Dinar Recaps Blog | Iraqi Dinar News

Dinar Recaps Blog | Iraqi Dinar News

dinar recaps – hey everyone it’s Nicky with global
currency research dotnet what we’re gonna duties were just
gonna reviewing these in our site to check out are from time
to time it’s called dinar recaps be a website is WWW dot dinar recaps dot com and there’s two are
staged are for din R&R for recaps 0 docket that
mixed up again it’s one are arm so we’re going to check the site out
real quick a lot of people and you know just 11 look for a good
resource and I’m to give you the pros outweigh
the cons and others quim some other information so we’re here
right now on their blog page now if you click Tom archive
you can see that there’s all these nice archives here cause over different
categories different people talking like Dave Schmidt who I love to listen to in Clickbank you get all of his
information on these are all the monthly blog posts
and if you look the site’s been online for a while a minicab goes back to May 2011 on if you’ve been
to my site here global currency reset the net its all it was I think I just reserve
the domain in December I did a lot of research on the reset and the site actually started out
sometime on it had to be around early early February
if not lead in January is when Ash start building a
sign I’m sure you are archived at orchid check on that for your site is pretty nu and I’ve got
a link here for dinar recaps I missed in this to a
little video for may be posting it here just cuz I like
to do reviews a different site on CSEA bless all monthly blog postings
here and was really call her lecture just
searching up here in the top from my site here global currency reset opened it I didn’t enter internet also okay so let that load up and its gonna
show you anytime you search you can just search
for and any topics that might come up so if you have questions about post RB when you need to do he could
just search in post are being here in ELP it’ll bring up some information about
Post Rd which will be very helpful for to a lot of people I’m sure on there’s also this really awesome
bulletin board right here and alive information about annuities and packages investing lot of things to
consider so that’s awesome on we have a question and answer
section here so you can just go over questions that
they get a lot maybe your questions on here maybe not
but your choice amid a question I’m sure you
good just contact them and ask them see if they can help out
I’m has another link here for wise words understandable desire a brief seeking
guys can check this out with me to some information how to keep your
heart healthy years there’s a lot of good stuff there out
what people are saying was all the real positive reviews what
people are saying about an hour recaps you know great things that people here
in about I just love you think that’s awesome okay and they were
talking up a star P here’s the link here so has been updated since january
twentieth after august twenty think it really looks like but will have some information here
about thing packages dinar recaps post RV stuff so and then there’s a link
for their newsletter right there higher by a Weber we’ve got one too so
if you’re our site global cursory said Annette old there it
is right there a waiver just click the subscribe button
right there subscribe to newsletter and get some more information about the
reset back to dinar recaps we’re doing a
search earlier for global currency reset and they actually posted my article
right here and I thought that was really nice I’m
so thanks guys for posting article at miss my website right there and then
going back to their site its there’s veneer for recap emails if
you want to get updates from them just the newsletter we have just
discussed that on different news feeds which is actually something that I gotta for their site which I’m
thinking of doing from my own is new China put links to web pages that have been translated from iraqi twice iraqi but iraqi web pages that are
in Arabic translate English in fact let me go on show you one real
quick on I have a website that I’ll typically
check out and I translate it into English this
because it’s just for me it’s it’s just
important to can understand what’s happening
everywhere arm I think we’ve actually will be forgotten me to show you this
we’ve gone into the ministry planning website once before in a previous video
its wanna go there again on this is a Republican iraq Ministry of
Planning here’s the website its on Moop dot govt dot IQ assets the Ministry of planning for Iraq and you scroll to the
bottom and this is the part that I had emphasized a
while back about how they want to rate to be one dollar and 13 cents perdonar okay and it said they’re gonna
keep that price and for three years until three
appreciated so anybody saying your gonna be like a
twenty dollar rate thats that’s incorrect okay Salam what’s going to happen to
second billowed up one India iraqi web pages that I have found ira back so this is the web page of Sony
about you see appear the Google translations from arabic to english says transl in
safe mode be – dinar recaps you don’t really have to worry about
that this lifetimes we have Javascript or you have moving images like this me as you guys
know the way the read in Arabic is the read right to left mister left-right sorry
things transient upset that’s why the scroll moves in the opposite direction that
what you’re used to so on there’s the website right there you
can see it and a good thing about this is an
automatically translates if I go here and click economy in business Google’s gonna go ahead and go to that
page as on mega gonna be transient in russia this is an Arabic web page so so you guys are used to this
is very simple the they automatically will translate a
web page for you mushy the original web page to see as can see this is what the webpage looks like an
English and I said Arabic is red com from right to left kindly Japanese kinda like Hebrew lot of countries the
that’s just the way there written so then you’re gonna click
translation on and its gonna go back into English some
magic folks have never seen this done before on it’s just I just encourage you if you
find a web page that’s like this at another language you
should translate into scan to see what they’re saying don’t just you know
listen to the regular news here in the States you know do some your own research you
not to sit there all day watch CNN here are you know missing plane or care
about Russian crimea there’s other things you guys can do
with your time you can actually do your own research and I encourage you I honestly don’t
much CNN I don’t have regular television we just don’t watch
that it doesn’t it doesn’t go anywhere it’s
just mainly budget talking points dinar recaps and then you have drug addicts I mean
that’s all the commercials to but we are now a days in mean its doesn’t matter what new show you’re
watching so why don’t you just do your own research really think for yourself be wrong
person do you don’t have to rely on other people to bring in the news %um have to rely on me to bring you news
a gas can do your own research ice gonna go on my way because I think it’s important for not on my own
understanding but for other people to know what’s going on with the whole
global currency be set situation because it does affect
everyone’s eyes so dis once again there’s there’s one
other web pages that is normally in Arabic and iraqi site at: all translate into English Korea just
you just go to Google Translate type in the web page and tell translated
okay continuing back to dinar recaps on to
get the news feed I think that’s where we’re at right now.
yet where iraqi news recaps so this hasn’t been updated in a
little bit on marketers the news feeds that I think
we just we just meet at one-year anniversary that strikes me
said that the website was in June 2011 awesome picture actually pretty sight
these pictures on my website um gonna dinar recaps think you’re at
put a full review with their picture I’ll some ads are running on their site
we ought to have as he got a gotta make make mine to keep our website
up they have a contact us page here so this is great maybe guys like we talk
about earl if you have questions to ask him I’m sure they wouldn’t mind I responding to you pass by El snail mail address in case
you gonna go the old fashion route on day a disclaimer missus this is
really good to have one of those on your site on have an About Us page which is really
cool I saw this and I thought this was great as it said they’ve they’ve their investors
just like us so anybody’s got an are you know this is
a good site because they will tell you that their investors
their their really really want to get all the
information on we saw the Contact Us page and I i think that it I think that’s it for
the whole site see it this is a good site guys are recommended it actually given me some ideas to do if
I can’t do a feed to do something where we can get more of the up more the iraqi news so mean you’re
looking at the site right now it’s Thursday March 27 2014 I might be putting a link somewhere up here for news now of in Iraq I might do it appear that some like Lindsey Williams
information iraq dinar news I’m I just two a.m. a trove but net is translated from
Arabic if you guys have any recommendations
from my site please let me know this is an new website its only about three months
old and I’m really lookin 42 comments seen if there’s anything I can do to
maybe add some information I had a woman recently on Facebook she told me she
would like me to do some sure like mad at some information about
com what could be the new world reserve
currency so you guys probably our team know that I
like to promote that big reset book so I actually have a link
on my home page for the big reset book when you click that link right up there it’ll bring you to this webpage and I’m
sure you’ve seen this book before on the link to the book is global
currency research dotnet for slash the big reset and then
you can actually purchase this book off Amazon however lets you don’t want to purchase
it you just wanna look at it well I actually if you click this button
appear it’s gonna open up on and you gonna have the ability to actually look at the book
before you buy it I have one other chapters in the book here there’s a table
contents NEC the most important chapter that you
pry don’t wanna be right away is this chapter the big reset so I actually have that chapter right here in the book see see you guys go to my website you
can go ahead and download this book right now and hopefully there’ll be
something you guys will have a chance to look at okay well I
guess it it for now you know I just realized your a review
this site that I thought is really interesting and I
was happy to see that the actual post my article so you guys run dinar recaps thanks a lot
from a from Nick and gold ring to reset thanks for postin my
article on your and folks there’s anything I can do let
me know by dinar recaps

