Der Manitou Teleskoplader MLT 840 Elite – Die AGRITECHNICA Blogger League 2019 Folge 5

Der Manitou Teleskoplader MLT 840 Elite – Die AGRITECHNICA Blogger League 2019 Folge 5

Follow me to AGRITECHNICA the count down to the DLG world-leading agricultural engineering trade fair in Hanover has started to run. And we are making the waiting pleasanter with a brief look back to the last sequence in the AGRITECHNICA Blogger League. With match-day No. 2. That is the Manitou match-day in France and for this reason we warmly welcome. Germany’s most successful blogger in direct competition on this match-day with Challenge No. 2. Welcome to the world of agricultural engineering. We are in the west of France near Nantes in eastern Brittany. Plenty of sun and very good conditions for Challenge No. 2. As always, first of all there is brief familiarisation training in the task. This is the Straw Bale Challenge. The machine for our star blogger: the telescopicloader from Manitou, the MLT 840 Elite. This machine links comfort and productivity closely together. Before we start, a quick look at the current state of play after the first challenge on the second match-day. Sebastian lies out in front with 33 points, closely followed by Michel. He has 32 points. Then comes Florian in 3rd place with 30 points and somewhat far behind Christoph with only 29 points. But overall, the field is close and it stays exciting. In theory everything is still undecided. This is the Straw Stack Challenge. This means that I now have to load 8 straw bales onto the trailer here as fast as possible against the clock. You need to handle the task correctly. The thing here is speed, so it’s between quality and productivity. You have understood the task? What do our lads say? Here comes the fork. I have never managed this. So let’s wait. And we have to make sure that two tines grip each bale. Otherwise the bale may slip out. I am now in the middle of the field and after this I have to stand up on top. There is no other way. I have to sort out the mess made by the others, because they have no idea of how to pack the bales sensibly, but someone has to be sensible. Someone must do the job … then things can get going! Bastbu goes first to the starting post. The telescopic loaders from Manitou are fitted with an intelligent hydraulics system and designed for optimum ergonomics. In the initial phase Sebastian has got the hang of it in a masterly, unerring fashion. Shall we take a look at Florian, the Freschle? He’s looking a bit unsure of himself or perhaps he is just concentrating hard? It’s hard to tell. He’s going a bit beyond the target. Christoph has to come out well ahead in this challenge, if he wants to get something out of this match-day. He always drives with the GoPro on his head, because he is always hard at work in parallel producing films for his own YouTube channel. That looks good! And now Michel is off! Full concentration from him, too. However, he’s got some problems in overshooting the straw bales; he has to correct that and is losing valuable time. Let’s take a closer look on the split screen. From this perspective, that looks pretty good what the guys are doing there. Certainly the 360 degree all-round view in the cabin is an advantage in this challenge. Sebastian is doing very well for time. He is the current league leader and of course, wants to keep this position. I think he’s got a good chance of 2nd or 3rd place; no, I think he’ll come in 2nd. Now we’re watching Florian. He is taking a really good run at this challenge. This seems to be his day. Perfect! I’m really pleased! Fantastic! I really would not have expected that! I stack bales reasonably often. But his really worked well. A highly satisfied Florian, but things look slightly different for Christoph. He hasn’t sorted the hay bales properly when putting them down. His race time is 2:21 minutes. I would have thought that the trailer is usually so long that the four would fit against each other. I thought that if you saved a little space it would work, but it looks as though they have been compressed a bit larger. Hm.. dear Christoph does
not sound too happy. Michel is still at the Straw bale Challenge. He had his very own concept in loading the bales. I thought just now, who knows whether the four bales would really fit against each other on the trailer, for that was the initial objective. Now I prefer to start from behind in the corner, but unfortunately the trailer is standing slightly crookedly and I had to circle around a bit, because I actually wanted to use up absolutely all the space. Yes, at the finish we can see that in my case not all four bales will fit in. I would not have had to do all that work with winding and then plonking three down – I should have plonked all three down the same way and then added the fourth on top of them. OK, it is easy to be wise after the event and we are looking at the current lap times. Florian is way out ahead with 1:49 minutes. 3 seconds in front of Sebastian! His time is 1:52 minutes Michel and Christoph is already significantly behind. Michel 2:11 minutes and Christoph unfortunately only far behind in 4th place with his 2:21 minutes of driving. The only thing left now is the decision of the judges. Julia from DLG leaps into action. This is getting exciting. There are 5 points for Christoph and for Michel as well; both of them naturally imagined another result. And there are 9 well-earned points for Florian and Sebastian. So what does that mean for the overall situation? Sebastian is still the clear favourite for overall victory. 42 points in 1st place. Followed by Florian. With 39 points he could still actually come dangerously close to Sebastian. Michel in 3rd place with 37 points. He will really have to do better in the last challenge. Christoph, far behind with 34 points, is really no longer in the running, when it comes to overall victory. He will need a miracle. And that was it! Challenge No. 2! We’ll be back soon with Challenge No. 3. Of course and the big finale. The AGRITECHNICA Blogger League 2019! Follow me to AGRITECHNICA! Liken, share and recommend to your friends. We’ll be back soon for you. All the best till then! Take care whatever you do, wherever you are! Until next time.

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  1. Im ersten Jahr war fmtagt noch gut, aber was ist das für ein Quatsch, stellt die Maschinen vor, besucht die Hersteller, erklärt die Technik sachlich, aber lasst diesen sozial Media Kram sein

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