Dev Journal #4

Dev Journal #4

Hello everyone!
This is Tree here with another Dev Journal. Before we start, I’d like to encourage you to check out the previous journal that was released as an infographic because of time limitations. There’s a ton of cool stuff on there, but getting back to October Recently a Russian team known as the Horrible Translators joined our group. And they’ll be helping us with PR and translation. Ekevoo also has joined our team as a Portuguese translator. This month, we put a lot of focus on the game soundtrack. While some of the tracks for now are restricted to Patreons, 4EverfreeBrony did release the main theme, which you can listen to on his channel. We’d also like to mention that we’ve opened many previously closed positions for hire. We need a programmer, a vector artist, and an asset designer. If any of those positions interest you, be sure to check out a recruitment page which you can find in the description. Like in the previous Dev Journal, we’d like to remind you that our Discord server’s now open to everyone. If you’d like to meet the team, you’re more than welcome to join! We’re always happy to meet our fans. The Discord Lives are still restricted to Patreons. However, they cost 5$ a month, as opposed to 25$ a month previously. And that’s about all we have for this month.

11 thoughts on “Dev Journal #4

  1. I would like to help… But I'm web developper… And I'm not good enough in English to translate… And I'm poor…
    I'M NOTHIN !
    Wish you the best guys.

  2. I could help when it comes to German translations. I may not be the "super uber best" but I'm certainly not "super uber bad" either when translating stuff 🙂

  3. REALLY LOVE what you're doing here, and I'm looking forward to where you go from here! I WISH I had SOME talent in visual art or programming to help you guys out!
    Also, NICE TOUCH using 4everfreebrony's soundtrack in the update vid!
    BEST OF LUCK for the future! ^-^

  4. God I wish I could help but my mom probably wouldn't let me. I hope that I will be able to help with stuff in the future.

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