100 thoughts on “DJ Snake, Lauv – A Different Way (Official Video)

  1. Could you believe I could be different?
    I'll be the difference, I'll lift you high
    And I understand your hesitation
    Our reputation, it's no surprise
    So let me redefine you
    And you can see the tide move
    Just like tears in the eyes do
    And when you're feeling alone
    Oh, baby, I'll be right here
    Between the sea and silence
    So breathe easy my dear
    You can find sunshine in the rain
    I will come running when you call my name
    Even a broken heart can beat again
    Forget about the one who caused you pain
    I swear I'll love you in a different way
    I know that love is so unforgiving
    You've been a victim too many times
    And I'll be the friend, hold you together
    I'll be forever, will you be mine?
    So let me redefine you
    And you can see the tide move
    Just like tears in the eyes do

  2. 0:47-Dancing with the red balloon without knowing about the movie
    "IT "

    3:48– realised the mistake he did

  3. So someone under the "make it right" MV said that that song sounds like "a different way" and I can say that yes this part 1:17 is kinda similar. I'm shook tbh knowing the fact that lauv are on both of those songs ?

  4. I knew that BTS's make it right is similar to this song a long time ago hahaha hello there people you've just woken up hahaha I even thought that BTS bought this beat from DJ snake

  5. For the haters here who talk shit about BTS i would like to disappoint you that Make it right & this song was produced by Ed Sheeran lol so stfu thanks.

  6. I still love this song
    Came here after watching BTS's Make it right collab with Lauv altho this song was my once-upon-a-time favorite back then in 2018

  7. These BTS comments annoy me, please stop and let us appreciate this song that they somewhat copied the beat of(?) Thank you.

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