Does God Hate Me? | Queer Britain – Episode 1

Does God Hate Me? | Queer Britain – Episode 1

I’m Riyadh,a gay man living in London,a vlogger and a journalist.I grew up Catholic,
but my father is Iraqi
so I spent much of my childhood
at the local mosque.
When I came out, I began to
understand that mainstream religions
don’t like people like me.To me, LGBT stands for,
“Let God burn them.”
You say, “Well, it’s LGBTQ.”Well, then, you can say,
“Let God burn them quickly.”
God hates fags. What part of that
don’t you understand?
How can you engage yourselves
with the same sex?
The Koran clearly says
that it is wrong,
what you are doing.You’re walking through a Muslim area
dressed like a fag, mate.
You need to get out of it.I want to know, though,can you bring together your religion
and your sexual identity,
even though the scriptures say
that you’re wrong?
Does God really hate queers?I don’t think God hates queers.
I think people hate queers.
God created all of us,
so how could He hate us?
God loves everybody, really,
I think God’s quite forgiving.
But see, you say that as if we’re
supposed to feel sorry about it.
I’m not going to apologise for
being what You made, that’s like
the little cake that you made in the
oven being like, “Sorry, I’m burnt.”
You left me in too long.I feel like He doesn’t hate anyone.He just doesn’t want
anyone to be gay.
I would say that God likes me
very much.
Why would it be a sin
to hold my girlfriend’s hand?
It just doesn’t make sense.Of course, attitudes
toward homosexuality have changed
with the times,
and even religions have had
to adapt, especially here in the UK.
But it’s still a fact
that in 72 countries,
same-sex relations are illegal,
and in 13 of those countries,
it’s punishable by death.One option is that you can abstain.Which is not something
that I would ever do,
but I’m super intrigued by the fact
that there are still
faith-based organisations out there
willing to help you
rid yourself of your
homosexual demons.
AMERICAN ACCENT:Do you believe that
the Lord tonight has set you free?
Yes, sir.Tell them!I’m not gay no more!I am delivered!I don’t like men no more.I said I like women!Women, women, women!I’m not gay!I would not carry a purse.I would not put on make-up.I will,I WILL love a woman.What did I just watch?AMERICAN ACCENT:
“I don’t like men no more!”
Yeah, you do.I moved to London
about a year and a half ago.
Dalston’s a great place
to find yourself
and not be ashamed of
who you are, I think.
One day, I told my family that
I am gay and I have a boyfriend.
I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness,so we were taught
that homosexuality is a sin.
People have their own ideas
about what is right and wrong,but what matters is
how Jehovah feels.
He wants us to be happy
and he knows how we can be happiest.
That’s why he invented marriage
the way he did.
CHILD:You mean, one man
and one woman?
Exactly!Because I’d confessed to my parents,we had to confess, also,
to the congregation.
They saw that I wasn’t as repentant
as I was probably supposed to be,
and that is when they decided
to disfellowship me.
Disfellowshipping is being
judged and excommunicated
from the Christian congregation.The whole process is
to keep the congregation clean.
This is the Bible
that I used to preach with.
I’ve pretty much got rid of
everything else,
but I just can’t bring myself
to get rid of this, for some reason.
I just think it’s a lack of respect
to throw away a Bible.
I’ve actually got the date in there,
when I got this Bible.
December 2013.That was about ten months
before I came out.
I’m trying to find out
as much as I can
about what the Jehovah’s Witnesses
don’t like about the gays.
There’s a lot.They say that if you are homosexual,the reason why that is, is because
you have a demonic possession.
How glam.Josh hasn’t been back to his
hometown since being ostracised
by his family and congregation
two years ago.
You grew up here?Yeah.And your family still live here?Yes, they live down this street,
actually, a bit further down.
These were the streets
that I used to preach on, as well,
so I’d literally go from
door to door on this street.
Does it feel like you kind of want
to rock up there to number 22,
knock on the door and give the spiel
again, or has it completely gone?
I think I’d be a bit rusty now.At some point in your life,you realised that you were
having feelings…
Yes...that weren’t quite accepted
by the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
I suppose when I reached
the age of 14,
I started looking at guys
and thinking, “Oh, yeah.”
You know.
“This is clearly what it is.”
And I was caught
watching porn at 14.
Rookie mistake!
Can you believe it?
On dial-up, as well.No!You know, my mum found some stuff
as well, and that’s how I…
Dude, are we, like, the same person?Do you feel like
the kid who was here
is the same guy
that is in front of me now?
Are you a different person?It almost feels like a dream,
ages ago.
I was brought up to be a personthat I thought I was supposed to be,
in the religion.
You can only live so long lying
to people and, like, pretending.
So I told my parents, and then
you have to be put into something
that’s called a judicial committee.And they ask you a lot of questions
about what you’ve done,
how many times have you had sex,
what kind of sex have you had?
Do they make a distinction
between a hand job and anal?
Yeah.Oh?You can even be disfellowshipped
for homosexual pornography.
And then it goes up, yeah,
so, hand job, blow job,
anal sex…Is anal, like, the worst
you can do?
Yeah.Oh, OK.So, this is Kingdom Hall,where you would come