5 thoughts on “Dinar Recaps Blog | Iraqi Dinar News

  1. The total money supply of the world (converted in US$) is less than 100 Trillion and there is so much inflation in the world. If there is a RV, Iraq alone will have more than US$ 100 Trillion (if you include other countries, God only knows how much money will be on this planet). This would mean the world will go into instant hyperinflation (inflation is basically increase in money supply). This is the reason why RV is most likely a scam and will never happen. It is Economics 101: the more currency there is, the more inflation there will be. Zimbabwe is a classic example. At one time you could get 3 eggs from 100 Billion Zimbabwean Dollars.

  2. You seemed somewhat authentic until you said you really enjoy listening to Dave Schmidt. Bad choice to get your information from. 2 years ago the guest on his show said the dinar was coming out at 1 dinar to $1, on Dave's last show the same idiot said it was now going to be $32 to 1 dinar for certain organizations. They have to keep upping the ante to suck more people in. If anyone has the remotest understanding of currencies they would know that a $32 to 1 dinar is so unobtainable and feebleminded. I hope the authorities go after these people for their lying. Taking advantage of disperate individuals because of the current economy equates to a moral vacuum of the people involved.  

  3. Unfortunately, this SCAM caught many Americans off guard.  I was surprised how much investment went into this complete fraud architect to transfer peoples wealth into this black hole of ZERO return.

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