DIY Morning Routine – 25 Life HACKS to Get Ready Fast for BACK TO SCHOOL!

DIY Morning Routine – 25 Life HACKS to Get Ready Fast for BACK TO SCHOOL!

Running late in the morning is no fun! So today I’ll show you my morning routine
plus over 25 life hacks and DIYs that will help you get ready fast and start the day
right. How annoying it is when alarm wakes you up
from a super nice dream! Well luckily this song is so good and it actually
makes waking up way easier and more fun. The worst thing is to wake up to an annoying
sound like… Yup, it immediately sets the path for a bad
start of the day. And that’s the last thing we want right!? So here’s an epic hack: In the evening, before
going to sleep – set your favorite song as the alarm. You have to open the clock app, click edit,
sound and then choose the song you love. After having some sweet dreams, the next morning
you will wake up to the sound of your favorite track. This will instantly put you in a great mood,
which is essential for a positive start to a day. Because kicking the day off happy is a foundation
of a great day ahead. An awesome way to wake your body up instantly
is to stretch and make 10 jumping jacks as soon as you get out of bed. Jumping Jacks will speed up your heart rate
and improve the circulation of blood throughout your body. They are simple, quick yet very effective! Another thing I do every single morning when
I wake up is to drink a big glass of water. After 7 to 8 hours of sleep, your body is
dehydrated and you need to replenish the fluids as soon as possible. So keeping hydrated is extremely important
and not going to lie – a cute water cup like this one helps a lot! While sipping on your water try to write down
one main goal for the day. It could be anything, like eat healthy, work
out, finish up an essay for school etc. Writing your goals down increases the odds
of achieving them. That’s because throughout the day you will
be reminded that you need to work towards accomplishing the set goal! Alright it’s time to jump in the shower. Since I don’t have time to wash my hair today,
I’m tying them in a high pony. Especially in the winter, when our skin gets
extra dry a great hack is to use a shower gel which contains oil. Oils will keep your skin moisturized and soft
plus you will be able to skip the after shower body lotions and save up quite some time. Another great trick to save some precious
minutes in the morning is to store a face cleanser in the shower. Again I use an oil based face wash, which
works great for my super sensitive skin. After taking a shower I put on my favorite
dressing gown. It is so soft and cozy and on top of that
it has the cutest pair of ears on the hood! Ah obsessed! If you store your toothbrush in a pot you’ve
probably noticed that it quickly gets moldy and yucky inside. So let’s make a much cooler and more hygienic
toothbrush holder instead. Take a tennis ball and an exacto knife. Make longer slightly curved cut on one side
like that. Take a pair of googly eyes and glue them on. To make this buddy even cuter, lets add a
little blue bow. Grab your knife again and make an x shape
cut at the back. Be careful so you don’t cut yourself. It’s better to ask an adult for help if you’re
not used to using knives yet. Lastly take a suction cup and push it in. How cool! You can now attach this cutie to any surface
and it will hold your toothbrush, pens, pencils, or even keys. Toothbrush pots get all moldy because of the
water that drips from a toothbrush and collects inside. With a holder like this any excess water will
drip right into the sink and your toothbrush will dry completely and fast. So say hello to a much more hygienic toothbrush. Alright let’s wash our teeth. I’ve slightly changed my teeth brushing routine
the past couple of months. First I’m washing my teeth with a normal toothpaste
as always. After that I dip my toothbrush into activated
charcoal black powder. I’ve never whitened my teeth before because
I’m just too afraid of those toxic chemicals. Even my dentist said she wouldn’t recommend
it. This on the other hand is a 100% natural and
organic teeth whitener so I thought let’s give it a try! I know, I look like a horror movie character. But it really leaves my teeth feeling super
clean and white! OK, we’re done with the bathroom so it’s time
to get dressed! Instead of storing clothes in piles, roll them and place close to each other in several rows. This way you’ll have a much better overview
and will definitely save lots of time and nerves when getting ready. When you really don’t have time figuring out
what you’re going to wear, the best thing is to opt for jeans. For a top the easiest way is to go for a T-
shirt or a sweatshirt. I love the color of this one. But it’s kind of plain so I think it’s time
for a little DIY sweatshirt makeover! Lay your shirt on a flat surface and stick
