Dubai Travel Vlog | Owlipop Blog

Dubai Travel Vlog | Owlipop Blog

there are 38 degrees °C in the shade we’re looking for the metro station which should have air conditioning look, there it is the camels seem upset so we ended up not riding them

6 thoughts on “Dubai Travel Vlog | Owlipop Blog

  1. You are killing it on your channel!! Just subscribed to keep an eye on your talent- what's your favourite part about making videos for youtube!!?

  2. WOW so amazing!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Dubai is seriously near the top of my bucket list. Everything there is just so extravagant and beautiful. Those views from the 124th floor were stunning! Hanging out in the desert also looked like a very cool experience. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh. I want to go back. I once made also a video about it. I think you had a better season. We did it in August, But too hot. 😅

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