DIY Cestas de papel periódico. Newspaper baskets.

DIY Cestas de papel periódico. Newspaper baskets.

Hello everybody ,how are you ? Welcome to Gustamontón ! My name is Sonia, and in todays video I bring you another project of creative recycling I´m going to teach you how to make this Basket made of newspaper. It´s super easy to make because its not woven It´s made with a sheet of paper cord ,easy to paint At the top area I wanted to give it a nice design making this two handles Because the idea was not to see where the threads end It´s a experiment I’ve made to use it as a paper bin But you can also use it to put towels in the bathroom Store toys, or as a magazine rack .As you see, it´s a nice decoration This basket it´s very resistant ,very hard and it doesn’t fold So if you want to see how is made Don´t miss next the step by step Very well , let´s start To make the basket we can use from small containers Till a paper bin And since this is a experiment and I didn´t know the result I´ve used this paper bin that is too stiff But in this case i recommend to use the most flexible container as possible Forward in the video you will see why Also when the container is as this big It´s good to put a cardboard at the bottom In this case is going to help me fill the bottom, because it´s a bit inside And then cover one side of the circle with scotch tape The scotch tape serves to create a non-sticky coat This way we can easily detach the base from the basket You can also use baking paper. Or to help take off the basket,cover the base with a thin plastic bag Or with a clin film that you use in the kitchen After you cover all the container with the plastic, you can put the cardboard circle at the bottom And you are going to add just 4 pieces of scotch to hold it together After, to make it more nonsticky we can add a thin layer of white glue And idealy is to leave to dry the glue But since I couldn’t wait to dry the glue , it occur to me to put a small layer of flour This flour experiment I´ve just wanted to try it out . But it is not necessary to do it .You can easily let it dry . This technique of paper cords it´s very easy to make Depending on the size of the container you can cut the paper either more thick or more slim In this case since is a big basket we cut the paper in two parts But if the basket is smaller ,you can cut the paper in three parts Once you have the strips of paper ready ,we make a diagonal cut After you apply a small quantity of glue at the edge ,you stick it to the next side of the paper This way you can stick three to four strips together After you wrinkle the long strip including the beginning Don´t wrinkle the end, return to the beginning and begin twisting the paper to form the cord A simple trick to make it much easier, is to hold the beginning in someplace with tweezers This way you can twist the paper easier and faster Once you’ve make 1-1.5 meters of cord you can start working But first ,mark the center at the base of the container First start roll up the extreme of the cord till you make a small spiral Then stick it with hot glue at the center of the base To work faster in this case is to use the hot glue gun Another way to do it is to stick the center with the hot glue and the rest of the cord with white glue I preferred make all the process with the hot glue gun to go faster By attaching the cord to the base, it´s important to apply the glue at the base as much as the cord This way you make sure that the base keeps flat Have ready 3-4 longs cords joined together ,so you don´t run out of paper And to work comfortably, a good trick is to have the strings enrolled and fasten them with a clip Unlike the base, when we stick the cord upwards We apply glue only on the cord without gluing to the container, because it he’s holding on it´s own When you have the desired height, to make the handles you just need to enroll the cord till the end And you are going to stick it to a cylindrical container, it could easily be a glass So apply a little glue on the container so it holds on the beginning of the cord Start folding the cord without sticking it And then stick the cord on top of the previous cord, completing three turns With a pen you are going to mark next to where you are going to stick the handle And then you stick the cord till that point Stick a paper strip in the center where you are going to stick the handle, and stick it to the other side so you know where to make the other handle Apart from that make another handle just like the one you´ve made before And stick it to the other side So you don´t see where the cord finishes, you are going to stick the cord till the next handle Before you finish sticking the cord ,estimate where you are going to cut. Make the cut in diagonal so you can hide it better Now you can glue the handle in it´s place Remove all the hot glue threds that it might be left over, and apply a coat of white glue When the glue is dry we can take out the container from inside So it doesn´t happen like me, that I had to destroy the other paper bin Because it was impossible it take it out without bend it Here the problem was that it was too tall If it was much lower , I didn’t had to destroy the paper bin, it would’ve came out easily But as I said before , this was an experiment As you see the result of the basket is perfect, and now we have to make it a little more harder So we are going to apply a coat of white glue all over the basket and we leave it to dry Once is dry we can paint it and we can make it more harder by mixing the acrylic pain or wall paint like I use ,with white glue . We mix well all together and if is too thick the composition we add a little water Paint the whole basket and let it dry You can make a nice decoration with this decorated napking This type of napkin you can find it in the DIY shops, home decoration shops Supermarkets, or in party supplies shops I´ve painted the basket with light tones for two reasons 1. So the colors that the colors of the napkin remain intact 2. And so it´s the same as this light blue color that I’m applying now To stick the napkin, first we apply a thin layer of white glue Place the napkin, then apply again another layer of white glue And with a brush make short strokes so the napkin gets to stick well on the basket To highlight the texture of the cord , you can apply with a dry brush a color to contrast For the last , after the basket is fully dry , apply one or two coats of acrylic varnish You can also use as a varnish , glue for decoupage As usual , I hope that you enjoyed today´s tutorial I hope it´s very useful and that you put into practice Remember to leave me your comment with your opinion about this technique If you LIKED this video, give it a thumbs up Share the video with your friends, and if you´re still not done it, SUBSCRIBE to the channel It´s totally free, and this way you´ll receive all the notifications for the new videos I wish you a wonderful day , and we see on the next tutorial Bye bye !

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