for your meetings.
When you were here the last time,
was this for the judicial process?
I just remember walking out
into the car park and giving my…
my parents a call
to let them know the news.
That’s the worst kind of news
that you want to hear
if you’re a Jehovah’s Witness
I got a letter through my door
a few days after that,
saying that my family no longer
would be able to see me any more,
and I went round in the evening
and kind of…
..said goodbye to them, I guess.And there was loads of tears,
loads of crying and…
..and then I left
and I drove off, you know.
And I’ve never seen them since.I don’t blame them
for what’s happened.
Because I understand
what’s going on.
But I’d also just love there to be
some connection,
no matter what it is, you know?If they can find it in themselves
to have some connection.
When he was disfellowshipped
from the Jehovah’s Witnesses,
he was sent a letter by his family.He told me that it was too painful
for him to read out in person,
so he’s sent it to me.“Dearest Joshua,“it is with the deepest sorrow
and tears
“that we have to write you
this letter.
“Association and texts
have to stop now,
“until the day when we are
family again.
“Please keep going in your resolve
to come back to us,
“as a single day will not go by
without one of us thinking of you.
“We love you so much.
Please be strong, love from Mum.
“I love you so much. Love, Dad.”Just the idea of not having
your family there.
They’re still there,
they’re not dead,
but you can’t be with them,
you can’t even…
She said that he can’t
text them any more.
This…relationship.My mum and me, and the idea
of her throwing me out
and not having me in her life
any more…
I know it would kill her
and it would kill me.
They’re basing
these huge life decisions…
..on a book.Josh has had literally no choicein finding himself on the outside
of his faith.
But there are faith groups
all over the UK
opening up to the LGBTQ community.I identify as trans-masculine,so I use he/him pronouns.My sexual identity,
I say that I’m pansexual.
Growing up, and struggling with
my sexual identity
and then my gender identity,I just didn’t feel like
I belonged anywhere.
So my faith has been
incredibly important,
because it’s always given me
a reason to keep going.
Could it be possible to genuinely
reconcile the desire
for a faith identity
as an LGBTQ person?
How important is your faith to you?I had this feeling
that I was somehow wrong
or that I was somehow,
you know, a bit gross.
I was feeling, like, you know,
if this continues,
then I don’t want to be on my own,I don’t want to feel this isolated
and kind of…
..sad all the time, you know, and
kind of self-hating all the time.
I’d rather just, um…not be around.Yeah.It was the knowledge that
there was this power that loved me
no matter what I did or who I was
that’s actually save my life.
Did you feel that there was
a fear there? Because, obviously,
you’ve seen the way certain churches
treat gay people.
In the church that I’m in now,
and the church that I came out in,
they practise what they preach
in terms of being open,
in solidarity with
the LGBT community.
So I always felt safe.You’ve got a very special day
coming up, is that right?
I am having a naming ceremony.It’s kind of like a dedication
or a christening kind of thing.
Because I started my transition
over two years ago
and I became quite upset
with the name that I chose
and became quite disconnected
from it,
because I wasn’t passing
and people would call me Ellie.
So what I wanted to do was kind of
stand up in front of my community
and say, “Hey, this is me, I want
to be a part of the community.”
And the more that I’ve kind of come
back to my church and kind of…
Got through the fear and just said,
“Fuck it, this is who I am,”
the more that I….. start loving myself
and my name again.
So it’s actually
really important to me now.
You seem so strong
because of your faith.
You can just feel it,
it’s radiating from you.
If you had one piece
of golden advice
for a young trans person
of faith, what would it be?
Your faith is going to
get you through.
And also, you have to learn
how to love yourself first.
I think that’s the thing.Because you can change
your own internal monologue,
even if you can’t change
anybody else’s mind.
I’m going to see you in a couple of
weeks at your renaming ceremony.
Yeah, definitely.I can’t wait.
Me neither.
I’ll chat to you later.Elijah is insanely inspirational.The renaming ceremony is just
going to be that next step that
he needs to take to feel absolutely
100% comfortable in his own skin
and with this new name
that he’s chosen.
I think it’s going to be
a very, very special
and emotional day for him,
and probably for me as well.
An advert suggesting gay people
can be cured through therapy
has been banned by
Transport For London.
Should you try to cure gays?Well, this man says therapy
changed his sexual desires.
I’ve always been aware
of my homosexual issues,
and even though I’ve been married
for almost 29 years,
I have been in conflict
in terms of my Christian identity
and my understanding of sexuality.So it’s been my personal desire
to try to establish
the greatest heterosexual
potentiality that I have.
Has it been a struggle?It has been a struggle.I’m about to call Dr Mike Davidson.He’s from the Core Trust,which is a Christian organisation
who say they can change you
and get rid of your homosexuality.DIALLINGMike!Hi, Riyadh.How do you help gay people?So, for some people,homosexual feelings are inconsistent
with the values that they hold.
Because we see it
as a developmental issue,
it is something that we think
