DIY Leather Recipe Journal | How To Cook That Collab | Sea Lemon

DIY Leather Recipe Journal | How To Cook That Collab | Sea Lemon

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make
this recipe journal. For this tutorial, I was inspired by this
awesome channel called How to Cook That. She makes amazing videos on recipes and desserts,
so do go check out her channel and subscribe. You can also find the links in the description
below. I wanted to make this more of a dessert recipe
journal. Something that you can jot down recipes as
they are developed. The long stitch binding is good for that because
it lays flat. And for the cover, I used this dark chocolate colored leather, and sewed
on some sprinkles. Here are the supplies I used to make this
journal. I wanted to try some tan paper, so I’m using
this 9 by 12 inch paper, but you can use something different if you prefer. So I’m taking out 24 pieces. To add a deckled
edge, tear off an inch from each side. This is optional, but I liked the way it looked
for this book. Now fold all 24 pieces in half. Running the
bone folder across to flatten the edge. Then make signatures by stacking sheets together
in groups of four. So now I have six signatures. Now mark the holes for binding. Take one signature and mark a half inch from
both ends. Then from there, another half inch. And two inches from those. Then place that signature on top of the rest
and stack them together Using a straight edge, mark the rest of the
signatures like this to make the same measurements. Now pierce those marks with an awl. And keep them in the same order you marked
them. Now onto the cover. I’m using this 24 by 12 inch piece of leather. I will say I had a hard time finding affordable
leather in my area. So I went online and I found a shop which sells leather scraps in
the perfect size I needed. And I will include that link below if you
have a hard time finding affordable leather as well. And you don’t have to use leather.
You can also use faux leather which is vinyl and it’s much more affordable. Before making the cover, if you want to iron
out creases on it, check out this video on how to do it, or see the link in the description
below. To make the cover, I stack all the signatures
on it and estimate the size. I want the cover to hang over a little so
I’m marking the final height with 1/8th inch past the top and bottom. And then about half inch from the width because
this might shift after binding and I want to leave enough from for that. Then I cut out the cover piece. And cut off about a 3/8 inch wide strip for
the tie. Now to mark the binding holes, I use a signature
as a template. Making the rows about 1/8th inch apart. And
pierce the holes with an awl. Now we can finally bind. I’m using this
embroidery thread, which I later waxed and a large sewing needle. To estimate the length, string it along the
spine by the number of signatures. I’m going to double thread, so mine will
be double that and tie a knot on the end. If you are unfamiliar with long stitch binding,
I highly recommend watching this tutorial. This video gives an in-depth focus on just
the binding method itself so you can easily understand how to long stitch bind like this. After binding all the pages, I can trim that
extra leather I left on the cover to about 1/8th inch past the pages. For the tie, I’m going to measure out three
half inch points, centered on the back cover. And cut slits wide enough for the tie to fit
through. Then cut a slit about a half inch from the
end of the tie. Pull that end through the last slit on the
cover and pull the other end through the middle opening and the one on the tie. Then through the remaining slit, like this. Now for the sprinkles, I used different colors
of craft thread and sewed each one onto the cover. To close the book, I wrap the tie around like
this, and tie a simple bow. If you enjoyed this tutorial feel free to
hit like and leave your comments below. If you end up making a journal like this, I’d
love to see photos of it. So see the description below for links where you can post them. For more tutorials, be sure to subscribe and
check out my channel. Don’t forget to check out How to Cook That and if you are up for
making another book which also lays flat, check out this tutorial on the right. You
can find these links and more in the description below.

100 thoughts on “DIY Leather Recipe Journal | How To Cook That Collab | Sea Lemon

  1. Does anyone know where I can buy colorful leather? I can't  find any! I want different tones instead of earth tones for the leather.  Great video!

  2. Thank you for this awesome tutorial!
    I just have a few questions.
    In the video you're putting the holes in the leather with quite a distans from eachother. If I'd want to have more pages in the book I'm going to make, is their any problem putting the holes closer together to make room for more pages? Or is it much harder to sew in the pages if I do that? Thank you again!

  3. I had already subscribed to how to cook that and she mentioned I in a video and I saw the recipe book and thought that it was adorable! So I went to ur channel and it's amazing! U r so creative! I wish I could hav a part of ur creativity! I'm a true fan and subscriber!

  4. Hi

    Why do the signatures have to be kept in the same order that you marked them in? You may have covered this in a video but I haven't come across it yet.


  5. This is so cute!!!! how to cook that mentioned you in a video and it looked amazing! thanks for showing us how to make it!

