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  1. 55:58 No one is talking about different types of LDL (small dense LDL vs large buoyant LDL) and that LDL is not a type of cholesterol. So simple, cholesterol is a molecule. If it changes, it is not a bad or good type, it is no longer cholesterol. E.g. sunlight on the skin changes cholesterol near the skin to vitamin D3, not a good or bad cholesterol!! What is the clinical definition of good or bad?? when applied to particles (like LDL) or molecules (like cholesterol) in the body. ?? So uninformed and so uneducated.

  2. Thanks to Dr Greger. "Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground. The people will gradually develop up to the condition of this natural food." ~ Bahai Faith

  3. Thanks to Dr Greger. "Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground. The people will gradually develop up to the condition of this natural food." ~ Bahai Faith

  4. Thanks to Dr Greger. "Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground. The people will gradually develop up to the condition of this natural food." ~ Bahai Faith

  5. I'm a vegan. I'm writing a book on veganism and I hope my fellow vegans will support me by purchasing and promoting my book. Thanks!

  6. ya i hate google talks,, they soo fkin depressing and always so little people (too much efforts from my favorite doctors and last time was neiimai delgado,, same though croud comments glad to see im not alone to think that,, second time im seeing a google talk and its atrocious,, im gona have to block them

  7. He IS selling things on his website actually. Now I don't have a problem with that and most of the information I need is indeed free. But he can't live on air, he still needs to make a living, pay his staff and costs making the vids etc, so it's only fair that he should show on his website things that one can purchase (or make a contribution as he words it). But I do believe he ought to word it differently rather than saying everything is free.

  8. That advert! "Cigarettes are as pure as the water you drink" 🥺 yeah right! If you live in Flint?!!?! LOL. Boy how dreadful those cigarette companies were.

  9. Fabulous video. Well worth taking the time to watch it all. Although Dr G covers some information here that I was already aware of, there was still plenty there that was new to me.

  10. My all time favorite lecture. An excellent summary of his research in his book and concise nutrition to prevent or reverse the top 15 causes of death. Much admiration. Check out his daily dozen if you’re not familiar.

  11. You might not be allowing for the disease exclusive to the modern food industry. Free range chickens don't have to be soaked in chlorine but I don't have access to free range chicken. Unfortunately, fruits and veggies are being contaminated also now. Around 25% are contaminated. Suppose fruits and veggies that are contaminated might not hurt you as bad as contaminated meat. You're supposed to be able to cook out dangerous things, cooking things well done. Makes you wonder if a raw food diet is dangerous. Some veggies are hard to digest if not cooked first.

  12. I prefer to die as a man than to live like a rabbit. A life without cheese, fried chicken, a burger, ice cream, french fries? all of that always replaced with fuckin salads without oil? ar you fuckin serious?! if the rabbit diet allows you to live until 350 may be i'll think about it. but c'mon, at best, the rabbit diet allows you to live 5 more years than the average more or less healthy guy. So i give an emphatic "fuck" the rabbit diet!!!!

  13. Hate it when smokers say they don't want to quit smoking because they don't want to gain weight but it is OK to incinerate your lungs! Don't have any pity for anybody who smokes and gets lung cancer! I know people that have lost all their teeth from smoking and keep on smoking!

  14. i'm french. we like veggies but we are not rabbits. American people do always things in excess. when you guys are overweight you are damn giga fat, jabba-style (from star wars lol). And when suddenly, you realize that 40% of your population could be in Krueger-Park, elephants aera, then you decide to become rabbits and seriously believe it was the human way of life to eat those fuckin kale salads (rabbit food) all day. damn american logic.
    "how not to die"?? rename that "how not to live". FUCK THE RABBIT DIET.

  15. This Dr. is a great man for speaking the truth, helping people, and not pushing drugs. I'm surprised that the State Medical Board hasn't revoked his Dr. license per the recommendation of big pharma.

  16. I have parkinsons disease I used to eat lots of milk and cheese I have beening on a plant diet for 2years know but no change have to take medication every 2hours what else can I do to help myself please give me some advice

  17. I stopped eating broken windshield glass and my doctor said studies show I have improved my lifespan 31 trillion percent. When I went back to eating broken windshield glass just once a month my chance of dying spiked almost back to what it was before.

  18. Simple basic science.
    Natural & optimal ENERGY TRANSFER for earth ecosystem:
    SUN🌞 -> GRASS🌿 -> COW🐄 -> HUMAN🧑
    Ruminant MEAT is the most natural & optimal, MOST BIO-AVAILABLE NUTRIENTS food for HUMANS.

  19. this guy is awesome.
    my question is, why does nobody suggest CHLORELLA for your B12 needs?
    i dont understand this..
    they say you can only get b12 from meat, or whats new to me, according to dr michael greger, we used to get it from our water supply, but no longer because of the chlorinated water, but what about CHLORELLA?
    chlorella is LOADED with b12…like a lot of it. and its an algae, non-meat source?
    i dont understand.
    Anyway, i get my b12 from chlorella, i personally take chlorella and spirulina every single day.
    9grams of each, 18grams total and i love it.
    it makes my green smoothies super-green, i call the smoothies i make "Green Crack" lmao
    or the super-green smoothie.
    anyway, just wanted to say that.
    Dr Michael Greger is awesome, love listening to his talks and speech on youtube!

    you learn so much.

    – Brian

  20. Albert Einstein was asked why the questions to his student's 2nd year exam papers were exactly the same as the 1st year.
    He famously responded, "Because the answers have changed…".