anybody can work on
if that’s what they want to do.A developmental issue? Explain that.So, developmental in that context
is about postnatal,
in other words, what happens to you
after you have been born.
The environment is very important.Do you believe that
homosexuality is a choice?
Certainly, in my case,
it wasn’t a choice.
I found that I had these feelingsand I was not consciously aware
of choosing anything.
But I recognised in my life that
I had choices around those feelings.
And I think that that is
a very important dimension
that is being lost today.Were you shameful
of your homosexuality?
Absolutely. I was.
Because I didn’t understand it.
For me, it didn’t sit comfortably.And, certainly, certainly, there was
a spiritual component to this.
There was an understanding
of a Biblical world view.
And I’m not talking about
eight Scriptures,
I’m talking about the whole tone
and tenor of Scripture.
Is it possible
for a gay person to be religious
and for the two to live in harmony?Clearly, there are individuals
who hold those two things together,
and are happy doing so.But if you take
the biblical scholarship,
there is no way you can reconcilemodern understanding
of homosexuality
and spiritual faith
that is Bible-based.
For a client coming to you
seeking your service…
Yeah...what sort of cost is it?Zero.So you do it from the goodness
of your own heart?
I do it because professionals
in this country have reneged
on their responsibility
to be open-minded
to people who are being denied
the right and the freedom
to go in the direction
that they want to go in.
They are being told that they don’t
know what’s good for them.
That’s why I do it.Thank you so much for your time.You’re welcome.
Have a good day, Mike.
I’m sorry, but if you’re offering
people this service,
you are telling them that there is
something lesser or something wrong
with their sexual identity
and their sexuality.
I find it deeply, deeply insultingthat anyone, even a therapist,
would say
that my sexuality is
That’s it.I think sexuality is
incredibly complex.
I don’t think we can put it down to
it just being a choice.
This is one thing that
I’m just so adamant about.
Being queer is not a choice.Um… No. Absolutely not.When people ask me if gay is
a choice, it’s quite infuriating.
A ridiculous statement.You can’t help who you love.I didn’t choose to be this way,I wouldn’t choose to put myself
through all of this stress.
Do you know what? If it was
a choice, I would definitely be gay.
100%. I love being gay.Homosexuality is not accepted
in Islam.
So the Muslim community will never
accept homosexuality in a whole.
You either be gay or you be Muslim.No-one is forcing you
to be a Muslim.
What are people like me
meant to do, then?
I was brought up
in an Islamic household,
I’m from an Islamic community,I’m from a very conservative
Pakistani community.
For a lot of young Muslims
living here in the UK,
there can be a cultural pressure
for them to get married,
and the idea of coming out
is simply not an option.
I’m going to meet Marium, who says
she wants to be with a woman,
but right now is on the hunt
for a marriage of convenience.
For Marium, the stakes are high.This is not her real name,
and it’s not her own flat.
Why is it so important for you
to get married?
DISTORTED:How do you identify now religiously?Do your parents think
that you’re a devout Muslim?
And they’re wrong?If your parents were to find out
about your sexuality,
what would happen?And losing your family, for you,
is not an option?
Do you see yourself
ever coming out to them?
You’re going to tell me a bit about
marriage of convenience, what is it?
Would you mind showing me
your profile?
This is your description
of yourself.
Wow.It’s the weirdest dating app profile
I’ve ever seen.
So, when you’re with a girl,
at what point do you tell them,
“I am looking for a gay man
to be my kind of cloak?”
That would be an incredible woman.I think she’s out there.I hope she is.A marriage of convenience is a way
for Marium to hold on to her family
and wider community.She’s not willing
to give up on them,
even if it means
she must live a lie.
In the absence of acceptance,
it’s an interesting alternative.
I got these amazing
little chocolates for Elijah
to celebrate today,because obviously it is
a massive, massive day,
and it’s been
an absolutely huge time coming.
CONGREGATION SINGWhy is it that this church practises
such inclusivity and such openness
compared to most of the others?The Bible says,
on the very first page,
that every man and every woman
is made in God’s image.
That’s what it’s about.So everyone is welcome,
whatever their gender,
their gender identity
and their sexuality.
they are welcome here
in this church.
It’s a great thing.
I think you’re being called away.
We’re about to start,
so I don’t want to hold you,
but I’m looking forward
to the ceremony.
Thank you.Thank you, Steve. Cheers.
God bless you.
# Lay down your love# Lay down your heart… #Welcome, everyone. It’s great to see
you here at Oasis Church, Waterloo.
We have this wonderful opportunity
this morning
of worshipping God together.I’m going to ask Elijah
to come to the front.
Elijah is going to be named.So, Elijah, there you are. Welcome.Elijah is, obviously,
a little bit nervous, I guess,
standing up in front of people.But Elijah will explain to you
why he has come to this point
and why this moment is a sacred and
holy and special moment for us all.
APPLAUSEI came out as female-to-male
transgender over two years ago.
Whilst the process of accepting
and showing my gender identity
was freeing on so many levels,
