Dungeoneering Developers’ Blog – New Floors

Dungeoneering Developers’ Blog – New Floors

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  1. hey runescape i'm sxywithwings i was just wondering……
    i heard that teher will be a dragon c-bow soon with the drag defender is that right??? please reply.

  2. hi runescape this question is for mod biscuits : is it right that there will be a drag c-bow please reply.
    btw im sxywithwings

  3. @wahidwazim I was extremely bored one day and started reading around runescape wikia (as I had nothing else better to do on a Sunday morning aside for exercise which I already did the day before)… lol so I read about dragon weapons and apparently they aren't made of metal so there is not such thing as dragon ore.

  4. you knwo i dream to one day work for runescape and develope the game like you mods do. MAKE the game, TEST the game id love that

  5. The Dragon scimmy update was great on the way you hold it, but I have to be honest it looks a little funny when you attack someone/something, kind of like you are flailing your body at the opponent. But anyway great job Jagex =D

  6. Jagex,I think you are very limited to what you can do with Java, if the graphics would be just a little better(i know you can,but well,java…………..) you might take down warcraft

  7. Wooot! I Finally got a look at Patrick and Chris!! After meeting them in-game almost week, since they joined Jagex. I know how they look and work! GREAT Movie, nice seeing them work together 😉 I myself don't play much anymore, thierfor I havn't met this floor yet. But maybe during the summer 🙂 Good Job EVERYONE in Jagex's team 😉 keep up the GREAT work. and you really are doing a great job!

  8. Congratulations Jagex, we, simple player just log in and play, just have fun, and you guys work hard for an amazing game… Called Runescape! Congratulations Jagex 🙂

  9. wow all this is really awesome. i'm only 77 dungeoneering right now, hoping to hit these awesome warped floors ^_^

  10. The Dragon Def. came out today. It's hellacious to get literally 200+ people in the guild. It looks like the d scim noone liked in mini form. Hopefully in a week or so i can attempt to get one.

  11. i love all the great new updates runescape is having such as the warped floors/and the upcoming health points update and the new dragon defender the game is getting more and more realistic the graphics are just simply amazing this is great looking forward to future update and new skills coming out keep up the good work awesome job!

  12. at the end of the video Mod trick said "But that doesnt mean we've told the full story, you will have to stay tuned for more information about the key people as well as the strange power" i interpret that as there WILL be floor 61, my guess a fight with Bilrach. If i am wrong please correct me, however if i am close I'd like to know. (no spoilers please :))

  13. you guys keep delivering new content, in 5 years of runescape (with some breaks) i never lost interest. keep up the good work

  14. Good work with all the new updates it`s really cool,but i also like Runescape like it was 6 years ago not because of the animations or something and the quality but there was no trade limit like now.Cause i liked to get money and stuff from my brother and friends do yeah i hope that the trade limit goes away but u still do something so people can`t scam.But Runescape is really the best MMORPG ever!!Good work Jagex team.

  15. @frobinhood That's a shame, you must have missed my responses to this question, it's quite common — we use custom-designed, in-house software for all of our graphics work. 🙂

    – Mod MattyC

  16. @MrFate003142 Many staff members have mod names that incorporate our real names in some way – so the MMG in Mod MMG just stands for 'Mark M. Gerhard'.

    -Mod Jon H

  17. Listen at the end of the video: "As well for the STRANGE POWER."
    -> Like if we have heared about the strange power…
    YES WE DID! The Strange power is related to DUNGEONEERING!!

  18. This is so amazing! At first I didn't really like Dungeoneering because I thought it was pointless XD Guess I was wrong. This is really turning out to be an AMAZING skill.


  20. Nooooooooo jagex dont let old wilderness come back! or will it be like its diffrent worlds u can go in wilderness and kill ppls and in others not?

  21. What is that red light that you see through the warped floors? Is there something below the warped floors? Or behind the walls? A possible future update???

  22. i hope to work for jagex someday. im 13 atm and im kinda good a programming and i hope to get a degree in it someday. then hopefully work for jagex 😀

  23. Mod Buscuits has a cool name, but Mod Chris L is the best mod ever. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEW GDW BOSS U MADE CHRIS 🙂

  24. I can't wait for the new dev blog on dungeoneering!! they're suposed to talk about that strange power thing 😀

  25. jagex, u guys should add mounts in runescape. mounts for players to run faster and look cool. everyone love mounts in a mmorpg.

  26. Remember when everyone was disappointed dungeoneering seemed like a mini-game? Everyone, take another look. Mini-game or not, this is epic.

  27. Seems that demons have more trouble handling weapons, considering that only the most powerful of them are able to carry weapons. (imps being an exception)

  28. I bet working for runescape is awesome. Designing monsters and then maknig them come to life. Might even get to test them.

  29. More videos please, I found this more exiting than RuneScape itself, I'm not joking, I'm just a nerd… (a)!

  30. <did nothing but dungeuneering and fist of guthix so far really 😛 epic events even for us freeloaders
    any more updates coming our way for us freeloaders?

  31. It is absolutely amazing to see what the people do to create an epic game such as this. Too see that what they make for characters just comes out from a drawing and make into a 3D animated character is absolutely brilliant. I would LOVE to have a job as similar as this, and I don't care how tough it looks.

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