  21. he’s actually a monk. he takes no salary, that’s why he eats beans and grains! what a lovely man 😍💯
    his services are all free. he is humble, saintly and unfortunately poor (because he takes no salaries or money, ever.)

  22. As usual, Dr Greger makes a spectacularly positive impact.  So very informative, and inspiring.  Thanks for sharing, this, Google.

  23. Brilliant Dr Greger👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thanks so much for opening the eyes & ears to all who wants to hear. Have been watching as well as listening to you super informative audio book – “How not to die” May God continue to bless you and your work. Indeed it is so terribly needed in such dis- ease inflicted world. Also blessings to your Team & all other like mined colleagues of yours. Indeed it is “Back to Eden” at least in this retrospect 🎶😄 🎶

  24. I have been healthy Vegan( the whole food plant-based diet) for 5 years , unfortunately I was lately diagnosed with invasive breast cancer following stage0 DCIS that I refused to get treatment 2 years ago and I already know the treatment would be pouring chemicals to my body to fight cancer named Chemo . 2 years a go I though, this is nothing to be worried about as my healthy diet will help the abnormal cells repair themselves and I refused the treatment. but apparently not. Do you have any recommendation for me at this point?

  25. you would think a company like google would be smart enough to show the detail slides as he talks through them…only a couple of flashes…most of them missed. You guys need a new AV department…

  26. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY LIVES YOUR SAVEING? THANK YOU. May GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU RICHLY. You have opened my eyes to my heart. I've watched do ma my of these type vids and you ssre the only one that has motivated me to seriously change . My problem? I'm a prepper and I've canned thousands of dollars of foods that I would never eat now. I canned a whole beef, salmon, I never ate pork but I have canned chickens and turkeys OH my thousands of canned foods that I wouldn't eat any more now. Then if you give the food away. You don't get your jars back or you would be contributing to kill the people you give it to. Lol . May be I'll just start feeding all that organic food to the dogs. Oh my. And I've been slithering a 'll my food with organic coconut oil and gained 100 lbs. I bought it by the 5 gal buckets. I wouldn't touch canola because GMOS. OH MA N. I've wasted all my time and money.

  27. Kudos to Dr Greger. "Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground. The people will gradually develop up to the condition of this natural food." ~ Bahai Faith

  28. I do housekeeping at a cancer center and EVERY garbage can next to the chair of EVERY chemo patient EVERY day contains some form of a discarded fast food/ junk food container.

  29. 43:26 He may of mentioned it some where else, but speaking of bone fractures, he could of emphasized that eating certain vegetables has more calcium than a glass of milk.

  30. check out Joel Wallach's "dead doctors don't lie" in book or video! You have good doctors disagreeing on whether vegan or animal fat are best for you, also dr. Darren Schmidt veganism vs ketosis on u-tube. I think it is more important to have a healthy spirit and soul and you can do this by obeying God's 10 commandments and Jesus' 2 great commandments! help at www.holylove.org = messages and may God bless You whatever you decide to eat or not eat!

  31. Dr. Greger, you light up the food industry. I healed myself after watching "FORKS OVER KNIVES." Thank you for being honest. You are BRAVE!.

  32. This is so true
    My sister left her tongue be re-injured for seven months without going back to the dentist and now has stage 2 tongue cancer and has had to have surgery – had her lymph notes out and radiation therapy it will take her years to recover all because she didn’t go to the dentist to get it checked out properly. Also it’s rubbish food like cardboard rye Ryvita but she is overweight so that makes sense – if you have more cells there is more likelihood you would get cancer. So it seems like our lifestyles of the problem and the fact that we ignore her health at the expense of not having to deal with it

  33. My family don’t want me to tell my sister the truth in case she gets upset, so they’d rather she was dead from her preventable cancer than actually save her life because protecting feelings are more important than logic

  34. Just like E cigarettes that the NHS in endorses to give up smoking however I had an asthma attack when someone blew smoke on me and had to go to the hospital

  35. So is the guy at the beginning of the video at the right corner of the screen, bottom right corner of the screen product placement? Lol

  36. I do eat primarily fruits and vegetables and nuts and I love sourdough bread with my havarti cheese and I'm not cutting that out. I also like to eat meat on occasion. I eat boiled eggs as well

  37. See like I'm all down to cut down on meat eating….but the alternatives taste horrible. I think I dislike more vegetables than like by a ratio of 4:1. There's maybe 3 I can think of I actually think don't taste disgusting.

  38. I go to lots of lectures to learn about my health, mainly my depression and bipolar. The WORST thing is when the lecture ends, and we have to Q&A. I was so glad when the main talk ended, and Q&A started 🙂 very good!

  39. These low-fat morons aggressively pushing unnatural low-fat diet caused an explosion of heavily processed junk and the epidemic of obesity. Now they realized their mistake and instead of looking at the data and correcting, they doubled down. Now it's not enough to eat the low-fat Mediterranean. Now you need to be low-fat vegan. Nobody eats like this, it'd disgusting, unnatural and wrong.

  40. He incorrectly groups processed foods like dairy with meat. He does not mention vegetable food allergies such as modern wheat.

  41. I've been vegan for 6 years. In that time: my asthma is completely under control, I haven't had a lung infection ( I used to get them 3x a year, I haven't had a UTI, my blood pressure is normal, and I just over all feel amazing. But I make sure to take my B12 and vegan DHA.

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