Hey guys! So you’ve seen the title, I know this isn’t the most H I G H B R O W of content. Maybe I should do more of a British accent, so it seems more sophisticated. Hello guys! *intense accent* Welcome to my… slime video! I’ve got a confession to make! Ever since I made my ASMR video, and I was making fun of slime videos, They started getting recommended to me on Instagram, AND I CAN’T STOP WATCHING THEM. I don’t know what it is. Is it the gooey-ness? Is it the hands just pressing into it in a satisfying way? I wake up every morning thinking, “what video could I make?” And, this little voice in my head goes Phil’s Mind: “Make a slime video.” “G O O N.” “Make some slime.” “YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO MAKE SLIME.” I’ve given into that urge, and I’m just gonna make a slime video. And, you’re not my real parents, so I can do what I want! So now, I’ve got that out of the way. I have gone out and found a recipe for “beginners slime?” Doesn’t seem that beginner. I mean, look at all this crap I had to buy! Could bake a really weird cake with this! Like the baking videos, I don’t have much faith in myself for this little project, So brace yourself for me setting fire to my bedroom or accidentally making acid and melting my hand off. First ingredient is an average sized cereal bowl. [because that’s totally an AVERAGE sized bowl, Phil] This one’s made out of glass. I can see you through it. (Hello Phil! i can see you too!) You’re looking pretty good. (aww, thanks! You too!) And then you should get some washable school glue. They actually melt down tiny little schools in order to make this. (The poor children…) You know the type you used in primary school and you’d get it on your fingers and spend the entire lesson just peeling it off? (MMMM YES) I always had a dream of when I became an adult, just buying some of this and just covering my whole body in it and slowly peeling it off. (Video idea?) Is that weird? (nahh) I might do that later after I film this video. (…. Phil why) So get your glue, and then you will need to… I’ve not remembered this recipe at all. Put one cup worth Inta ya *AVERAGE SIZED* bowl. I’m actually using cups sent to me by my friend Rosanna Pansino. (CLANG) uhh So thanks for sending these Ro. This is not a spon, I just like you. *shrug* (i ship it) They also make a fancy musical instrument if you hate your neighbors and want to ruin their day. *cough* dan is his neighbor technically I feel like if this is sentient in any way like Toy Story it’s gonna be super sad that I’m filling it with glue instead of baking supplies. Sorry Mr. Cup. (he doesn’t forgive you) Oh this is half a cup, oh my god I need loads more glue. Right. I’m gonna transfer it into… Go! Oof! Blep. Blep. Just a little bit more, I feel like this is what i would look like if I melted cause I’m so pale. There we go lass. And then blep that all into the bowl. Stickay! *Blep Blep* It smells like school. It’s giving flashbacks to me not coloring in the lines and getting shouted at. Oh I’ve got glue on my jeans. I’m gonna have weird stains now. Next on the list! Get some shaving foam. I got some sensitive shaving foam because it probably makes your skin feel nicer. Get your shaving foam and desecrate another baking cup with the foam. Ooo this is quite satisfying. Get it all out, it doesn’t matter if it overflows a bit. And then plop that on top of the glue. *plop* Go on, get in there. Next is one tablespoon of corn starch. In you go. And half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. Fizzy. This was already a mistake! This is when you’d normally add your color, but I thought I’d go the extra mile. (oh no) And I bought some glow in the dark powder from eBay! (oh yes) Kind of looks like drugs. Mix your cocaine into the slime! No I promise it’s not drugs. That would be *phone rings* Shut up! I’m trying to talk about my drugs! I mean my slime! Uh, yeah. Hopefully, this will make my slam- slam? Slam? Gone a bit Australian then. *In australian accent* Slime? Hopefully this will make my slime glow in the dark. I don’t know how much to add, is the only thing. It came with this hilarious little guide as well. This is who I aspire to be in life. Slime me up, Philly. I’m just gonna bung it all in and see what happens. Uuuugh, just inhaled some. (Phil has inhaled the drugs!) Hopefully my lungs aren’t glowing now. And I’ve got some zesty lemon body lotion, just so the slime smells nice as well. Zesty! I don’t know if adding food coloring is gonna stop it from glowing in the dark but I’m gonna add some blue food coloring anyway. Make sure to fold it more than just stirring it vigorously to keep the fluffiness. I’m gonna add a bit more color. There you go. This is so satisfying. This is the weirdest part to me, like what is this even about? You start stirring it, and as you are stirring it if it’s too sticky you add some contact lens solution which has to contain.. Boreas… Boric Acid! If you put it in your eyes I’m guessing it’ll be fine on your fingers, but maybe wear gloves just in case. My baby is being born. It’s starting to get a bit more slimey! I think I’m actually doing this right. It turns out when you don’t actually have to eat the thing you’re making, I’m quite good at it. I’m gonna add a bit more contact lens solution though because it’s super sticky. Now would be a good time to add anything else you wanna add to it, I’m gonna put some glitter. So I got blue, silver, red, gold, green, and white. I think these alien creatures were put into a blender to make this glitter. Thanks for your sacrifice Sparkles. Ahhh I got glitter in my mouth. Am I going to have glittery poop now? I’m just gonna pour all of the glitter in there, what the hell. Was that overkill? I don’t know. Probably. Gonna put a bit of white in there as well just to jazz it up. Yes. Just put it all in there. It looks like a unicorn sneezed directly into the bowl. Or did some other kind of bodily function. Alright, mix that all in. This part is incredibly satisfying, just watching it all mix in. Yes. I think that’s what the end of the universe looks like. Hi god. *as god* Hello Phil. Have you been a good lad? *as phil* Um. I’m going insane. It says at this point it’s best to just *get in there* with your hands, so I’m just gonna do it. Here we go. Oh. Yes! Look at that! Oh it’s like I’ve squished a giant bug between my fingers. Ohohohohoh! Eee! Right I’m gonna add some more contact lens solution cause it’s really really sticky. *bird noise* I think it could use some silver glitter as well so. There we go. I think the slime is mating with me and creating a new species. I added more contact lens solution and it’s definitely getting less sticky, I think we’re getting there. And my slime is complete! Guys I actually did it! Look at that! Look how beautiful it is, I can’t believe I succeeded in something. You can get some good fart noises out of it as well. But the question everyone is wondering is: Does it glow in the dark? Okay I’m gonna stretch it really thin and then put it against my light which is hopefully not gonna break it. Okay lights are off. Here we go. Oh my god! *Gasp* Look at that! That looks SO cool oh my god. This was worth it. Guys. I’m having a heart attack. I could just make a 27 minute video just playing with this. I wanna see how thin I can stretch it. OH! Oh, it’s on my bed it’s on my bed. I think I need to do a close-up video of me playing with it now, like one I would watch on Instagram. Here we go lads, I’m ready for my 500 million instagram views. *plop* So I guess I should squidge it, do people like that? Let’s do some squidging… What if I punch it? Is that too violent? Maybe I should have some nice music in the background rather than my voice. *soft music plays* Maybe some poking. That feels good. I could actually just change my entire channel to be a slime channel, just do this everyday. See I’m learning, there we go. Satisfying. *softness is gone* p l o p So there we go, my wish has been fulfilled. Thank you for coming on this journey with me, I’m glad it worked. Um, I would not recommend doing it on your bed because I’m going to have to wash my bed sheets now. *singing* This was a huge mistake, a huge mistake, this was a really huge mistake Look at all this mess. So give me a slimy thumbs up if you enjoyed this video. That was a lot grosser than I thought it was gonna be. You can subscribe by clicking my little 2008 startled face in the corner. My last video is over there as well. Hope you’re good, don’t make slime on your bed. Goooodbye!! Raaaaa!!!


