5 thoughts on “Diana Eck & Vinoth Ramachandra – Myths about Pluralism – The Veritas Forum at Harvard

  1. Yes. Muslims try to have it both ways. They say they honour Jesus but in truth they deny everything about Him. To further add to the confusion, the Koran says Jesus is the Messiah!

  2. What do you think about Dr. Ramachandra's argument that pluralism does not absolve us from the responsibility to be critical and to choose a worldview? How have you embarked upon this process?

  3. I studied Islam and still studying it. Contrary to what people think that I might be converted to Islam, it actually deepen my faith in Yeshua of Nazareth. I'm not saying that Christianity or Christ is superior to all religions and ideologies; however I can say that these religions have sparks of the Great Light and unabashedly it's none other than Jesus of Nazareth, the Crucified God.

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