Dev Journal #8

Dev Journal #8

Hey Everyone, this is Misiek here 2018 has been a very big year for us. Our team has been growing with lots of new members, we’ve been making a considerable progress on the game, and we’ve even made an appearance on GalaCon where we’ve presented some newest Starved for Light content Now the last video was made around 8 months ago, which is very unfortunate It was mainly caused by our tight schedules both within the project and outside of it. The beginning of a new year seems like a perfect time for us to make up for it Because of that now we’ve got a lot to show for a double-sized video That being said let’s not waste time and just get into it. We hope you enjoy A bit long after the fact but nonetheless an important bit of news. We actually visited our first convention last year GalaCon in Germany to be exact And we had a panel there in the main hall no less While it was a bit intimidating our little trip there ended up being quite successful We got the chance to perform a presentation that was received quite well and according to the staff, attracted plenty of attention We held a Q&A session and had some nice interesting discussion with all our fans and we even had a guest Garrison Ulrich The one you know as 4everfreebrony who does some of our more iconic music for the game Now we’ve spent most of our time on our vendor booth selling various merchandise and talking with fans Unfortunately, we didn’t get any footage ourselves A noob mistake, we know However, I highly suggest you taking a look at the GalaCon’s recording of our panel We’ve been mentioning quite a lot of things, lots of which wasn’t disclosed ever before The link will be in the description Oh, and did we mention that we’ve had a test version of the game available for play. Oh, yes that happened, too But to sum it up, our whole experience was fantastic and it just felt so awesome to talk to some of you, some people we already knew before, some fans that we just met and some that didn’t even heard of us but were interested It was just simply amazing. We’re planning to make another visit to GalaCon this year and hopefully hold another panel Although don’t quote us on this It’s still in the planning phase Speaking of which, we had some interesting news revealed during our presentation in regards of our release plans Which just so happens to bring us to the next topic Now if you seen our GalaCon presentation, awesome! But don’t skip ahead because there is some news on top of that Before the finished game there will be two public releases Starved for Light: Sunset and Starved for Light: Sunrise Both of these will be demonstration versions where each will focus on one of the main characters The purpose of this is to give you guys an early glimpse into how the game is going to play like but most importantly to gather your feedback and use it to bring the finished game to the best possible quality that it deserves Oh, and of course, both of them will be free and available on Steam Now there is a certain issue that’s been being brought up to us for quite some time, an issue of our social media that’s recently been rather barren and devoid of any content, without any updates or insights or even the signs of life to anyone that’s not part of our Patreon or doesn’t visit the discord server A simple truth is that since the very beginning our more in depth updates, which these days mean “all” updates, were kept exclusive for our Patreon supporters And those updates usually show up every couple weeks while all other media stay silent for months In other words, the only thing that people can really do is wait and that’s not good We hear those complaints, we really do It simply took a while for us to bring the new changes into life And there are two of such changes that will be coming very soon The first of those is the complete and total overhaul of our website, which was awfully outdated and in desperate need of a refresh We updated all information including our About page and FAQ Included a new gallery showcase and just gave it all a bit of a redesign But the most important change that’s coming is our very own blog page which will be receiving regular updates about the development We’re still not quite sure what will this mean for the Patreon, but it’s most likely that supporters will be receiving an earlier access to the content instead of an exclusive one And the second change also to show up on our website will be an introduction to an interactive road map This will showcase not only both demo releases but also some other events and important updates that we’ll be planning in between We hope that those changes manage to break the radio silence at least somewhat Unity which is our game engine has recently decided to wake up and started rapidly releasing several new tools Majority of which are focusing on 2d games, of course it’s only obvious that we decided to take a full advantage of these tools to make some of our creations easier or even make previously impossible additions possible As we already mentioned we realize that the content has been rather restrictive to our Patreon as of late And in this video we wish to change that however, instead of doing a long drawn-out explanation It will be much better to instead show you through a presentation A lot of the stuff is still work in progress, but we hope you’ll enjoy it regardless ♪ In sleepless nights, ♪ ♪ I will hear your call ♪ ♪ I hear your voice ♪ ♪ When dawn arise, ♪ ♪ your song doth fall. ♪ ♪ Still here, beside my own ♪

37 thoughts on “Dev Journal #8

  1. Я заплачу за это любые деньги, дайте поиграть поскорее))

  2. SOOO HAPPY to see how much more Unity is supporting your genre, to help you guys reach EVEN FURTHER to making a world that's LIVELY and FULL of stories to tell just by LOOKING and interacting with it!!
    You always surprize me with your AMAZING progression on a WONDERFUL game that fills me with vibes of curiosity!!! <3

  3. prepares some tea
    pours some tea into a small cup
    mixes some sugar cubes with the tea in the small cup
    Take thee time, developers, I have got enough time to spare with some tea, which hopefully will be an 8 months ration.

    Also, thee game looks splendid, I look forward to have the same, if not, better drawing/animating skills than the animators and graphic artists of that team of you, ye are doing a great work, thy game looks beautiful

  4. News from Starved for Light! It's nice to have some!
    I look forward to testing the demos! Will it come out on console too or will it be confined to the pc?
    This will be my second brony game I'll buy after Them's Fightin' Herds! This community really does great stuff! ^^
    PS: The end music is really pretty!
    PS2: I almost forgot, I was to the Galacon, and I'm going back this year! Maybe I'll see you there! ^^

  5. Wow, that is what I call cool! Super-smooth animations, touching soundtrack, and complex yet awesome coding work with dynamic light, water and physics!
    I just adore you, guys, your game is masterpiece :3

  6. I like the alicorn bear. And a dear that like a werewolf grows into a monster. Wish you the best 👍❤️🦄

  7. just discovered you via Equestria Daily, looks like an awesome project, and I'd love to support you guys if I had the extra funds available.

  8. I just saw this project on the EA (Equestria Amino) yesterday, and I am sooo excited for the demos and full game to come out.
    The silhouette style looks gorgeous. I also really like the idea of having two completely different characters with their own unique playstyles, Iris with her stealth and cleverness and Liliyana’s combat and strength. The music too is beautiful. Both the calm music and the intense stuff sounds great!
    Thank you so much for making this game, I’ll be waiting for more updates and journals! Keep up the amazing work!

  9. Sadly did not see you This year?:(
    Hope you come to galacon 2020?:)

    And could maby people sub to a News letter for e-Mail?:) (like if you start looking for people to help?)

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