on three pieces of masking tape. You want to get a cone shape because – you
guessed it we’re making a yummy ice cream! Cut several thin strips of masking tape and
stick them on diagonally like this. Now dip a paintbrush in some yellow fabric
paint and we can start coloring our ice cream cone. In order to get very crisp and neat lines,
I would recommend you to always paint away from the masking tape. Otherwise paint can leak under the tape and
the lines won’t be as perfect. Once all the lines are colored it’s time to
remove the thin tape strips. Look at these beautiful diagonal lines! To achieve that cone waffle look we need to
make another set of thin parallel stripes in opposite direction. Stick on the tape and do some more coloring. I find DIYing things like this so therapeutic
and calming! Alright let’s remove all the masking tape
pieces and see what we’ve got! Looking pretty good so far. We got that cool cone texture effect, which
was exactly what we wanted! Time to remove the three boarder masking tape
pieces as well. It honestly looks even better than I expected! Wow! Ok, I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with fluffy pom poms! I’m wearing them on my backpacks, jeans, bags
and now I want them on my shirt as well. Apply some fabric glue above the cone shape
and stick on your first pom pom. Yup each pom pom will represent one scoop
of ice cream and I want three scoops. I got these pom poms for less than a dollar
each but you can even make your own from yarn. How out of this world cute is this pom pom
ice cream sweatshirt, right?! I cannot explain how happy I am with it. A complete makeover from plain to absolutely
fabulous! I love buying simple affordable clothes and
revamping them into unique and cute pieces that I’ll love to wear for years to come! I’m obsessed with the cool fluffy texture
from pom poms and all in all I think I got myself a new favorite sweatshirt! Alright, it’s makeup time! Know that feeling?! You’re running late for school but you just
can’t find anything in your messy room! If you have quite an extensive makeup collection,
you need to get yourself a small makeup bag, to store only the makeup products that you
need on a daily basis! And guess what?! I’ll show you howto make a gorgeous lip makeup bag from scratch! Grab some fabric of your choice and cut out
two identical lip shapes. One of them should be cut in half across. Set the bigger lips piece aside and take a
zipper. Apply a stripe of fabric glue along the top
and bottom sides of the zipper. You can also use some thread a needle if you
don’t have the fabric glue. Stick the bottom and the top lips to the zipper
like that. Now you want to open up that zipper – that’s
really important. Next place the bigger fabric lips on top,
with a front facing down. We are going to sew all along this line to
attach the front to the back side of our makeup bag. If you want you can totally use the fabric
glue but I wanted to do some sewing for a change. When you’re done sewing all around your makeup
bag, make a knot and snip off the excess thread. Luckily we’ve opened the zipper beforehand,
so now you can flip the pouch inside out through that opening. Voila! Here’s our super cute lips makeup pouch all done. Inside you can store the makeup necessity
which you need every morning. That way you will avoid digging throughout
your entire makeup collection, when you really don’t have time for that. You can also use this one as a pencil case
or have it in your school bag or purse to store lipstick, concealer or other bits and
bobs needed to touch up your makeup. Before putting on my makeup I like to exfoliate
my lips. Put some vaseline on your toothbrush. I know it sounds weird and no we’re not going
to brush our teeth again. Instead rub the toothbrush all over your lips
in gentle circular motion. The bristles will exfoliate the lips and remove
dead skin cells, while vaseline will moisturize them. Result are plumpy, voluminous and softest
lips ever! When running late opt for a cushion foundation! They are compact, easy to use, and quick to
apply. I have two great cushion foundation hacks
to share. When you already think that there’s no product
left in the pot, grab some tweezers and flip the sponge upside down. You’ll see there’s still a lot of foundation
in there! You just got yourself quite a few extra uses! Another trick: if there’s absolutely no foundation
left, add a few pumps of any other foundation that comes in a regular packaging. That way you can use your favorite foundation
in a cushion form, which is the quickest and easiest to apply! The best way to apply your makeup as quickly
as possible is to double the purpose of products. This face palette will work for my eyes
too! I like to apply the highlighter all over the
lid using a fluffy brush or my fingers. This will brighten up the eyes, making you
