DIY – How to make newspaper Christmas Star

DIY – How to make newspaper Christmas Star

One more lovely Christmas star for you today. This is very pretty and easy to make Namaste friends, welcome back to Snageeta´s Kreations Create newspaper tubes into beautiful star they will look lovely this new year eve. before we start dont forget to subscribe my channel and hit the bell button for notifications. So are you ready to start. for this you will need if you want to know how to make these tubes link is in the description below now for making this star take a long newspaper tube and apply glue on the tip of the tooth pick. and insert in this tube. on the other side of the tooth pick apply glue once again and insert in another tube like this now you have a big tube with you bend the tube here round about 1inch now measure it 20cm fold it into 4 folds like this adjust it to make star like this attach cloth pin adjust it apply glue and attach cloth pin to secure like this all over cut the extra tube apply glue paste it and attach cloth pin over here to secure now for making these leaves you will need few thin tubes like this cut them in between here apply glue and paste it again like this now take 1 big tube and place 1 small tube below the long tube leaving a 1 inch gap like this bend the right tube towards left side and then left tube towards right this way place another tube behind and weave in the same manner right towards left and left towards right watch my newspaper tubes leaves subscribe if you haven’t and like his video in my channel you will find lots of lots of Christmas crafts keep on repeating in the same manner this way keep on adding and weave in the same manner in my previous video I showed you all how to make this leaves and you can decorate where ever you want in this video I´m going to show how we can make this leaves into beautiful star subscribe my channel if you haven´t? so you don´t miss any of my videos. and don´t forget to like this video now its almost done apply glue paste and attach cloth pin make few more now take this star with you to make this beautiful leaf of leaves star we have to arrange all these leaves all over like this we have to place it this way and need to cut them this way to form a shape of the leaf cut them on both the side this way repeat repeat in the same way now its time to paste so place both the leaves like this all over apply glue you can use hot glue if you like and place it like this and attach cloth pin repeat all over now on the backside repeat in the same way apply glue and paste it one by one cut the extra tube apply glue paste and attach cloth pin apply coat of glue all over and color as you like and apply glitter all over ya, your beautiful star is ready you can hang it on the top of Christmas tree or place anywhere you like hope this video was very helpful if yes give thumbs up and share with friends and family follow me on Instagram, Facebook, twitter thank you for watching, supporting and growing this channel see you soon, till than Namaste !!!!

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