it has also proven to be
the hardest and most challenging
experience of my entire life.
But I found that
the more that I shared my new name
with people around me,the more I also started learning
to apologise for who I was.
I apologised for my voice
being too high,
for my body being too feminine,for my interests being
too stereotypically female.
Because the world around me
didn’t seem to accept me,
I stopped accepting myself.I lived in fear of having to explain
my gender identity
because how do you explain a part of
yourself that you’ve learnt to hate?
This act of allowing myself
to be seen and heard reminds me
that today is about letting go of my
shame, my fear and my self-doubt.
And today I can honestly say
that I am proud to be Elijah,
and I am grateful to be able
to share my story with you
in a space that I know to be
safe and encouraging.
Thank you.CHEERING AND APPLAUSEWhoo!So, will you,
the congregation of this church,
commit yourselves to Elijah,
to play your part in supporting him
through your love
and active, ongoing care and prayer?
ALL:We do.CHEERING AND APPLAUSEDo you feel like you’ve been reborn?
You do?I do, yes.That’s incredible.Yes.
Do you feel like a new person?
Yeah.I feel stronger now
because it’s out there,
there’s nothing left
to be scared of.
Take it or leave it – I’m Elijah.
Yes, exactly.
And I think they took it.
Well, everyone has said, “We do.”
Then you lost it.
You’re going to make me cry again.
Congratulations.Thank you.
How was that? Was that OK?
It was…Was that OK?
Yeah, it was good.
This is like nothing
I’ve ever seen before,
you know, growing up in
a very different religious set-up.
There is so much love in this room.Well done. I’m so proud of you.
Well done.
There are churches,
there are religious groups like this
that accept everyone.Oh, you were so good!Thank you.
I appreciate that.
Does it affect how you are
outside of this building,
what happened today?I’m going to remember everyone
standing up and just accepting me
and think fuck it.
I’ve got a community
so it doesn’t matter
what people think of me any more
outside of this community.
And I feel better in my own skin.Well done.Thank you.And thanks for coming.My pleasure
to be here. Thanks for having me.
What a special day to be part of.
I claim a faith, yeah.I tend to shy away
from the word religious
because I think it has
a lot of negative connotations.
I’ve identified as Christian
in the past, but not any more.
I don’t really feel like
it has a place in my life.
No, I’m spiritualbecause religion has caused
many problems in the world.
But the truth of the matter is
the Bible says God is love.
I identify as a spiritual personwho appreciates
lots of different religions.
I know what I believe in,I know who I believe in,and I try and do right by that.Everything that I’ve prayed for,
I’ve got.
I caught up with
former Jehovah’s Witness Josh
in his new life.I’m here in his new home,
his new habitat, if you like,
to see what he’s like
as a young, open, free, gay man
in the middle of East London.And of course
I’ve brought some beverages.
I’ve always been told by my mother,“Never arrive to a party
with swinging hands.”
Hey!Hi!How you doing?
How you doing?
Good to see you again. You OK?
Oh, my God, look at your flat!
I know, can you believe it?
It’s gorgeous.
It’s actually clean for once.
Can I move in?
Sure.I love your interior design. Sorry,
that’s the gay in me coming out.
THEY LAUGHSo, you know what we’re doing
I’m actually not sure.I’ve never been, like, “out” out
in East London.
OK.What am I going to have to…?So, we’re going to this bar
called The Glory tonight.
It’s a gay bar
and it’s quite unique.
I’ve found people here now
that have become my new family,
that have taken me under their wing,that have kind of made friends
with me and said, “Look, Josh,
“if you need us at any time,
we’re here for you.”
And I think that’s really important,
like, in the ongoing process.
Because it’s not ended yet for me.You know, there’s still a processthat I need to go through
to carry on figuring myself out,and, I guess, figuring what is
going on in my head.
BOTH:Cheers.God, you’re really
pulling out all the stops.
Look into the eyes when you “cheers”otherwise it’s…
Seven years of bad sex.THEY LAUGH
Look at me here!
Oh, yeah!Yeah, that’s good.
That’s good.
That’s really good.Time for Josh to show me
what his new life has to offer.
MUSIC: Comfortably Numb
by Scissor Sisters
# Gotta keep it going
through the show
# C’mon, it’s time to go# Gotta keep it going
through the show
# C’mon, it’s time to go# Gotta keep it going
through the show
# C’mon, it’s time to go
# Gotta keep it going
through the show
# C’mon, it’s time to go… #The environment that I was raised
as a Jonas Jehovah’s Witness,
it was very controlled.You know, you’re expected to be the
person that they wanted you to be.
I can be myself here.In my hometown, I felt trapped,
I felt lost.
# Ah-ha# OK# It’s just a little pin prick… #Is it possible to be both a gay man
and devout to your religion?
Whatever that religion may be,
can you have both in the same world?
For my particular religion,
I don’t think it’s possible.
I think it is possible, however,
to be gay and take religious values
from the Bible
and to apply them in your life.
But for a particular religion
like Jehovah’s Witnesses…
..I think it’s impossible
to lead two lives at the same time.
# Ah-ha, ah-ha… #Look, of course an LGBT person
can have faith,
but how they choose to live
in that faith and practise it
is an extremely personal thing.Does God really hate queers?I don’t think so.# Comfortably numb. #