look healthy and awake. Bronzer is perfect for creating some depth
in the crease. A few swipes back and forth and our eyes have
a lot more defined and romantic look! Use the same palette to highlight the tops
of your cheekbones. It will make your skin super glowy and pretty. I have a double sided brush so I can simply
flip it around, pick up some bronzer and dust it across my forehead and sides of the face
to warm up my complexion. I am totally not a makup expert so I don’t
take these things too seriously. I just swipe the products here and there hoping
for an ok result. To save up some time, try using your mascara
as eyeliner. It works just as great and saves you a minute
or two. To be on the safer side opt for the waterproof
formula because we want to stay far away from smudgy eyeliner, right! Cat eyes are done, time to give some love
to the lashes using the exact same product. How convenient! You guys know me – I always opt for super
natural subtle makeup that slightly enhances my natural features. But I 100% don’t do this every single day. Even if I do wear makeup, usually that’s just
a bit of foundation and maybe some tinted lip balm. Ok speaking of lips – when running late
I always chose a peachy pink moisturizing lipstick. Pop some of it on your cheeks and blend out
with your fingers. It works exactly like a cream blush and will
give you that beautiful rosy flush. Now swipe it across your lips too. Such lipsticks are easy to apply and you don’t
need to be careful at all. Hurray my makeup is done and I’m very pleased
with how it looks. Now it’s time to talk about this crazy hair! Washing your hair every morning is a) not
advisable and b) who has time for that. That’s why it’s always a great idea to have
a cute headband for the rescue! Let’s make one from scratch! Take a piece of fabric that is long enough
to fit around your head plus a bit extra for the knot. Grab your fabric glue. As you can see I am doing a slight diagonal
shape on the sides. Make sure to skip a few inches of fabric in
the middle and do not apply any glue there. You’ll see why in a second. Fold the bottom half of fabric up and wait
for the glue to dry completely. On the part where we haven’t applied any glue,
we’re left with a small opening. That’s perfect because we need it in order
to flip our headband inside out. Lastly let’s seal that opening with a stripe
of fabric glue and our headband is ready, looking stunning! This is a great way to recycle old shirts,
or other clothes. Headbands are super useful and nonetheless
very cute! I like to make a double knot slightly tilted
to the side of my head. It looks adorable, keeps the hair off your
face and you can say good bye to bad hair days for good! I know I know – when you’re in a hurry, the
last thing you want to do is to paint your nails. But if you have extra 10 minutes to spend,
here’s how you can make your nails look amazing with this simple hack. Paint your nails in any color of your choice
– this time I went for white. To get a completely opaque payoff I had to
apply two coats of polish. There we go – these nails look quite nice already, but we want something a bit more special… And since we don’t have much time
a great solution is to use a confetti top coat! And you know what? There’s no problem if you don’t have any confetti
nail polish, because I’ll show you how to make one yourself! Take a top coat or a simple transparent nail
polish. Open it up, set the lid with a brush aside
and place a little funnel in the opening. Time for a fun part – we got to decide what
kind of confetti we want to use. I got these confetti pots on-line for super
cheap. They are all so pretty, but I think I’m going
with this one! You can even use glitter and make a glittery
top coat. All we got to do is pour the confetti inside
our nail polish and the funnel is making this job way easier. Check out how cool it looks when confetti
is falling to the bottom of the polish bottle. Wow like a magical colorful waterfall so pretty! Remove the funnel, pop the lid back on and
we’ve just created an epic confetti nail polish ourselves! How insane! I got carried away DIYing and had to make
another version with slightly different colors. They’re both gorgeous. Alright, apply the polish as per usual and
you got the most stunning confetti nails ever. No dotting tools needed and no mess whatsoever! Creating stunning colorful manicures has never
been easier right?! To seal all the dots in place really securely,
feel free to apply another layer of top coat. This will protect the manicure and give your
nails some extra shine. Our DIY confetti polishes are so much fun
and instantly transform a plain manicure into a colorful explosion, love them. The worst part of painting my nails is waiting
for the polish to dry. But hey we don’t have time for that! Take a blow drier! No, not for the hair. It will speed up the drying process and your