  1. Omg in primary school our third grade teacher made us peel the glue of our hands instead of washing it and I think I slowly gained an addiction

  2. The glitter reminded me of this thing. In grade school, they once gave me something they called reindeer bait. It was raw oats and glitter. Now, when I was a child, I loved to eat raw oats. No clue why, I just did. Short story shorter, I ate glitter and raw oats for about a week and loved every minute of it until I was told glittet was toxic.

  3. 1:15 i'm sorry but i literally read a fan fic about that once but the only difference was that dan was peeling it off you lmao 😂😂💀

  4. Phil And Slime are the best and btw it’s irrelevant but just finished watching endgame And it’s so freaking sad 😐😐😐😐

  5. yknow, watching this now, the glow in the dark blue slime reminds me of the scene in shrek 2 when they steal that potion??? more specifically it reminds me of the snot on the mushroom after shrek sniffs the potion and sneezes.

  6. 1:17 when Phil was talking about his sTrAnGe DrEaM I thought it was a literal dream he had and I was just thinking wTf pHiL WhAt ArE YoU tAlkInG ABoUt why are you dreaming that

  7. I love how he referred to us at the beginning like. “You’re not my real parents.”
    Because you know he’s been online and just seen “AWWWEEE LOOK AT MY SON HES SUCH A SWEET INNOCENT CINNAMON ROLL-“

  8. phil Dosent know how much to put in
    Phil:”Eh let’s just dump it all in and see what happens” 😂

  9. Is no one gonna talk about how he put the slime on the hamster? Rat? Guinea pig? Statue thing 😂

  10. When I maid slime with a kit it was way too sticky, no lens solution came with it, and the glitter didn’t mix in and just got everywhere xd

  11. I've been making slime since I was 5.
    …..watching this hurt my soul…but its Phil so I'll watch anyway

  12. Phil : DAN!
    Dan : goes into Phils room Yeah…
    Phil : Can you get me the rubber Guinea Pig?
    Dan : looks at Phil
    Phil : looks at Dan

    I can imagine this conversation happening

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