Digital Bullet Journal • Noteshelf 2 Tutorial / Plan With Me: June 2018

Digital Bullet Journal • Noteshelf 2 Tutorial / Plan With Me: June 2018

Hey guys! Welcome to my digital bullet journal set-up and tutorial for June 2018. In this video I’m going to go over how I set up my digital bullet journal using an app called Noteshelf 2 on my iPad, though of course there’s a ton of different apps out there that work very similarly — Goodnotes and Notability being just a couple.
Like with a paper bullet journal, my journal relies on spreads or templates and then I fill them in. I create these using Adobe InDesign, but you can use whatever you’d like, even Microsoft Word. I have a tutorial, actually, about making spreads for your journal in Word that I will link in the top right corner. I basically make the spread digitally and then I save it as a PDF file to my Dropbox.
I also now have a Gumroad shop where I’m posting my templates and spreads for digital bullet journals, so please check that link out in the description box below! All of the templates I’m going to be using today can be found there, including my monthly covers. When I open up Noteshelf 2, you can see I have a number of different months for 2018 set up in different
notebooks for my digital bullet journal I do have a past video where I discuss
this more in depth, including how I set it all up, so I’ll link that in the top
right for you to go check out. Right now I’m going to get into June, which is
currently just a cover page. When you click the most far-right icon in the top
toolbar — it looks like a stack of papers and it’ll show you all of your current
pages. To add a page to this notebook I’m going
to press and then drag towards my left. After a moment the dialog will tell me
that I can release and a new page is created. This page is identical to the
last page, so I’m going to click the gear and then under notebook options I’m
going to press “Change Page Template.” Page template and paper basically refer
to the same thing. It’s the background of your page. You can use one of Noteshelf 2’s basic default papers, like the ruled or the dotted, but I am actually
going to use a template I created myself so I’m just going to go to custom.
I do have my spreads already uploaded but I want to show you how to install a
new paper if you’ve never done so before. You click the big grey icon with the
plus sign and then choose where you’ve uploaded your PDFs — in this case I have
all of mine saved to my Dropbox. I just have to tap the spread I want to add and
then I add a name to it and it’s uploaded. From here you can select any of your uploaded templates. I am going to select my calendar page for June by
tapping on it. This changed the template of my page, and now I can type or write or do whatever I want on top of it. But I don’t
really want to play with my calendar right now so I’m actually going to add
another page using the press and drag to the left method, and now I’m going to
change this template to my weekly spread. Now I have the absolute bare-bones
basics of my bullet journal setup! I haven’t actually used my bullet
journal much at all throughout May so I’m going to start fresh with this new
June notebook and start with the final week of May, which also includes a couple of days of June. I’m using the type tool to double click (or double press) where I
want to type — bearing in mind that you can move it around later — and then I
entered the dates for that week. I’m then going to zoom into all the
little boxes I have set up and enter the date for that particular day using my
Apple Pencil to write them in. I could use the type tool for this but I
generally find writing it is a bit faster. Though this particular day my
hand was super shaky so please excuse how wobbly some of my numbers are. From here I can enter my tasks and goals
for each day throughout the week. I’m just going to start with Friday as an
example because I know I will most likely be working at my day job — which is
kind of a misnomer considering I actually work night shifts — and I know I
am also going to have to upload a video that day. My bullet journal is incredibly simple
for this month but, as I mentioned, I didn’t use it much throughout May and I
really regret not staying more on top of my organization. I hope if I can get back
on top of things going into June that I’ll be able to produce more interesting
spreads and templates, so feel free to comment down below if there’s anything
you would like to see translated for digital bullet journals. I would love to
hear from you! So that’s it for this digital bullet
journal video but I do upload new ones on the last Friday of every month so
please subscribe and consider ringing that notification bell so you don’t miss
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lot and it helps my channel grow. Thank you so much for watching!

2 thoughts on “Digital Bullet Journal • Noteshelf 2 Tutorial / Plan With Me: June 2018

  1. Wow this tutorial is pretty good! Im supprised you dont have a million subscribers by now cause the art is amazing, the thumbnails look nice and the videos are great! SOMEONE GET THIS GIRL SOME SUBS!

  2. My real life bullet journal is what I affectionately call my “ugly, lazy” bujo (maybe I’ll do a video of it some day so people can see that bujo don’t need to be pretty to functional) because it’s so simple and frill-less that it literally takes me less than 10 minutes to set up a new month. =>.<= even if I had an iPad that actually worked, I think I’d prefer to physically write with the Apple Pencil, rather than type in what should be inside the boxes. BUT, having those spread templates already available would mean that setup time goes from 10 minutes, to zero minutes and that takes an already tiny amount of work and makes it even smaller. Wheeee!

    I don’t really have anything important to add. So here’s a potato! 🥔

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