Destiny Rayne and Katie Kadan Battle It Out to the Iconic “Tiny Dancer” – The Voice Battles 2019

Destiny Rayne and Katie Kadan Battle It Out to the Iconic “Tiny Dancer” – The Voice Battles 2019

100 thoughts on “Destiny Rayne and Katie Kadan Battle It Out to the Iconic “Tiny Dancer” – The Voice Battles 2019

  1. Her voice is so unique… I can listen to that voice when I need to see the reason why we're alive and feel alive lol amazing vocalists

  2. There is a lot over very good covers of songs but this was absolutely amazing … these ladies killed it congratulations and thanks for this!!

  3. Lol in the coaches comments after the song Kelly mentions something about how she will steal one of them. And John's like "thank you" and Kelly's like "oh sure, I got YOU." as in he didnt have Kelly's back when she tried to get Injoy stolen.

  4. I remember adam used to sing this song, when he try to audition the voice, but all of those are now just "MEMORIES"

  5. I watched this like 20 times and smiled the whole time. Katie demands attention and her personality is infectious. Perfect duet❤

  6. All of you are talking about katys voice but destiny with the tiny voice she has kept up with Katy and in my opinion that wasn't easy so I got to give it destiny I think she should have won that. Katy only had low notes destiny had all of the above. But thats just my opinion.

  7. I felt like the song didn't showcase alot of Katies talent while it did for the other one cause she had to keep up with her so I'm rly excited to hear Katie in the knockouts lol

  8. Now this what I call a battle: Deliver the technicality without sacrificing the message and emotion, fill the room with the music! Great song choice John, Great singers.

  9. KATIE MADE ME CRY behind the scenes when she did this song and when she performed on stage I still cried because honestly if you make me cry during a performance the way how she did, you just know she’s a star. I think we found the winner of the voice USA season 17. Katie has a black soul. This WOMAN CAN SANG. I saw ARETHA FRANKLIN ALL OVER her. She’s incredibly talented. I’m a fan!❤️

  10. Not only does she have "fire in her voice" but her personality makes me wanna chill and hang out.. I know she will have me laughing in tears the whole time ❤

  11. This song was more suited for Katie which I find unfair a bit.. Destiny can do so much that Katie probably can't in other genres… glad Blake stole her.

  12. KATIE was also very classy she held back and didn't blow Destiny out of the water that is CLASS I respect that they both are talented

  13. I wouldn't know who to pick. Glad I am not a coach. lol them ladies were awesome. Their harmony was out the roof . 🙂 GOOD video T V ^__^

  14. Oh my G! cant take my eyes of you Destiny! She never gave up. Shes like the Captain Marvel of this Battle she stood up! Katie was like Thanus. hahaha. so happy for both of you. But I vote for Destiny.

  15. What an awesome performance Katie has such a huge powerful talented voice but Destiny you slayed and you held own up against such a huge vocalist Destiny and Katie you both are amazing Good Luck to you both #DestinyRayne and #KatieKaden

  16. Whether or not Katie win the whole thing, she is gonna be blow up after this! That woman can sing! I am so picky when it comes to vocalists and I love different sounding voices. Katie is the only reason I’m watching this show. I never do 😂

  17. There is just something about Katie. Think Bout it. How many times do you hear the same songs. Same sound it's amazing but some people just have an extreme talent. Wow. Represent Chicago

  18. Once again John,got it really wrong!!The two didn't need to battle each other so that one would be eliminated. In my opinion he paired them wrongly. If I were him I would keep them both…so gifted.

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