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  9. What's the problem with all of this, you either believe in the bible and every word written in it or you don't. Publish an alternative bible that suits your lifestyle and get on with your way of life without feeling guilty in the light of the true scriptures of God.

  10. That pastor has a spirit of murder. He has blood on his hands. Did Jesus talk like that about people? What about that venomous comment? What about racism, misogyny, lustful thoughts/ comments about women, holiday gluttony, pagan holiday celebrations, smoking, drunkenness, I mean the list goes on & on & on…. those people will die in the church and wake up in hell.

  11. GOD IS LOVE!  Love is a multi-faceted thing of goodness and pain and long suffering. GOD loves all souls / spirit of good will, but GOD does not love some THINGS / ACTIONS that we ALL do regardless of our sexual feelings. WE ARE ENORMOUSLY MORE THAN OUR SEXUALITY. Jesus even said that the sins of our bodies are as nothing in comparison to the sins of our heart, mind, and spirit. Our harmful ACTIONS are what GOD dislikes.  Our actions are the creations of our inner real self. Our bodies are only the instrumentalities by which our real inner self uses. GOD loves so much that GOD grieves over our harmful and hateful creations in our mind, heart and spirit which causes our actions to ourselves and to others. We walk away from LOVE – FROM GOD – into a hell of our own creation and thus break the heart of the truest loving Spirit – GOD. I take the risk in saying this, but I know whereof I speak because GOD once in my life, actually appeared to me in a dream and intuitively taught me these things in order to tell others. READ AND STUDY THE STORY OF THE PRODIGAL SON!!!  This story tells what GOD is like!  GOD never will change on you or turn away from you.  GOD's LOVE is absolute, eternal, everlasting and greater than anything anyone could ever imagine. BY THE WAY, THE TERM GOD IS JUST A TITLE AND NOT GOD'S REAL NAME.  Seek him and you will discover his real name.

  12. More BBC propaganda to attack God and Christianity. Real Christians who have chosen Jesus and have the Holy Spirit (God's spirit within) won't spout bile. Obviously we are all sinners and fall short of the law of God but a real spirit filled Christian, after being angry or mean will apologise to the person, seek repentance from Jesus and try harder next time.
    We have ALL sinned and fall short of the law. That is why Jesus died for us IN OUR PLACE! The wages of sin is death.
    The only way to heaven is through accepting Jesus died for your sins and by walking in the spirit and repenting.
    If you don't accept Jesus, you will stand in front of God and will be judged for your actions, like being in court without a defence lawyer.
    Yes homosexuality is a sin but it is a sin that can be forgiven if you seek Jesus Christ. Jesus will help you out of this destructive and miserable dead end of a lifestyle.
    I know this comment will be hated by many who hate the objective truth about God's nature but there will be people who hear what I say.
    God loves you and wants to be reconciled with you but He cannot have sin in heaven. Homosexuality and LGBTQ+ is a sin of rebellion in the eyes of God.
    Jesus will forgive you and love you in your brokenness.

  13. The sexual identities of the people are not selected by themselves. Simply, God doesn't hate gays.

  14. God said in the bible homosexuals are abomination to Him and man Does that mean He hates you? I don't know Look up the word in your dictionary and see what you think

  15. Not all gays are born gay. Some come from damaged backgrounds. I once worked with a guy who told me quite candidly that his mother never wanted a son, and consequently brought him up as a girl. He wasn't born gay, his mother made him gay. It was a very tragic story as he ended up committing suicide. The American lesbian feminist, Tammy Bruce, tells in her books of the countless gay men that she has known and still knows, who come from damaged backgrounds. It really is false to claim that all gays are born gay. In fact this whole series of programmes is based on subjective emotion. There is absolutely nothing objective or scientific about it. We keep hearing the ridiculous statement that love is love and nothing else matters. Well fine, let's legalise polygamy, polyandry and incest, after all 'love is love.' All societies accept that there are limits to equality, and as Patrick (Lord) Devlin wrote in 'The Enforcement of Morals,' "No society can do without intolerance, indignation and disgust; they are the forces behind the moral law," and, "Society has a right therefore to define the status of marriage in accordance with the ideas of the majority and to refuse to confer it on those who do conform," and finally, "the choice of the individual must give way to the convenience of the many."

  16. WOW…
    I live in Saudi Arabia and I'm from Mauritania and GAY
    awesome 🙃🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️

  17. I was raised catholic and I discovered I was a lesbian while I was discovering my faith. This is a struggle I’ve constantly dealt with I gotta say. I can’t remember the particular quote in the Bible but hearing about that Mormon family reminded me of when Jesus said he came to split families. It’s just so heartbreaking to hear.

  18. I think that if someone tries to "be str8" let em, let's just let people be who they are and want to be, i'm comfortable being gay, but it's not for everyone, even when they are gay. it's their life, let them decide, also don't tell anyone who's gay that there's something wrong with them …

  19. I’m a Christian and I don’t hate gay people and most of my best friends that I know are gay and also God doesn’t hate gay people if you read the bible it says that he loves you but doesn’t like that behaviour that comes out of that sexuality

  20. Christianity and jehovah are two completely different religions and people saying that Jehovah is being a Christian that makes me a little triggered

  21. God does not hate you, he hates your SIN. And the BIBLE is not a religion. Yes he hates your lifestyle. BUT you will defend it. You have the CHOICE, but your choice will lead you to a place in the end that you might want to reconsider.

  22. The fact that we have so many issues with being LGBT leads me to be what we might be doing truly is wrong considering that most of us cant find a relationship or happiness. It wasnt meant to be.

