DIY Tumblr Pins Using Things You ALREADY Have | JENerationDIY

DIY Tumblr Pins Using Things You ALREADY Have | JENerationDIY

What’s up, peeps? It’s Jennifer and today I’m going to be showing you guys how to make some Diy Tumblr pins So, first of all, I want to give credit to Drew Scott and Draw So Cute I believe because they made DIY pin videos that I thought were amazing and I definitely was inspired by them So I will leave their videos down below. So these are very very affordable I didn’t have to go out and buy anything I just had everything at home already make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you do enjoy it and leave a comment down below You know leave a comment down below if you guys want to talk to me. We could have a conversation about Shawn Mendes I forgot to make the Shawn Mendes pin make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already and you like my videos tap that bell icon if you want to be notified every time I upload a video because I don’t know maybe you think my videos are cool and worth watching Just putting that out there. Let’s get started. First step in completing DIY Mmm. Why do I have an accent So the first step that you want to do is either draw or print out your designs obviously I’m drawing these out you also want to make sure that your designs are three times as large as you want them t] be in the end on your pin So those are all my designs you guys are going to be so surprised when I show you What kind of material and you’re going to need for plastic part of the pins, and that’s just regular old plastic I looked around my house for all of the plastics that I had and the only thing you have to make sure is that the Plastic has this number six on it with a little Triangle around it because that’s the only plastic that will shrink in the oven and I ended up using this plastic from a sushi container, but here I like majorly messed up And I use this number one class because I had no idea what I was doing the first try it just didn’t turn out well But basically what I’m doing is tracing the design onto my plastic with a black sharpie And I’m doing that for all the designs if you guys are 90’s kids you guys will remember what this is it’s a Tamagotchi that Was like my life as a kid I’m now using some metallic sharpie to color in this alien one And I’m also doing this like hello one by outlining with gold writing the hello word with Golden and coloring in with Black Sharpie here I’m coloring in the lips with a red sharpie And I would definitely recommend coloring in all of your designs with different colors permanent markers if you have them I Happen to only have red at this time It was just kind of a pain in the butt because it’s just so much easier to color in beforehand But if you’re like me, and you don’t have like all the colors then I’ll show you an alternative later But it’s just a hassle and a half so now I’m just cutting out all of my little shapes You can either leave a border or you Don’t have to if you don’t want to so I did a bunch of different things as you can see like flowers, cacti, aliens, lips you know all the little Tumblr kind of things. After that, I’m going to preheat my oven to 350 325 Degrees Fahrenheit now you just want to go ahead and put your little plastic pieces on a piece of aluminum foil on Like a tray or something And then put those in the oven and this should only take up to like a minute and this is the magical part that it’s my favorite part because you can watch them curl up and shrink and just it’s so Satisfying to watch and I just love it and after that if you see that there’s still curls you can like quickly grab a glass or something and just smush them Oop got a text message that doesn’t really happen very often you can just smush them down to make sure that they’re flat and Heres some more curling Action for your satisfaction that rhyme, so this is how they turned out? I just I was just obsessed when they came out you can see that It turns thick and it turns a lot smaller So this is the original versus the actual size so you can see how much it shrinks So these are my failed attempts because I used the wrong type of plastic it was not a fun time because I spent so long on these make sure you use number six plastics now since I didn’t have My colored sharpies with me I have to go the difficult route of painting on this tiny pin So I flipped over is a pin to the back and just took my acrylic paint and like painted all the colors that I needed I’m also sanding some of them down on the back so that the paint will stick to the plastic better you can also attempt to sand down the Original piece of plastic before you put it in the oven and then use some watered down paint To try and do that if you try it out Let me know how it works out because I would love to know after you’ve sanded it down you can also use pencil Crayon to Color this in it. Just like different show up as much, but it does work for this one I also tried painting on the front side Because I just wanted to see what it [looked] like obviously this takes a lot more time because if you like scrape off the paint on the original black stuff So for the lines I actually took Pencil Crayon dipped them in the paint and then I painted it that way and it just like it was really hard But I mean I got through it. So if you’re [patient], I mean this works I just went back in with a fine marker, and I just redid that so for some of them I painted the backs white just so that it was like an opaque color you know yeah, so now for the pin backings I didn’t go out and buy actual pin backing because We don’t need to do that I had a bunch of safety pins and old pins that I could just reuse so now I’m taking some E6000 glue you can also use a glue gun which would be a lot faster and I’m just basically gluing the pins and safety pins to the backs of the plastic Little things and Yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, I literally spent $0 on this because I had everything at home already And I’m pretty sure you guys will have everything at home, too Just have fun with it and if all else fails you can just like put the plastic in your oven and watch it like curl up and melt because that’s probably like the best part But I also think that these pins turned out super cute like I kid you not these are my new obsession you can put them anywhere I put them on my pencil case because that’s just like how I’ve been doing it since high school if you try this out Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag Jeneration DIY tag me and everything like that. I will go like your photos and yeah So that’s pretty much it for this video, hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you are having a Jolly good day I will see you guys next time bye

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  2. Wow, that looks good. I'll be happy if you check my work. Here is the link:

  3. Not working, don't know why… I did everything as yous said (plastic no.6, temperature also the same) it took like 5 minutes then I lost patience. It just changed color little bit from transparent to some kind yellowish transparent. Pretty sad, never mind. Anyone else who have this problem?

  4. heating plastic 6 leeches harmful chemicals so its best not to do this

  5. I love this pins and diy so much but plastic 6 is harmful plastic and most difficult to recycle so if possible then please provide us some different ways to make those pins 💓


    Its actually very toxic for you to melt plastic like this and could mess up or KILL you
    Yes i did my research please be careful and if you want to make these pins, just buy the kit at target. Its much safer the burning your donut or water bottle plastic.

  7. Instead of using just plastic- there's actually somethimg called shrinky dink paper that is made for this purpose and it's easily available at craft stores. You can also print onto these plastic sheets 🙂

  8. Hey, that's a nice craft, I made something similar check this out. Here is the link

  9. Love this. I was abouy the get a badge maker but u saved my life. 🙂 1 question, what was the last thing the plastic was, where did you find the plastic (6)

  10. my parents will not allow me to do that because they think that the oven will catch fire because of aluminium foil and plastic!!!!!!!!!!

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