Dev Blog #2: Conveyor Belts/Basic Production Gameplay + Alpha Key info!

Dev Blog #2: Conveyor Belts/Basic Production Gameplay + Alpha Key info!

everybody look it’s Lissa Duggar just pet him alright so gonna get into a demonstration today about conveyor belts and in order to do that I’m gonna be demonstrating a bunch of other stuff as well so that should be pretty cool but before we get into the fortnight let’s play just a few things some news about the Alpha it’s been going really well it’s still the game still quite stable and we’re managing all the new people even though it was 500 that we added so what we’re gonna try and do now is try and keep a routine going where every Monday oh so we’re gonna send out 200 keys and so that’s the goal at least 200 keys and hopefully we can add more depending on the situations so I’m gonna be sending out more surveys today and tomorrow and throughout the week so if you haven’t done a survey yet make sure you sign up at the satisfactory Gamescom newsletter you’ll get a survey at some point fill that in and you’re in the running for an alpha key if you’ve ever submitted a survey before you’re done you don’t need to do it any more you’re still in the running for alpha keys every single time okay so let’s get on with it conveyor belts let’s do the thing I’ve created a little scenario here of some buildings that I’ve just kind of put down for myself and what we’re going to try and do is the goal for this scenario is to create reinforced iron plates and these are available in the assembler here and so what we need fill reinforced iron plates are plates and screws iron plates and screws so that’s what we need to make and so before we can make anything we need resources and this is a miner sitting on top of some iron ore and if we open that up it’s not doing anything because has no power of course so let’s make some power go down to power a biomass burner and we’ll put that out here like this okay cool we have it we have a look in here it has no fuel so of course we need some fuel so I’m gonna run around and just pick up some leaves this isn’t the only waited the only thing you can put into a by mass burner but it is what huh but it is what I’m gonna be putting in there for now and that’s probably what you’re gonna be doing in a bidding begining of the game just grabbing leaves and then putting them into the biomass burner so let’s put some in here I’ll use cheats to make my fuel lasts for you know like ever so here we go let’s plug the and you can see that’s like a green light on here now because it’s working and that one has a red light so we plug the power line into the minor and we could see the light is gone green and the animations have started and it’s gonna start digging out some iron or so before the iron ore comes out let’s grab the conveyor belt down the bottom I’ve got a hot bar and I’ve got the conveyor belt on three so I just press three I grabbed that there and I place it in here and we get a conveyor belt and all the iron ore just spilling out Wow exciting okay cool so now this is a smelter and in the smell – we need to smelt or into ingots and we have to choose a recipe because not always smells can do more than just iron ingots they can only just do that here in this example so I’m just gonna click that recipe and it shows that it needs iron ore it’ll turn it into iron ingots but nothing’s happening in fact it’s not even taking anything in why oh because of power fancy that it needs power Oh didn’t see that coming all right so let’s hook it up to the biomass burner well I can’t seem to make a power line that’s because buildings I only have one attachment point so we have to get rid of that and see now I can connect again but you can see that there’s like this big power pole hologram here I look at the ground it’s there as well and what that’ll do is it’ll build a power pole and connect it with the power line and the cool thing about power poles is they are up to four connections this one does and so from here I could just build power line to the minor and then another one out to the smelter and now the smelter is working one thing to consider though is that there’s only one more output on this power pole so what I like to do is I like to just build out another power pole so now that one’s full but we have three more there so we might as well just hook everything up I guess for now now that we’ve talked about power poles I have to drag one more out here put one on that one and I have a building over here as well okay so we should be good for power for this demonstration now so the smelter has been creating iron ingots we just need to get them out into something else these two buildings here are constructors so I’m gonna plug it into this constructor here we’ll see our iron ingots come through okay so in this constructor we need to see what we want to make so now I remember that the reinforced iron plates needed screws and iron plates screws require iron ingots you can see down here iron rods require iron ingots and screws require the iron rods so the screws are like a two-step process right so what we can do is we can start trying to make screws so we’ll need iron rods first in this one and then here’s another constructor here that I’ve set up and I’ll plug this into there and then we’ll set this one up to turn the iron rods into screws okay so here come the rods and you can just pick things up from here as well if you want it’s gonna go in here and cool now we’re producing screws and the last step for the screws is to put them into the assembler the assembler has two inputs you can see that there so we’re gonna grab a conveyor belt from here put it into here and then we’ll have screws go through great so one thing I forgot to do earlier is set the recipe for the assembler which is for the reinforced iron plate so I’m gonna click on it this time and what this will mean is that when the screws get here they’ll be accepted as a resource so don’t see it like this and here they come very cool all right so now we need to get iron plates into the assembler so we need another constructor to do that and they require iron ingots and you know if we had a different resource node here we could build two miners two smelters and just do it like that or we can just do let’s see where’s it we could just split the conveyor belt so we’ve got ingots here we just do a split here and I can just snap that on here and just the thing I forgot to mention that you can you can build the splitter anywhere you want and then like attach to it later but if you look directly out of convey about it it snaps as you can see there and then it just built themselves so cool we’ve got ingots going out to different ways fantastic we haven’t set this one up just make plates yet so I’ll click on that and now it’s accepting the ingots and creating iron plates okay now we have to get this to there so we can’t not really go through the other belts we can go around I guess and you also notice that conveyor belts cost