you’ve talked about what taxes would you raise thank you I’ll
address each of those separately for the housing we have talked about a need for
a billion dollars of investment in affordable housing over the next 10
years but I specifically talked in my position paper about the fact that I
don’t think that that is all on the taxpayers to do I think we have to work
with nonprofit developers foundations for-profit developers in order to get to
that billion dollars so it is a partnership and it’s also a
collaboration with our regional partners who very much need to be at the table to
address the issue on the streetcar it was dismissed over ten years ago but
talking to people on Colfax there’s still a desire to see if the streetcar
can work we have figured out how to fund a two billion dollar national Western a
billion dollars in go bonds renovation of the Great Hall a convention center
that’s over budget we can figure out how to do a transportation system through a
mix of sales tax thank you special districts and other capital tools Thank
You Caitlin you have a question I do Hancock
do you have any plans to working with the Chief of Police to take further
action investigate officer Cedric Dobbin who just got placed on
10-day suspension for misusing his credentials searching for a sex worker
who was later found murdered after he used her information illegally three
times great question Caitlyn I’ll tell you
that absolutely we we take the violation of use of that database very seriously
that is a very serious violation and I know that chief Pazin as well takes it
very seriously and we’re gonna do everything in our power in terms of
investigation and using the internal affairs efforts and our discipline
matrix to hold the officer accountable for that severe violation of the
public’s trust in violating that database it should never happen and I
know that being regularly around officers every one of them know that
that is a Holy Grail you do not use that for personal investigation into
individuals in a city and we should never violate that so yes we will
continue to work with Chief Pazin the Internal Affairs Bureau to make sure we
hold that officer to the highest level just one question
just one question Jamie it is your turn to ask a question I have a question for
Alisa you talk about anti displacement strategies and I’m very curious on the
specific tools and how zoning planning play into those strategies and what you
would specifically do there yeah thanks for the question Jamie and I noticed
that sometimes you reference learning about redlining at a exhibit put on in
five points and my family is personally experienced redlining and so when I talk
about in anti displacement policies I’m talking about those tools that we need
to help keep people in their homes and it’s a wide range of options one our
community land Trust’s in which we can expand and it’s not just
one site it’s scattered sites throughout the city the other is when we look at
rent stabilization tools about what’s reasonable to raise rent when you’ve
just signed a lease but your rent keeps going up that’s a problem when we look
at the kinds of fees when people are on section 8 housing and our so we can
provide additional fees and support so that they are not counting against their
rent or being rejected so there’s a wide
array of interventions and and I’m happy to point you to some of those reports
sake who you are up to ask a question yes this question is for Jamie Jamie for
someone who just got here last week from a small town in cedar wood Iowa and your
experience has been primarily with smaller communities what makes you think
in your wildest imagination that you’ve been here long enough to lead this city
all right well just to clarify I’ve been here for 13 years and I have spent 16
years my entire career working on urban planning urban growth policy and I have
consulted in places much bigger than this I worked with the Singaporean
government I worked all over the UK I’ve worked the Labour Party on urban growth
issues and I’ve worked all over the country I’ve gotten to consult with
governments at the local state and municipal level and have been a mediator
or a bridge between government and community helping to problem-solve and
push better solutions up I’m a trained city manager I’m the only one on this
table who spent my entire career specifically working on city issues and
has a proven track record of bringing people together in communities to make
change with cities from both the policy programmatic and actual project delivery
thank you no follow up questions Lisa you may ask an opponent question
yes I’d like to ask mayor Hancock how he justifies his decision or for hiring a
sheriff who had never been a sheriff before who was rejected for hiring from
his previous Department and who is civilian izing the department which is
essentially union-busting from the deputy sheriff’s why are we having the
mayor’s office essentially running the Sheriff’s Department so the reality
you’re running for mayor you’ve never been married
for the reality is you draw call on the compilation of tools to do the job that
you want to focus on chief Sheriff Fuhrman had a compilation of skills and
experiences that quite frankly then lended themselves to him being
successful as a sheriff he has been in the corrections which primarily are
Sheriff Deputies are corrections officers and managing our detention
facilities as well as our courts and at times they’re assigned to the hospital
but I don’t mean that as a flippant statement dr. Calderon the reality is
that I also pursue being a mayor and I’d never been there before but I believe
that the compilation of my experiences and skills and interaction with a lot of
the issues impacting the city Linna themselves to the fact that I could be a
successful mayor the people Denver saw that and agree with me when I was
elected in 2011 and we have had a successful journey together and I
believe that your Sheriff Furman has also had a successful introduction as a
sheriff of the city candidates we have one more round of one-on-one questions
this time you will only have 30 seconds to answer rather than a minute and we
encourage you to choose someone else to ask the question as you did the first
time so this time we are going to begin with mr. Tate you may ask one of your
opponents a question Jamie in your in several of the forums you have talked
about a housing first motto to address homelessness but we’ve had issues in the
