Discovering Richmond, Virginia: Travel Journal

Discovering Richmond, Virginia: Travel Journal

Hey there! Our family is moving to Richmond, Virginia from Austin, Texas, and we were so excited to get a chance to go explore the town last month. We discovered a lot of amazing things to see and do and eat! And we are excited to share some of those with you today. Enjoy!

26 thoughts on “Discovering Richmond, Virginia: Travel Journal

  1. Love this! Also the camera need in me really wants to know what type of stabilizer you used, or if you just stabilized these clips in post production? Cause they are smooth!❤️ I'm excited for more sweet family videos from you!

  2. Such a pretty new place to live! And lots of yummy food. Can't wait to see what it looks like in the fall

  3. Love Richmond VA it's like getting a taste of the northeast without the Northeast cost of living it's an awesome city lots do very diverse and centrally located near everything.

  4. Welcome to RVA! Great compilation of a wonderful city! New subbie here after I found your helpful “How to paint walls with a spray gun” video…. then discovered you’re right here in RVA! 🤗👍🏽

  5. White supremacist city full of snobby white racist people with money, , bed wenches, and slave mentality black people. Most of the people in this racist city full of confederate statues that are well off are white. Why? Because of old money(inheritance) and white privilege.

  6. So nice! With work I moved away in '07. Thank you for sharing these sights and memories. BTW, I hope you've enjoyed Richmond.

  7. I"m considering moving to Richmond from DC area… I hope there is still a lot to do in Richmond… is it boring there ??

  8. Been doing lots of research on Richmond; appears it might be a great place to retire.. currently live in Maryland. Great video.

  9. Really enjoyed your family video, but was wondering if the "excitement" of moving to Richmond has worn off. Some people there tend to be rude & snobby, the roads are strewn with potholes, the crime rate is high, etc..
    Richmond seems to be a "tired & old" city that was once filled with southern charm years ago. Why do you think so many Virginians flee to the Outer Banks for getaways? Thank goodness for North & South know – where all Virginians go for GOOD bbq & GOOD beaches…

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