Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog Sub Ita

Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog Sub Ita

[Music] so that’s you know coming along I’m working with a vocal coach strengthening me aa lot of guys ignored the laughs and that’s about standards I mean if you’re gonna get into the evil League of Evil you have to have a member of a laughs what do you think bad horse didn’t work on his whinny is terrible death whinny no response bTW from the league yet but my application is strong this year a letter of condemnation from the deputy mayor that’s got to have some weight so fingers crossed emails – sly for you rights hey genius Wow sarcasm that’s original where are the gold bars you were supposed to pull out of that bank vault with your transmatter ray obviously it failed or it would be in the papers well no they’re not gonna say anything in the press but behold transported from there to here the molecules tend to shift during the transmatter event but they were transported in bar form and they clearly were and by the way it’s not about making money it’s about taking money destroying the status quo because the status is not quo the world is a mess and I just need to rule it I’m gonna smells like cumin so transmatter is 75% and more importantly the freeze ray is almost up this is the one stops time freeze ray tell your friends we have oh here’s one from our good friend Johnny snow dr. horrible I see you are once again afraid to do battle with your nemesis I waited at Dulli park for 45 minutes okay dude you’re not my nemesis my nemesis is Captain Hammer Captain Hammer corporate tool dislocated my shoulder again last week look I’m just trying to change the world okay I don’t have time for a grudge match with every poser in a parka besides there’s kids that Park so here’s one from dead not sleeping a long time watch your first time writing blah blah you always say in your blog that you will show her the way show her you are a true villain who is her and oh does she even know that your laundry day see you there under things tumbling wanna say love your hair here I go I’m um bling I will stop the world with my freeze ray I will find the time to find the words to tell you how how you make make me feel what’s the phrase like a fool kinda sick special needs anyways with my freeze ray I will stop the pain it’s not a death ray ice be that salt Johnny snow I just think you need time to know that I’m the guy to make it real the feelings you don’t dare to feel a bend to our will and will make time stand still [Music] that’s the plan rule the world you and me any day love your hair no I love the air anyway stop hey Doc boys right you all boy stur buddy what’s going on crying got your mail hey didn’t you uh didn’t you go on a date last night conflict diamond told me you were doubling with bait-and-switch yeah yeah it was that right I kind of thought I supposed to end up with bait but I hear ya I saw penny today you talked to her so close just a few weeks away from a real audible connection I’m gonna ask oh my god it’s a family it’s from him that’s his seal isn’t it yeah leader that oh my god I got a letter from bad horse that’s so hardcore that horse is legend he was the lead with an iron hoof are you sure you want all the doors battles he rides across the nation the thoroughbred of sin he got the application that you just sent in it needs evaluations so let the games begin a heinous crime a show of force a murder would be nice of course bad horse that horse that horse is bad the evil League of Evil is watching so beware the trade that you receive will be your last we swear so make the bad ones people or he’ll make you his mare you saddled up there’s no recourse it are your silver sign that horse no are you kidding this is great I’m about to pull a major heist you know the wonderful own iam that I need for the freeze ray it’s being transported tomorrow armored car courier van candy from a baby you need anything dampened or made soggy thanks but the league is watching I gotta go this alone [Music] will you land up caring han true shall do those who need it only have to sign your name don’t even have to read it would you help no how about you ah what I was wondering if I could just hey I know you hello you know me cool I mean yeah you do do you from the laundromat Wednesdays and Saturdays except twice last month you skipped the weekend or if that was you it could have been someone else I mean I’ve seen you Billy is my name I’m penny what are you doing texting it’s very important or I would stop what are you doing actually I’m out here volunteering for the caring hands homeless shelter can you spare a minute okay go okay we’re hoping to open a new location soon expand our efforts this is great building nearby that the city is just gonna demolish and turn into a parking lot but if we get enough signatures signatures yeah I’m sorry go on I was saying um maybe we could get the city to donate the building to our cause we would be able to provide 250 new beds get people off the streets and into job training so they can buy rocket packs and go to the moon and forest you’re not really interested in the homeless are you no I am but they’re a symptom they’re treating a symptom and the disease rages on consumes the human race the fish rots from the head as they say so my thinking is why not cut off the head of the human race it’s not a perfect metaphor but I’m talking about an overhaul of the system putting the power in different hands I’m all for that this petition is about the building I’d love to sign thank you sorry I come on too strong but you sign laughs we want to turn my back on a fellow laundry person well we can’t stick together I don’t [Music] I’ll probably see their no I will I’ll she talked to me why did she talk to me now maybe I should a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do don’t plan the plan if you can’t follow through all that matters taking matters into your own hands soon I’ll control everything my wish is your come back every one nothing here to see to stand learn the danger in the middle of it me yes captain hemisphere hair blowing in the breeze the day is my saving expertise out of two world a man’s gotta to [Applause] same thing idiot dr. Horrible’s I should have known you were behind this almost killed her I remember it differently is she here it’s curtains for you dr. Lacey gently wafting [Music] [Music] [Applause] are you kidding seems destiny what place for watching stop looking at her like that you’re the best you can use the garbage needs kicking some to keep I stopped the van in my hand [Music] please give me a second to catch balls [Music] [Music] and need doled with half a brain can see the humankind has gone insane to the point where I don’t know if I’ll upset the status quo if I throw poison in the water main listen close to everybody’s heart and hear that breaking sad and hopes and dreams are shattering apart and crashing to the ground I cannot believe my eyes how the world’s filled with filth and lies but it’s plain to see inside of me is armor [Music] look around we’re living with the law lost and found just when you feel you are almost drowned you find yourself inside and you believe their school in everybody’s heart keep it safe and side with hope you can do your part to turn a life around oan I cannot believe my it’s a world finally growing wha cuz it seems to me some kind of [Music] we could spend their food the things in where the Dorcas every Jenny doesn’t seem to cannot see I talking me is all the in everybody’s heart and hear that great chance dreams are shattering apart to crashing I cannot believe my eyes how the world but it’s playing too is all around it is so dumb that we’ve been coming here so long and never spoke I know all those months doing a stunningly boring chore I’m angry psyche I love it the smell of fabric softener warm clothes in your hands so good hey this is weird I ordered one frozen yogurt and then they gave me two you don’t have no like frozen yogurt dude I love it you’re kidding what a crazy random happenstance here thank you how was your weekend did you spend the whole time hunting wild signatures um actually I went on a date get right out of town how is that unexpected he’s a really good-looking guy and I thought he was kind of cheesy at first it’s a trust your instincts but he turned out to be totally sweet sometimes people are layered like that there’s something totally different underneath them what’s on the surface and sometimes there’s a third even deeper level and that one is the same as the top surface one huh like with pie so you can see him again I think I will Billy yeah you’re driving the spork in your leg so I am hilarious all right the wait is over this my friends is my freeze ray which with the addition of the wonderful own iam I obtained at my famously successful heist last week I say successful in that I achieved my objective it was less successful in that I inadvertently introduced my arch-nemesis to the girl of my dreams and now he’s taking her out on dates and they’re probably going to French kiss or something called him sweet how was he sweet right freeze ray so as of tonight I am in the evil League of Evil if all goes according to plan which it will because I hold a PhD in horribleness see you at the aftermath piece but not literally freeze ray needs work I also need to be a little bit more careful about I say on this blog apparently the LAPD and Captain Hammer are among our viewers they were waiting for me at the mayor’s dedication of the superhero Memorial Bridge the freeze ray takes a few seconds to warm up and I wasn’t captain hammer through a car at my head not to worry though because I’m he saw the operation you tried to pull today but your humiliation means he still voted a and now assassination the only way there will be blood it might be yours to go kill someone sign that course would you do it to get into the evil League of Evil I’m moist at my most badass and make people feel like they want to take a shower I’m not a la material killings not elegant or creative it’s not my style you got more than enough evil hours to get in in the Henchmen’s Union what a henchman I’m dr. horrible I’ve got a PhD in horribleness is that the new catchphrase I deserve to get in you know I do what killing mm-hmm hourglass says she knows a kid in Iowa grows up to become president that mean big I’m not gonna kill a little kid his mother an old lady do I even know you I just you know really think I’m qualified for this this job and she can’t get my foot in the door I’m sure you will I wanna do great things you know I want to be an achiever my bad horse the thoroughbred of sin I meant Gandhi well I’ve gotten turned around from plenty of jobs even fired a few times I can’t imagine anybody firing you neither could I now I can visualize it really well well you know everything happens don’t say for a reason no I’m just saying that everything happens not to me here’s a story of a girl who grew up lost and lonely sinking love was fairy tale and trouble was made only for me even in the darkest every color can be from and every day your brain brings water flowing to things growing in we’ve replaced with pity for a city barely kolben dreams are easy to achieve who fog is all I’m open to me any time you’re hurt there’s a one who has it and every drop of rain will keep you see it’s your son so keep your head up Billy buddy it’s like Captain Hammer is always saying Shh write him how are things with cheesy on the outside good they’re good he’s nice huh I’ll be interested in what you think of him he said he might stop by stop by here yeah oh goodness look at my wrist I gotta go but what about your clothes I don’t want these see ya oh pardon Oh Billy this is Captain Hammer Oh Billy the laundry buddy well it is very nice to meet you we’re meeting now for the first time you look horribly familiar one of those faces I guess have I seen you at the gym at the gym I don’t go to the gym I’m just naturally like this oh well who wants to know what the mayor is doing behind closed doors he is signing over a certain building to a caring hands group as a new homeless shelter oh my god yep apparently the only signature he needed was my fist but with a pinion that I was signing with I can’t believe it congratulations see thank you thank you well this is great I wish I could say in chitchat well sure was nice to meet you doctor you got a little