Dev Blog #2: Conveyor Belts/Basic Production Gameplay + Alpha Key info!

Dev Blog #2: Conveyor Belts/Basic Production Gameplay + Alpha Key info!

100 thoughts on “Dev Blog #2: Conveyor Belts/Basic Production Gameplay + Alpha Key info!

  1. i have spent three days of my life trying to remember the name of this game. finally found it :).
    im really looking forward for this.

  2. So wait your telling me you can build storage on top of storage does that mean that a strong wind could just end up knocking over the 100+ storys of empty cargo containers that were "Just in case."

  3. i was excited "oh a new automation game? first person? sweeeeet" then i seen who it was….why i havent heard about and havent cared about it… this is the guy basically bragging about gimping his player base in exchange for CASH MONEY fucking punk pretending hes in touch with his customers by making youtube lets plays? or is this you gimping your marketing because you know the lost revenue will ruin your budget? i hope your game burns on the epic launcher and the fact that youll be compensated is just the icing on the cake. what flavor is the cake? trading your game company for a lump sum check meaning you no longer have to actually care about development because youll be compensated anyway… and chocolate because everyone knows youd love to suck on a big brown dick after its all over.

    why cant people with good ideas also be good people?

  4. Yes, I understand that Streaming, recording or sharing footage is not allowed.
    that is one of the 3 rules for alpha
    basically you are fucked

  5. Frick you dude, making me way to excited. xD I look at the Epic Games Launcher every day to see if its out of alpha. xD

  6. Game checklist
    Better than Minecraft: OK
    Better than Factorio: OK
    Better than Fortnite: OK
    Better than Subnautica: OK
    Checklist: 100%

  7. And just one little question? On what are yoing going to use all that fucking materials? It's like geting naked with a girl and not having sex

  8. is it normal that only the keycounter will show up when i click register for alpha in my epicgames launcher shop window?

  9. even when i want to go to the website, only the keycounter shows up, cant rtegister for alpha

  10. Shame its epic games store only. I get you want more money for your work, but I'm not using the spyware that is epic games.

  11. Im one of them I will get the key Tomorrow hype hype hype I will have a video about it if you wanna see it just come to my chennel

  12. Sorry if this is a old dev blog but i would like to ask a question. Will the game be free when its gonna be the full release?

  13. You should make it that the storage container also clips to the side and make a button if you don't want to clip

  14. Damn this looks amazing, I already bought the early access on Epic Games, can't wait to it's come out to try it!

  15. the interest was immense…until i just checked again and saw its through epic games store. soo,guess ill stay with gameplay videos

  16. Would love to play this game, but had to much issues with Epic Store, so gotta give it a pass 🙁
    Looks awesome though. Hope you'll release it on more platforms.

  17. Just a small thing, you might want to include the game name in the title while its in closed alpha, I had no idea what I was watching until I dug through the description

  18. Hello!!! I love this game!!! its amazong!btw…
    I was thinking about one good idea can be like a "button" so you can tell wich container has wich thing… like when I press "alt" the containers shows what kind of material has each one…. it would help a lot….

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