city getting housing developed what would you do immediately to address the
homeless situation immediately I would stop the sweeps and invest in the
locations for people to go to be able to sleep safely and not be in fear of being
moved along so I’m a big proponent of the tiny home village if we can deploy
that quickly I believe sanction camping sites can
work as a place to deliver services I believe we can look at our shelters some
which are day shelters at whether they can become 24/7 shelters and utilize
them I also thank you your time is up Michael Hancock you have you can have
the opportunity to ask an opponent a question if you like I’m gonna ask pen a
question since the start of this campaign pin you’ve called for a reset
and just last month you call for a moratorium on construction permits which
we believe to be unconstitutional but also would be disruptive to our efforts
to build affordable housing and housing in general across the city I’m wondering
what you would say to those workers the plumbers the drywallers the framers the
construction workers who are working very busily right now to put food on
their table and how you would explain a moratorium that quite frankly would stop
them from working under your strategy Michael thank you for the question I
would Selva tell them very directly number one on the city’s website it says
that it takes five to six weeks to approve plans now and it also says
ignore the five to six week period we’re so inundated with stuff we’ll get to it
when we get to it we can’t tell you when so the reality is things aren’t moving
quickly and I called for moratorium because neighborhoods around this city
have said stop gentrifying us stop doing development to us let it work with and
for us which is why which is why Inc and others have said don’t go forward with
Denver right I’ve gone a step further and said then let’s stop all major
permit Simmons kaylynn you have an opportunity to ask a
question if you like yeah Jamie I have a question I have a good friend who was
made homeless and forced out of his venue in the winter storm I know you
brought him a Starbucks gift card and he killed himself since what do you do – as
mayor protect artists from being displaced from the same art districts
that they helped to create so first of all the clarify on the rhinoceros it was
the city and the police department that evicted people onto the street in the
middle of it summer snowy night and I was the only
one that went back and fought the city community planning police fire to
address that issue directly and to fix it we didn’t provide a Starbucks gift
card the community stepped up and fried blankets clothes gives certificates to
grocery stores and many other things and that was provided by the organization in
the community to support them I was the only one that pushed the city to change
a man code I’m gonna take yours for for DIY space it is actually your turn to
ask a question now okay I have a question for mayor Hancock one of the
things we’ve heard loud and clear out in the community is the community doesn’t
feel like they have a voice in your administration beyond the conversation
about the 25,000 inputs into Denver right how will you actually work day to
day if you are elected for another four years to change the way that people have
access to you to your leadership team to your administration and actually have a
voice in the future of their neighborhoods Jamie quick thank you for
the question and this has been a robust conversation around community engagement
as a former community organizer I can tell you that the efforts to engage
communities wants one of the most important pieces and policy development
since I’ve been elected the very first big question we had as a city was how we
were going to restructure our finances and get this city moving forward
and we did that by going out in the community and neighborhoods just like
this in forms just like this they helped us to structure our ERD brucine when we
went out for the next move to determine where we went in bed 90 seconds 30
seconds Seco do you have a question yeah I do Michael yes it’s a cool given the
fact that I’ve known you since you was 18 years old
given the fact that I’ve seen your work in the community and that your
commitment to your people has been outstanding and given the fact that when
you came into office this wasn’t necessarily a beautiful
listen to be in I just want to know one thing why are you standing and sitting
up here taking this whoopin like a slave waiting to be tarred and feathered why
are you doing this well I’m sorry listen when I was contemplating over a year ago
rather to run again my wife and I had a very deep conversation and mary-louise
looked at me and she said you know what I see you struggling with it because I
think you feel like there’s unfinished business and I look at the prosperity
the city has had over the last eight years and I realized not everyone has
come along the chief reason why I’m running again is because I believe we
can’t create a more inclusive equitable economy going forward while addressing
our challenges with progress and I’m committed to making that happen and I’m
honored to stand up here to sit up here and take it because we’re ready to go
back to work Lisa you may ask a question hold your applause please Lisa you may
ask a question my question is for Jamie at the opening of this forum you said
that you were the only person who stood up to developers and yet you are largely
funded by developers how are we supposed to reconcile the fact that particularly
one of your largest backers Kyle Zeppelin was rejected time and time
again for contracts with the city largely responsible for you running and
you have the least amount of individual contributions in proportion to the big
money that’s coming backing you by developers I am not largely funded by
developers I’m it funded by a couple of developers and yes I’m the only person
that has actively worked on design overlays increasing affordable housing
requirements actually changing city policy actually if impacting developers
ability to build products throughout this community and how they’re impacting
neighborhoods developers are not the devil there are good people trying to do
good things for this city and the only way we’re going to move forward is if we
have developers residences and everybody at the table dabba
conversation this brings us to our closing statements candidates you will