  6. I just have to say that you resemble Jeniffer Aniston 🙂
    Is there a way to bind the journal without stitching through the leather?

  7. I'm kinda curious if it's possible to recycle old paper into new sheets of paper, in the sense to have it smooth enough to write on and not be lumpy or bumpy. Would you SeaLemon or other creative people, have any idea or thoughts how to start? I'm very interested.

  8. The cover on the journal looks a little floppy. Do you know of any way to make it a bit sturdier (somewhere closer to the stability of a softcover book)? Would it work to glue the leather to thicker cardstock, and if so, do you have a recommended glue for leather to paper? 

    Your videos are really great, by far the most helpful I've found! Thanks for posting! 

  9. Simply adorable…… Well organized, clear and easy to understand. Loved it ^_^. Keep up the wonderful job you are doing…

  10. I've recently gotten into making Junk Journals and I have found your tutorials on book binding so helpful. Thank you so much for sharing, I have only cracked the surface on your channel, I have a feeling I'm going to drop into a You tube hole watching all of them. 🙂 Thanks again!

  11. Very nice tutorial and book too!
    Would you recommend using a piece of leather to reinforce the spine on the inside of the book (it will still look the same from the outside) or there is no need to do so?

  12. Hello–I am thinking of using long stitch binding with my high school art students to make journals.  What else cold we use for the cover besides leather or vinyl?  Are there any papers that would work?  If not, where would one get vinyl and is there a particular kind to get?

  13. Is there a faux leather out there that takes well to long stitching? I've only had experience with faux leather that has an ugly felt backing and tears easily.

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  15. I want to make a recipe book using this method. Does anyone have any ideas on a more spill-safe / flour-safe cover material that I could try? Thanks!

  16. Very helpful and useful. I'll use this method one day after I get my own house. I'm only 16 right now but I'll use this and thank you 🙂

  17. Hola, sea lemon! me gustan mucho tus ideas, son simples y están muy bien explicadas. Aunque no hablo inglés, tu forma tranquila, sin estridencias, resulta grata y fácil. Te agradezco tus videos.

  18. i was hoping if you can help me with the journal i always wann it one but as much as i tried making it my self i couldnt.. and your video is amazing it is but me as a man i couldnt make it lol.. i was hoping if i can order it or maybe for some miracle i can buy it from you i mean you are the expert lol pliz

  19. This is a wonderful tutorial. Thank you Jennifer 🙂 I have a question. While marking the holes on the leather at 3:58 do you mark them on either sides of first set of holes made?

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    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  21. I love this tutorial! my sister just started studying the art of baking and this would make an amazing christmas present!

  22. Could this be done with fabric; I suppose something sturdy like denim would be better than lighter material right? What if I used denim or muslin as a stabilizer and then use a more fun material for the cover like plaid~ =p any advice would be sincerely appreciated! Thanks~~~

  23. Hi Sea lemon!  Thank you so much I love all the videos and this one inspired me to make another scrap book journal very easy and fun!

  24. can we use kraftex as covers instead? if yes, how do you make it not floppy? are you able to do a tutorial with kraftex?

  25. Hi! Can you get the leather, 9×12 paper, and embroidery thread at hobby lobby? Also, can I put more than four pages in each signature? Maybe…5 or 6 or 7 or even 10 pages at the max?

  26. I'm longing for this kind of journal for a very long time. 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  27. Do the hundreds and thousands rot down or do they stay nice when glued to book its a cool idea though I'm interested because it would make a nice present for someone

  28. I truly love all you tutorials, you're  so creative! Thank you for helping me with a project I'm working on!

  29. does it matter how many pages are in a signature ? is 6 pages (folded them making it 12 pages) too much? thanks 🙂

  30. A tip for finding leather is go to a thrift shop and find an old leather jacket, skirt or bag. They're pretty cheap and give you a lot of leather to work with 🙂

  31. You can also go to the Good Will and get a leather jacket, purse, or skirt for dirt cheap and use the leather from that.

  32. No need to use dead animals for a stupid recipe book. No need to kill animals for anything. This is cruel and unnecessary.

  33. Deckled edges really bring back the not-so-fond memories of working at Borders. We'd regularly try to get people trying to scam a discount by claiming that a book was "defective" because the pages were "ripped"

  34. Thank you so much. Someone finally gave me the measurements! About to make a tome, using the long stitch technique. 🙂

  35. My husband is a donut baker, so I have a soft spot for all things donut/cupcake/bakery

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