nails will be all ready in less than a minute! One thing I never skip in the morning is breakfast
– let’s head to the kitchen! I like to carry a water bottle with me to
stay hydrated. But let’s be real here – I get tired of
drinking plain water all day. I much prefer fruit infused water! But no one has to make it in the morning,
right?! Well… wrong! You can make instant fruit infused water with
this simple trick. It just requires a little bit of preparation
the day before. Cut your favorite fruit into small chunks. I’m using mangoes, kiwi, grapefruit and blueberries. Now you want to take a stick shaped ice mold. These are specifically designed for water
bottles. Fill the mold with lots of fruit pieces! When the entire ice tray is filled with fruit
it’s time to take a lemon. Cut it in half and squeeze out all the juice
that you can. I like to use one of this plastic gadget because
it makes the job way easier. Like that – I squeezed absolutely everything
out of that poor lemon. Fill each ice slot with lemon juice. You can even skip the fruit pieces and make
lemon juice ice sticks only. When you throw them in your water you’ll get
an instant lemonade! Alright it’s time to freeze the ice sticks
overnight and in the morning they are all ready. Simply take a stick and throw it in your water
bottle. Depending on how much flavor you want you
can pop in one or more fruity sticks. This is such a great hack! Make your fruity ice cubes during the weekend
and you’ll have instant fruit infused lemonade for the entire week. Okay staying hydrated check. But what about our tummy?! I’m hungry and there’s no time to cook or
prepare anything. Let’s see if we can find something. No no, we decided to eat healthy, remember? So here are a couple of easy and healthy grab
and go breakfast ideas that you can make the day before. Put half a cup to a cup of oats into a jar. Grab milk of your choice and pour some into
the jar as well. You want to add just enough to cover the oats
completely. Here I am using the usual diary milk although
I normally go for almond version in my oatmeal. I love fruit so lets top it with our favorite
picks. I went for a large handful of blueberries. These are so delicious. In the jar they go! I also want some mango so let’s quickly cut
it in little chunks. That’s a lot of mango but I’m not complaining. Throw it into the jar, put the lid on and
pop your fruity oatmeal into the fridge overnight. In the morning you can simply grab this delicious
treat and run out the door. It is so good, filling and nutritious. Another breakfast idea are raspberry popsicles. Pour a cup of frozen raspberries into a blender. You can also use fresh ones. It works just as great. Add a banana. Remember that the more ripe your banana is
the sweeter it tastes. Take a spoonful of natural greek yogurt and
pop it in the blender as well. Greek version is a lot more nutritious than
the usual one. It’s also higher in protein and has a creamier
texture. Turn the blender on and wait until all the
ingredients are well combined. This looks so yummy! Honestly, you can just drink it as a smoothie. Okay we have a very fluffy smooth texture
so let’s switch the blender off. Prepare your popsicle molds and pour in the
delightful raspberry mixture. You could even switch raspberries for blueberries,
strawberries, mango, essentially any fruit that you love. Place your popsicles in the freezer and the
next morning you have a healthy and yummy breakfast ready to go. The time has come to switch these comfy slippers
with my sneakers. These are already very cute but hold on – we
can make them look even more adorable. Umm… Yes I am going pom pom crazy with today’s
outfit, no judgement. Remove a metal clip and a few loops from a
pom pom key chain. Make sure to keep at least one loop on. Set it aside and take a sneaker that you want
to decorate. Undo the shoelaces half way. Thread the end of one shoelace through the
remaining metal loop on the pom pom. Slide the fluffy guy up to the shoe. Actually I have three small pom poms not just
one – yeah obsession is real. Tie the shoelaces back up and here they are! Pom pom shoes are super trendy right now and
you can make them yourself in a minute. They are so adorable! Time to grab my backpack and I’m out the door. Grab and go breakfasts are so convenient whether
you are in school or at work. This raspberry popsicle tastes so good! Just like an ice cream. I love having it in the morning for breakfast
or even as a treat during the day. Whether you have school or work mornings can
be so relaxing and fun even during the week. And happy morning usually leads to a happy
day too. I can’t wait to see what this one brings! Hope you’re having an amazing day loves and
make sure to subscribe to my second channel too! I’m uploading super awesome hair hacks video
very soon! Love you guys!

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