crushed on your dock well that’s gonna make this hard to hear see later I’m gonna take a little penny back to my place sure the command center hammer cycle maybe even the ham jet you’d think she liked me now I’m gonna give penny the night of her life just because you want her and I get what you want see Penny’s giving it up she’s giving it up hard cuz she’s with Captain Hammer these are not the hammer [Music] the hammer is my penis disappeared as a moral dilemma cuz at first it was weird there was war to eliminate the worst of the plague that devoured humanity it’s true I was vague on the house or canopy that you have shown me the light it’s a brand new day and the Sun is high all the birds are singing and that you’re gonna die how I hesitated it’s a brand new all the time that you feet be unconscious I forgive all the crimes and completeness and honestly mr. CooCoo mr. right mr. know-it-all was true you got a future so bright and I owe it all to you show me the light it’s a brand new me I got no remorse now the waters rising but I know the course and on a shot go – Oh bad horses hey Kenny will see thee evil me not a joke not a dork not a failure and she may cry but the tears will dry when I hand are the keys to a shiny Australia it’s a brand-new day yeah the Sun is angels sing because you’re gonna die everyone [Music] looks like we’re finding out what a true hero is the mayor himself will be on hand to dedicate the new homeless shelter and unveiled a statue of Captain Hammer it’s a good day to be homeless it certainly is [Music] so they say captain hammers become a crusader political is cleaning up the streets about time say that’s me so romantic he signed this so that they will have blankets and beds we can open by Monday thanks to you thanks to glory let’s all be our best next up who’s gay [Music] this issue works with the homeless and doesn’t eat meat we have a problem this is his hair this is so nice I just might sleep single twice to say it’s better the second time they say you get to do the weird stuff so they say I guess he’s pretty ok after years of stories by finally found the page [Music] still not picking up there’s no happy ending so they say not for me anyway should I stop pretending table this is his dry-cleaning bill for sweater-vest [Music] and in just a few minutes we’ll unveil the statue of the man himself doesn’t says a name and the name that it has besides justice is Captain Hammer ladies and gentlemen your hero I hate the homeless in this problem that plagues our city everyone should have the basic you know what I don’t need tiny cue cards when I fell deeply in love with my serious long-term girlfriend penny wave your hand funny she is cute huh sort of a quiet nerdy thing not my usual but nice anyway she turned me on to this whole homeless thing which is terrible and I realized I’m not the only hero in the room tonight I’m not the only one who’s fighting it may not feel too classic begging just to eat but you know who does that Lassie and she always gets a treat so you wonder what your part is cuz you’re homeless and depressed but home is where the heart is so your real homes in your chest everyone’s hero in their own way everyone’s got villains they must face their not as cool as mine but folks you know it’s fine to know your place everyone’s a hero in their own way in their own not that heroic way so I thank my girlfriend penny yeah we totally had sex she showed me there’s so many different muscles I can flex there’s the deltoids of confession there’s the ABS of being kind it’s not enough to bashing heads you’ve got to bash in [Music] everyone’s a hero way everyone’s got something they can do get up go out and fly especially that guy smells like poo everyone’s a hero in there way you and you and mostly me and you i’m poverty’s new sheriff and I’m bashing in the slums hero doesn’t care if you’re a bunch of scary Alka [Music] play the hero’s trail don’t worry [Music] breathe [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] look at these people amazing how sheep will show up for the slaughter no one condemning you lined up like lemmings you led to the water why can’t they see what I see why can’t they hear the lines maybe the fees too pricey for them to realize your disguise is slipping I think you’re sleepy now that your savior is still as the grave you are beginning to fear me like cavemen if your thunder I still have to wonder can you really hear me I bring you pain the time you can’t suffer quietly fire up your brain remind you inside your rioting society is slipping everything slipping away so tell them the tale get a picture to a block heroes are over with power me nail then I get everything all the cash full of Fame and social change and are capable that I run it’s dr. Horrible’s turn this world is glowing – its – no sign of penny good I would give anything not to have her see it’s gonna be bloody head up Billy body there’s no time for mercy [Music] here goes no mercy [Music] that’s not a good sound [Music] a death ray looks like dr. Horrible’s moving up let’s see if this one looks any better than your up I don’t have time for your warnings you give my regards to see Peter or whoever has his job but in [Applause] [Music] [Music] ready honey Thank You Betty hold on oh are you all right hold on it’s okay it’s okay didn’t hammer but [Music] here lies everything the world I wanted at my feet my victories complete so hail to the king [Music] arise and see [Music] so your worlds benign so you think justice has a voice and we all have a choice now your world is mine [Music] and I am fine [Music] [Music] [Music] Mireille to make you quake with fear to make the whole world [Music] and I will thing [Music] [Music] girl argh

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  1. Wow I just started to get more interested in Dr. Horrible sing along blog and there’s this video up of the whole thing, what a crazy random happenstance.

  2. Today after spilling a full large soda on myself, I found myself thinking, "Well, at least it's laundry day!" and the song got stuck in my head despite not having of seen this thing in YEARS. Thanks for uploading (and subtitling in Italian)!

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