diy- how to make newspaper mini Christmas tree

diy-  how to make newspaper mini Christmas tree

What a beautiful tree isn’t do you know
it’s made with newspaper so create a recycle Christmas tree from newspaper
how much difference welcome back to sangeeta’s Kreations do you want to learn
to make one well it’s very easy and simple to make I would love to show you
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ready let’s start for this you will be needing if you want to know how to make
tubes do watch my video link is in the description below we will be needing few
stars like this to make the star we need to take two tubes take toothpick apply
glue at the tip and insert into and you like this and then add the another tip
to apply glue and insert into another tube now you have a long tube now just bend it here little measure a
10 centimeter and bend the tube like this this way bend it at the end – now
we have to adjust this way to make star now yeah cut this extra apply glue paste
it and attach cloth then make few four with different sizes – of each sizes for
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feed you to paint them with green acrylic color and apply glitter if you
like I made two of each sizes so now you have to adjust paste them with hot glue this way yeah thus pasted and you have to it just
now with the rest of the stars repeat the same way and you have them with
different sizes now we start making mini Christmas tree take two pairs of stars
adjust and paste them with hot glue for decoration I use red beads and
pasted them with hot glue you can use any beads with different colors don’t
forget to subscribe if you haven’t and like this video too now at the end I had these stars with me and I decided to use this one yeah it’s
ready so dear friends don’t you think this Christmas tree is very beautiful
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