each have one minute for a closing statement and we will reverse the order
from the opening statements which means we will begin with Lisa you have one
minute we are 23 days away from a new era of
government of a new vision of leadership where we can give more people more
opportunities where we can have people have access through community lead
development where we’re leveraging the city resources in the heart of our
neighborhoods that are impacted most it shouldn’t matter if you’re connected to
the neighbor if you’re lobbying friends with him everybody should be heard
equally and I’m fighting for a new direction and a new vision in Denver
where everyone matters when we are looking at the people who are most
marginalized when we support the people who are most in crisis it actually helps
all of us get lifted up I’m also for glad to be running to be the first woman
mayor of Denver it’s just time to go forward and not go backwards so I’m
asking for your support Lisa called it on for Denver mayor thank you I thank
you and just a heads up we’d originally given you guys a minute 30 for closing
statements but to pick up time that’s why we’re doing a minute so sake who you
have one minute for closing statements okay i’ma do this real quick I will be
the first poor person who is living currently at or below the poverty level
to be elected to a position of power in this city in this state in this nation
the first one never has it been any one poor occupying a position at the table
to speak for themselves without being included as they add on to the agenda
that’s number one so I thank you very much for allowing me
to make history on behalf of poor people in this country and having our dreams
come true what time is it how much more time ago
okay thank you very much have a good evening Jaime Gillis your closing
statement Denver this is a critical election in which we’re gonna decide if
we’re all in this together to try to direct the vision of the city or if it’s
each to their own which is how the city is currently being led we need a fresh
approach to our growing city we can’t keep acting the way we’ve been
acting like this is the Denver of the 90s we need leadership that understands
how to manage a growing urban city and will bring people to the table will set
a big table be inclusive be collaborative work with the
neighborhoods to address quality of life to address economic prosperity for
everybody and to provide truly ethical accountable leadership I’m ready to be
that leader and I’m asking for your vote on May 7th my name is Jaime Gillis thank
you for considering me Kalyn Rose heifer in your closing statement thank you
again for having me today I invite everybody to join the Kalyan
for mayor campaign this is bigger than Denver a lot of people from across the
world are tuning in to what we’re doing here in Denver I invite you to join us
in taking the predatory gentrifying house cash for houses we buy ugly houses
signs repurpose them into signs that you want to see in your community we believe
that creativity is more important than knowledge this campaign is a hundred
percent community artists back we’re using all of our campaign funds to put
right back into the community now we fed hundreds of unhoused
neighbors we’ve built ramps in the cities and we’ve made art that is going
to last longer than this election cycle so please join the Kalin number for
mayor campaign with his closing statement is Michael Hancock being mayor
the city has been the greatest honor afforded me in my life outside of being
a father and being married to my wife Mary Louise over the last eight years
this has been an amazing journey we have snatched this city out of the
recession we are now arguably the leading city in United
States of America on many fronts a lot of work a lot of hard decisions by us
collectively as Denver residents have helped to propel this city to the
forefront as a globally connected globally competitive city you know but
great cities care for her people and we know we have challenges almost every
major city does but we have to remain diligent and committed to move in a city
for not just for us but also for the generations that will follow us I’m
committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive economy going forward
continuing to address the challenge that we face around housing mobility and
neighborhood sustainability as well as criminal justice reform and civil right
protection of our most vulnerable in the city of Denver but we also have to be
committed to making sure we continue to drive toward being the most modern
progressive city in the country stand ahead of the puck that takes leadership
and I look forward to being the mayor over the next four years
finally with his closing statements as Penfield tape thank you to the sponsors
of this event and thank all of you for being here today
my name is Penfield Tate I’m asking for your vote to be the next mayor of Denver
to honor your wishes that you want accessible ethical and transparent
leadership that you want someone with proven and demonstrated experience and
someone who has led in the past we have several issues in front of us and I know
some people have called this negativity and I think that shows how out of touch
the current administration is this isn’t negativity these are concerns you have
brought to us and said we need them addressed and as mayor I’ll address
those not for you but with you collectively together we know we’ve
grown too quickly we know we’ve grown without a plan we know we’ve gentrified
people out of this community we’ve got to change that and I will we know we
don’t have enough affordable or attainable housing in this community
we’ll change that together we will help lift the homeless off the street and
we’ll deal with our failing transportation system but we’ll have to
do this together we’ll have to do this collectively thank you
all right thank you all right now it is the audience’s turn let’s show our
appreciation to the candidates for their participation thank you to all of you our thanks also
to the Denver decides partners which include in turn a bur hood cooperation
the League of Women Voters of Denver and historic Denver Denver decides is
presented by Denver 8tv we hope we’ve given you a fair look at each candidate
vying to represent the city of Denver as your next mayor for complete election
information go online to Denver decides calm I’m Wendy Brockman thank you for

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