  23. Is Homosexuality a healthy lifestyle? How did these ancient scriptures know that homosexual acts would destroy the body, if it's just an old book?
    A secular case highlighting the dangers of Homosexuality

  24. At the heart of the claim that the Bible is clear "that homosexuality is forbidden by God" is poor biblical scholarship and a cultural bias read into the Bible. The Bible says nothing about "homosexuality" as an innate dimension of personality. Sexual orientation was not understood in biblical times. There are references in the Bible to same-gender sexual behavior, and all of them are undeniably negative. But what is condemned in these passages is the violence, idolatry and exploitation related to the behavior, not the same-gender nature of the behavior. There are references in the Bible to different-gender sexual behavior that are just as condemning for the same reasons. But no one claims that the condemnation is because the behavior was between a man and a woman.

    There was no word in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek for "homosexual" or "homosexuality." These words were invented near the end of the 19th century when psychoanalysts began to discover and understand sexuality as an essential part of the human personality in all of its diversity. Consequently, it cannot be claimed that the Bible says anything at all about it. The writers of the Bible had neither the understanding of it nor the language for it.

    There is only one reference to sexual behavior between women, and that is in Romans 1:26. The context of this reference has to do with Gentiles rejecting the true God to pursue false gods; i.e., idolatry. And, the sexual behavior described is orgiastic, not that of a loving, mutual, caring, committed relationship. What is condemned is the worship of false gods.

    Sexuality is a wonderful gift from God. It is more than genital behavior. It's the way we embody and express ourselves in the world. But we cannot love another person intimately without embodying that love, without using our bodies to love. And that does involve genital behavior. Sexual love is for the purpose of giving and receiving pleasure with our most intimate partner. It is a means of deepening and strengthening the intimate union that exists. This can only be healthy and good if our behavior is consistent with who we are and with whom we love, and when we are true to our own sexuality and orientation.

    In regard to marriage, it's important to remember that the Bible was written in a patriarchal culture that assumed men were in control and women were subject to them. Marriage was not an equal partnership, but a matter of a man owning a woman or women as property. Women provided men companionship, children and labor. Certainly, love between the man and woman or women could develop, but love was not the basis of marriage. Consequently, the biblical concept of marriage is not appropriate today. We no longer accept the inferiority of women and superiority of men. We no longer accept marriage to be a property transaction. The concept of marriage has evolved throughout history. Today, we understand it to be a voluntary spiritual relationship based on love, respect, mutuality and commitment. What really matters is the quality of the relationship, not the gender of the persons involved. And marriage is created not by religious ceremony or civil government. It is created by the persons involved who make their commitments to one another. Whether or not there is a religious ceremony to celebrate the marriage or marriage license to legalize it, the marriage two people make together in private is real and valid and should be honored as such. I hasten to add that marriage should never be understood as a requirement for two people in relationship. Intimate relationships must not always create a marriage commitment. Marriage is a lifelong commitment that not everyone is willing to make or should make. Being single in an intimate relationship is an honorable choice.

    How do I view God's position on "homosexuality?" I believe lesbian, gay and bisexual people to be a part of God's wondrous creation, created to be just who they are, and completely loved and treasured by God. I believe God does not intend for any one to be alone but to live in companionship. And I believe God expects healthy loving relationships to include sexual love. The Bible doesn't say this, of course. But neither does it deny it. I believe this to be true not only because of the Bible's emphasis on the goodness of God's creation and the supreme value of love, but because of the greater understanding of human nature that we have available to us today. I do not believe that God intends us to live in the small world of ancient biblical culture, but rather in God's larger evolving world informed by science, reason and experience.

    The following books are helpful in better understanding the debate about the Bible and homosexuality:

    • Blessed Bi Spirit: Bisexual People of Faith, edited by Debra R. Kolodny (Continuum, 2000);

    • Freedom, Glorious Freedom: The Spiritual Journey to the Fullness of Life for Gays, Lesbians, and Everybody Else, by John J. McNeill (Beacon Press, 1995);

    • The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart, by Peter J. Gomes (William Morrow and Company Inc., 1996);

    • Is The Homosexual My Neighbor?: Another Christian View (Revised) by Letha Scanzoni and Virginia Ramey Mollenkott (Harper & Row Publishers, 1996);

    • The New Testament and Homosexuality: Contextual Background and Contemporary Debate by Robin Scroggs (Fortress Press, 1983);

    • Our Passion for Justice: Images of Power, Sexuality, and Liberation by Carter Heyward (The Pilgrim Press, 1984);

    • Recognizing Ourselves: Ceremonies of Lesbian and Gay Commitment by Ellen Lewin (Columbia University Press, 1998);

    • Stranger At The Gate: To Be Gay and Christian in America by Mel White (Plume, 1994);

    • Twice Blessed: On Being Lesbian, gay and Jewish edited by Christie Balka and Andy Rose, (Beacon Press, 1989); and

    • What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality by Daniel A. Helminiak, Ph.D. (Alamo Square Press, 1994).

    Thanks for your question. Blessings on you!


    Jimmy Creech

  25. Once there was an old man who had to carry water up the hill from the river to his house each day. One of his water jugs, however, had a crack in it, so that, by the time he arrived at the top of the path, most of the water was lost. His neighbors laughed at him: “Why don’t you buy a new water jug?” Even his wife criticized him: “Why don’t you buy a new water jug?” But the man said nothing.