actually just iron plates but you’ll see iron rods and cement in the middle of the screen there as a cost and the reason for that is this little pole thingy that you can see that’s the the reason because you have to pay for that as well conveyor belts must be connected to either buildings or conveyor poles so if I make that it creates the pole and the conveyor belt in the same way that the power line and the power pole and the power lines worked before but of course I can just build a pole myself if I like and clipping about poles is they could be different heights so I’ll make one that high and when I go to connect the conveyor belt to it the the cost will update so it just shows that you only need plates other thing about conveyor belts is they cost more how for however however far you want to build them so you can see the number updating as I move closer and further away and they also have a max lint length so you know you can see over there but you can’t build there it’s too long you have to do it in multiple steps so I’m gonna build another very pole there and finish the connection like that and now all about iron plates are gonna slowly make their way to the assembler and by the way we all know that people move quicker on conveyor belts than metal does okay we this is something we can all agree on all right so if the plates are there they almost are then we will have reinforced iron plate being created let’s go let’s go let’s go to three that’s all we need three okay now we’re producing an iron plate so you know we got to be proud of our work to here today you know so let’s let’s build a conveyor belt over to this storage container which I have strategically set up before to that our reinforced iron plate has a home to live in so this will be my storage container all for reinforced iron plates as I go and explore this is gonna slowly fill up with reinforced iron plates people out there who had used to factory games can already see massive issues with inefficiency but you can solve that yourself now currently all of our rods screws and plates are being turned into reinforced iron plates but maybe we don’t want all of them to go with that maybe we want to store some of them that so that we can use it later we can come and take it out of storage and build some conveyor belts or something we may not want all of them to be converted so if that’s the case let’s yeah let’s build a couple more storage containers here storage container and one thing to note here is you can see that there’s one input in one output and the orange form with the arrows pointing in that’s obviously the input and then the aqua turquoise one pointing out is the output so I’m going to build a storage in here I’m gonna build one ring here it’s gonna get a little tight though let’s build one somewhere else look this one here this is beautiful by the way and we can also build on top so let’s do that so now we have the storage containers for what I want to store let’s try and get them over there so something else that I want to demonstrate are these can vary a poll multi like multi-level conveyor poles basically so what I’m gonna do yeah I want to demonstrate these so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna set this to number five on my health bar and then I’m gonna create some splitters so I’m gonna split the iron rods and I’m gonna split the plates and I’m gonna build a multi canary Pole thing here and then I guess I’ll do one here and I’ll do one here hoping you can see what I’m planning and then I’ll put this last one like here maybe okay and now I can start we’ll just flip that into here we just whip this one into here now we’ve got this little cool little system going on and in fact I think I’m foreseeing a problem here because I also need to split I also need to split here but not just that this is gonna be kind of tricky for this conveyor belt to get through I guess it does work there but one thing that might even be safer is if I were to dismantle these and I get the plates that were on them there once instead of keeping on the same level I might take the bottom level put it to the middle take the middle level put it to the top and now it’s much safer in terms of clearance of getting over this conveyor belt so there’s no issue there and yeah they clear that quite easily and then I can grab the screws and I can plug that into here and now we have our three resources and yeah so then what we could probably do just for demonstration purposes I’m just gonna do another thing here so you can see you can set up all three of your layers and then I’m gonna just send the screws into here I guess and I’m gonna send my I think that with plates down here and my rugs okay and so now I have my three resources and there’s ladders on here so I’m gonna climb up here now I have my three different resources coming into their respective storage containers now one thing I haven’t demonstrators are conveyor belt merges which and I’ll do that now for example these storage containers they it’s not as if they can only hold one type of thing so maybe we want to just store all three in one storage container personally I wouldn’t do that but let the demonstration purposes we can do that okay so now if I make a conveyor merger and I hope I give it enough space for this we’re gonna find out I’ll do that there we take this to come around like that this one you come down here let’s help them please work yep I’m in there so now all running out of space so all of these are being fed into the merger if I grab that stick in here and all of those resources should come through this we’ve got screws we got plates screws plates rugs freeze rods so they’re all coming out and they’re all going into this storage container and like I said I personally wouldn’t do that I’d prefer to have dedicated storage containers because essentially this is gonna fill up quicker now with various things when you could just store more across different storage containers yeah so that’s the merger those are the multi-level poles gray poles I think that’s everything covered so now let’s see how many reports are in place we got two we have 13 this is very slow I’m sure other people out there could make this work much quicker see anything else I think that’s it okay well I hope that this was interesting I’ll jump up here I hope that this clears up how the conveyor belts may work in satisfactory selecting recipes and buildings distributing power I think we covered a lot of cool things and I hope you really enjoyed that so the obligatory stuff at the end of a YouTube video follow us on all the social media things smash the like button the bell to subscribe all that stuff retweet join discord all the good stuff it gives me R inscape experiments we know all this now please do all that and yeah keys out on Monday gonna send out surveys today and tomorrow check your email send those in as soon as you can okay bye everyone I’ll see you next time bye you

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