Drink Water The Correct Way — Dr. Willie Ong Health Blog #1

Drink Water The Correct Way — Dr. Willie Ong Health Blog #1

I’m a medical doctor. I thought of starting this video blog to share with you some health tips For today. I’m [Gonna] teach [you] the proper way to drink water Water is very important to our bodies our bodies are made up of 70 to 80 percent water. There are many diseases You can prevent to drink enough water Around 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day if you have kidney [stones] drinking enough water can help prevent Kidney stones if you have urinary tract infections, especially the ladies They can drink two glasses of water in one sitting and this can somehow wash out [the] infections If you have heartburn like gastritis You can drink two to three sips of water every 20 minutes. Do this regularly? this can wash away the acid from your stomach, so this can help a bit and The water can also help you reduce weight you can drink a glass or two before a meal it helps you feel a little full and some say water can also make your skin more supple more soft because you’re hydrated and There’s a proper way [to] drink water One advice I give to my patients is when they wake up in the morning. They try to drink a glass of water Because you’ve been dehydrated the whole night. [so] you have to catch up drinking enough water and For older people I would recommend drinking around [6] to [7] glasses of water in a day it depends on their medical Condition so they have to ask their doctor about it When the weather is hot [when] you’re exercising you have to drink more water If you have a fever [you] have cough and cold water can also lower the fever it can also loosen the phlegm from the cup and the cold and How do you know if [you’re] [dehydrated] and you need to drink more water? One tip is [to] check your urine color the urine color should be nice like white or yellow But if the urine color is dark yellow or a little orange that means you’re dehydrated already So you have to drink more water I would prefer drinking distilled water purified water But mineral water is also fine, but some doctors. They don’t want to give mineral water if you have Kidney stones So as you can see there are many diseases you can prevent Many health benefits if you just know how to drink the water at the right time at the right amount every day So I hope this little health tips can help help you a bit I posted my article there below you can use it and share it with your friends and Thank you for watching

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  1. Doctor Ong, I can listen to you all day long,you sounds a very nice person with a big heart..Thank you Doc for great videos..Love to hear more from you..God speed and more power to you.

  2. Salamat doc. For Great info 🙂 Do visit this site greenprescription.net  its also give tips for natural remedies,natural treatment and everything about health. More power!

  3. you didnt mention my pee color. mine is usually kinda neon green. what does that mean doc? am i okay? thank you

  4. Great Video, Thanks

    earth is 70% water, body is 70% water , but we eat mostly solids which is wrong!

    Drinking Just 8 glasses of water is the safest, cheapest , natural, least side effects and the direct approach to cure all diseases.

    For me it has worked. To help me be reminded and track , I use "water meters" mobile app by Lokesh

  5. “Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember that, my child. Remember you are half water. If you can't go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does.”

    ― Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad

  6. Hello doc
    I think you are a filippino
    And I trust the filippino doctors, as I'm also a have filippino who had live in ph for 13 years now I'm currently living in Denmark, my opinion they are not good as the doctors in Philippines, I have this problem last year I'm always tired and like don't have any energy, and have discomfort on my left chest where my heart is, and it hurts and it can't feel it's something with my heart, I got fast palpation on evening, I have high cholesterol and a weak kidney and I drink medicine for it, but my main fear is my heart, when it hurts sometime it's like a needle pain sometimes it's like a squeezing, I have told my doctor about it many time and all she says my heart is good and nothing is wrong with it and saying it's just muscle pain but it isn't I got medicine for muscles pain and it dosent help, and I can't feel it is nothing with muscle with do, I also got this high blood pressure and I also get medicine for it, please help me doc give me some advice what I should do thank you

  7. Hello doc, i'm a filipino, i think you're filipino too. I would like to ask what's the reason and what's the cure of my younger brother's rashes, it's super itchy, he said. The rashes are all over his body, his palms and his 'talampakan' is also itchy, those two itches the most, please give me some advices. Thankyou

  8. Hi dr ong tama po ba na nakaka ingest ng bacteria ang pag inom ng tubig pag ka gising dapat ba mag gargle muna bago uminom ng tubig sa morning? Thanks and Godbless

  9. My DC has me drinking 75% of my daily water first thing in the morning and that has been great for several months. So I guzzle 72 ounces first thing.

  10. dr ong. im benjie cabatic 23 yrs old lagi po ako nkikinig at nanonood ng mga upload videos mupo. verry helpfull po specialy smga kapos sa pera gaya ko at mga netizens na nacucurious skanilang nararamdaman. doc pag niresetahn pu ba ng uralayt-U para sa u.t.i. anupong ibg sbhn o meron ako na sakit. seriuos puba ito. thanks po doc sna po manpsn nyo ako god bless and more powr to your family at sana madmi pakyo matulungn pa.

  11. Dr willie ong,ano po ba ang lunas sa tonsil stone 1dekada na pong pahirap sakin ito。nawawala bumabalik ulit。ang sama po ng amoy ng hininga ko dahil dito。

  12. I drink nothing but room temp spring water. to me it tastes funky cold. IDK why. maybe I'm just used to drinking it that way. plus I found my body digests food better from room temp Vs cold.

  13. Al-Tirmidhi (1881) narrated that Ibn ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: “We used to eat at the time of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) whilst walking, and we used to drink whilst standing.”

  14. Spring Water is much better than purified water, which is recycled sewage water from your toilet bowl. The best brands are alkaline, (such as alkalife 10) which are from natural Spring Waters, and natural water sources and alkaline so it prevents cancer.

  15. doctor I'm in London but I like the way you are kindly calm by advising all the viewers of ur video.
    please come to London to share ur health advice…

  16. you don't actually have to drink the 8 glasses as you get a lot of water from food. also a lot of people only drink room temperature water and never ice water to help digestion. and it's good to let it sit for a while before drinking to rebalance it's chemical structure. it gets all banged up in the pipes and is disharmonious. also tell the water I love you to give it special healing properties. do not tell the water that you hate it and want it to die or else it will become poisonous..

  17. yan ang ginagawa ko tuwing morning doc. inom agad ako ng tubig kase nga sobrang tuyot ng lalamunan ko pag gsing ko sa umaga almost 8 hrs ka hndi uminom ng tubih so dapat uminom ka pag gsing mo thank you dr.ong 😄😄😄

  18. salamat doc Willie ong.dami ko po nalalaman s inyo buti po.my isang katulad nio NA ng si share ng mga dpat gawin s ibat ibang mga sakit we love you.god bless po

  19. For those looking to get rid of face fat, cut out as much sodium out of your diet as possible. Drink tons of water, as the fat is actually water weight. The sodium makes the water cling, so when you do this it will flush out all the water weight 🙂

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