    One day, he said to them, “Come with me,” and led them, skeptical but curious, down the path that ran from his back door to the river.

    “Almost every day,” said the man to his wide-eyed companions, “on my way to the river, I scatter seeds. On my way home, water leaks from my precious jug to nourish them.”

    To their amazement, the entire left side of path was in bloom. A riot of color—flowers of every hue and tone— made the path a paradise.

  26. their confusing love with sex, love is not following fleshly disiers but being in harmony with god your family and neighbors sex is triggered by your hormones some people are born different but doesn't mean its alined with god you can be born disabled but is that part of gods will or plan for you to suffer stay awake we living in their last days.

  27. I actually think being religious has a genetic component as well – one I lack, because I don't understand the slightest bit of that. I guess it was a form of fortifying a tribe and thus at some point beneficial in evolution. Unfortunately it only works well in small groups. Hope we'll find a way to remove the toxic elements of that trait of human gene pool.

  28. what a load of shit amen I'm a Homosexual and I'm not confusion at all and I love gay sex it is fantastic You stupid Christians are so uneducated about the history of sex put down your bible and go hug a person in the LGBTIQ community and ask for their forgiveness

  29. lgbtq is a sin but It doesn't mean God hates lgbtq people because if he hated people who sinned then heck he would hate everyone even Christians. I don't support the lgbtq community but I don't judge them and don't push them aside. there is lgbtq people who are Christians. so if your a lgbtq and disrespect christianity pls don't disrespect cause there will be community who do accept.

  30. 16:29 -It bothers me that Riyadh thinks that sexual orientation is something stagnant or unchanging. Your sexual orientation is not a choice but for many people it does bend and change and not everyone is comfortable with how they feel and if they truly want to find to change that you cant force them not to. I will play devils advocate and say I understand how having that kind of therapy can have a harmful effect on those who simply need to be accepted rather than being changed but do understand that that's not for everyone

  31. Those people are not real christians… It hurts seeing this. Who could despise their own son just for this?

  32. Meaningless question since "God" is a non-existent supernatural being that was made up by the superstitious and ignorant minds of people who lived more than 2000 years ago.
    It's ridiculous that anyone could believe in such nonsense in this day and age.. at least for those of us who are sound of mind, and have the ability to use rational thought and common sense.

  33. People hate the truth it is a sin to be gay, it's a sin to hate, it's a sin to have sex without a husband or wife, it's a sin to smoke cigarettes etc. God didn't make Adam for Adam he mad Eve for Adam period. Spend it off how you like wrong is wrong but we all fall short there is no sin better or worse than the other. Learn to except people who they are rather one like it or not Jesus loves everyone. God makes no mistakes he knew what we'd do at birth. We all need to love one another no matter how they choose to live. I don't like that they're teaching kids as young as 5 about homosexuality in school people need to cut that crap out, children shouldn't be approaced with any sexual conversation at that young age. I'm tired of being politically correct.

  34. I don't really understand why Bible-based faiths are still practiced… Like, it's an old, old book with no updated sources. A newer religion would be more helpful for actually navigating the world. I guess it's just fear

  35. I'm gonna comment on this from a Christian point of view cos am Christian
    People often fail in Christian living because they accept Jesus as their savior and not as their Lord or ruler of their lives. Most of us want to have our own way and to run our own lives and that's where the problem begins
    The Bible will say 'thou shall not kill' for example but just cos someones feel it's okay with them then it's okay to do it. The Bible is very clear about homosexuality and what not…but just cos LGBTQ in this case feels that what they are doing is okay then you want to start questioning the Bible
    It's either you follow God's way or not

  36. A lot of Christians are so ignorant. They just don’t understand. God doesn’t hate anybody. Your not a bad person just because of who you are attracted too

  37. God will never hate anyone on earth for there sexuality even if is wrong becuase god gave you that pathway .
    God knows homosexuality js wrong but wont judge you for what he gave you .

    We are on earth to learn And sexuaity is part of that learning .

    Homosexuality js a sickness if the soul and a spiritual disability a deviancy .

    That's why it has never been fully accepted and probably never. Be as long as there are non homosexuals .

  38. Religion distorts reality , religion is right that homosexuality is wrong , but humans are being gay at gods will and so have no choice .

    Humans do not have free will , so they can't not be gay .

    We are on earth at gods will to learn from all aspects of life life is hard and confusing that too is at gods will

  39. "oh yes u are" -true, babe, that dandy outfit. but the contrived deep voice was scary (demonic) lol

  40. A small Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan sandwiched between China and India with just 7 billion people in it with majority of them following Buddhist religion just recently removed section 213 and 214 which decriminalized unnatural sex from the lower house of the parliament although we are yet to hear the decision from upper house of the parliament since we are a constitutional monarch country. Needless to say, I am so proud of my small country for taking up this bold step towards equality and human rights for all. 🙂
    Also, god hate people who hates (if that makes sense?) 🙂

  41. Gay Marriage or fair distribution of rights and privilages is not wrong..but what may hitch on or beside it behind them over each change maybe monsterous. Where I am it was right for them to gain these wins but other groups have sought to say what about us? Pedophilia and forms of murder have been trying to use lgbtq+ wins to bounce off of. As you step forward if your right you'll win. Beware friends and enemies are not so clear an image.

  42. Let no man lie with another man and it was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve…GOD loves us all bit he insists you repent from your iniquities and transgressions .. GOD made man then Eve and said go and multiply… I'm a born again Christian and I pray you repent but I have no anger towards the community…the problem is people love sinning but the day will come when we have to stand before GOD and I say all this sincerely

  43. Why didn't that guy from Oasis church tell you about other scripture concerning sexuality…my spirit just hit the panik bell… GOD loves us all but we must repent (turn away from what we do that dissapoints GOD)then to ask for mercy and surrender our will and our life and our hearts… I will just put you all in my prayers and GOD bless

  44. Religion is between the ears. There is no god, get real.
    Wake up and het free from the crap. All that fear caused by religion. So sad!

  45. Elijah's church made me so happy and sad. I'm so happy it's there, but my church isn't like that and I wish it was. I really, really wish it was.

  46. When I finish watching this video. I can say that I was so luck to have my parents support me for who I am. My mother love me as I am. She just wants the best for me and to be happy.

  47. Someone gave me a few scriptures where God hates me for being gay. But at this moment, no one has showed me how to live a life as a single gay man tryin to please God. I don’t wanna be gay but I can’t stop desiring men! 😭

  48. May peace, mercy and blessings from God be upon you.22/08/2019

    Parents have rights too.

    ●People are afraid of speaking their mind. I treat the LGBT community with
    respect so please respect my right to teach my view. Human beings are
    one brotherhood and sisterhood.

    ●The parent is responsible for their child to receive a wholesome education
    and their well-being, including emotionally and spiritually. When the
    LGBT morals are being forced on children in primary school and beyond,
    this is a form of extremism and it is totalitarian.

    ●It is part of traditional culture to give others honour and dignity. Parents
    are demanding please respect our choice. That is, we as parents don’t
    want our children to be over-sexualised with these topics at school.
    Parents have that right – we don't want our children to be taught this at
    this age.

    ●Sexuality and sex should not be thrust on your face at such a young age.
    Many adults don't even understand this. Every child has the right to live in
    a space that is safe and secure. Sex doesn't play a role until puberty. Sex
    and sexuality is a private matter and should not be on one’s forehead. I
    should be respected and given equal dignity. Children should be
    protected from an over sexualised environment.

    ●If a parent’s faith has specific instructions a state cannot demand billions
    to give up their faith. You cannot disconnect a human being from their
    faith. Conviction on what is right differs in faith communities and LGBT
    communities. The LGBT community believe their principles and so do
    other traditions.

    ●Some people from Christian, Hindu, Jews, Islamic and Sikh communities
    derive their principles from faith. Tolerance is a two-way process. We talk
    about a free market of various thoughts or ideas.

    ●While LGBT have their right. Traditional communities should have equal
    right. Hence there needs to be a safe space for both communities to
    interact, co-exist and be brothers and sisters in humanity, which at the
    moment is not safe. I need to tolerate and accept the differences and I
    need that in return. That is precisely what is missing at the moment.

    ●Parents must speak to their kids, about sexual morals. Parents exemplify
    what is a safe space. We bring sexual ethics with it. You cannot have sex
    outside marriage. Marriage is between man and woman. Many people

    Please copy and paste the text and share on social media and what’s app and print too so more people can benefit God willing. Amen

  49. Jesus love everyone and teaches love according to bible its sin but swearing is a sin too but he teach to love every one sinner or not sinner people use it to abuse to commit hate sin towards gays witch us horrible!!

  50. Jehovah's Witness is an evil cult. If a family rejects their child, then that family is no longer Christian. The Bible states: Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar (1John 4:20). Jesus Christ said that gay people (called eunuchs at that time) were born that way from their mother's womb (Matthew 19:12). This explains why Jesus never preached against homosexuality.

  51. “Let god burn them quickly” how can you call yourself a moral person if you wish this on someone else wtf. You can’t evangelise and antagonise at the same time. This is disgusting

  52. But dont gay guys have sex in the butt? Yikes What a way to have pride… poop is gross. Imagine having sex to someone your married to and having to do it in there fart hole every night. That’ll get old real fast those dirt balls lol

  53. What if my sexuality and my mind is attracted to younger girls maybe even some that are under age. Are you saying that that’s not wrong either and that a therapist doesn’t have the right to tell me it’s wrong. Somethings are just wrong even if we feel that they’re right. Being gay doesn’t make you a bad person just like if you’re attracted to underage girls doesn’t make you a bad person as long as you don’t act upon those urges and try and find another way

  54. God does love you, and not conditionally, He loves you unconditionally. As a convinced and practising Christian I believe that every human being is made perfect, whether you are gay, straight, bisexual, transgender you are perfect in every way and God loves you!

  55. God hates sin, all sin, and your wrong when you say Christian don't like you, it's your sin we hate, as God does , stop lying to yourselves, and lying about others, who know the truth about your filthy sin , God has commanded me in his word, to repent, of all sins, by being willing to forsake them all, why would God show respect to a lifestyle he hates?! A sinful lifestyle whatever that sin or sins of choice are, period !! sincerely Rose !

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