Dungeoneering Developers’ Blog

Dungeoneering Developers’ Blog

so when I was first asked to work on the new skill of engineering I was like well it’s an amazing opportunity I’ve been a runescape player for about five years prior to coming to the company so I knew what a profound effect it was going to have on the game and I really wasn’t wrong we’ve taken our inspiration from a number of different places films TV shows other games and it really shows if you were to find us in our meetings you’d hear someone say yeah wouldn’t it be great if and we think now we kind of do that and then about 10 minutes later you hear us you know thrashing out ideas you know going to our lead lead designers to to try and push things forward it was a it was a really good process coming up to release was really hectic there were so many things to consider you’ve got the the balancing the gameplay the graphics all of it needs to be just right and if you came into the office after hours you’d see all of us just you know threatening out some dungeons eatin pizza you having a laugh really enjoying it but you know really tense stuff trying to test everything you know have you got a key here yeah it does the family work over there that kind of thing it was really good fun but yet tense so the latest theme we’ve added to dungeoneering is the occult theme this is by far my favourite of the wall kits and themes that we’ve got so far it looks very pretty especially with all the options turned on yeah it’s going to take you down to floor 47 so you guys training up now you’re gonna get a tasty bit of XP I won’t say how much but I had a look in in the whip game and it’s I’m looking forward to should we say with the latest batch you guys may have noticed a load of new custom title with some funny hopefully some not and these are based on my personal experiences from the time trailers Paul said we’ve been doing in the past to start with the chief yes sure I was complaining the chief title basically when we were doing the dungeons mod Hume was never around when we wanted him to help out with the boss or a challenge room or something like that it turns out he was off farming and planting all the K potato seeds to make food for a boss that we’d already killed so it was a bit useful I think to be contributions G another one of the more difficult titles to get is the whoop-whoop achievement basically you’ve got to go through at least 90% of the dungeon by opening the doors and jumping through within about five seconds of actually opening the door it’s a bit risky because you might find a boss and you’re on your own especially a party of abandoned you and these guys used to open the doors and then they planned marked targets but they haven’t really actually gone anywhere they’re still marking targets by which time I’ve probably been in the room grabbed a key and come back out while making the noise I thought was why did I do the claws so just to give you an idea of the sense of scale of dungeoneering for the graphics team in the whole of dungeoneering we’ve got I think somewhere in the region of 60,000 models for dungeoneering alone we’ve created it somewhere in the region of 67,000 assets environment storage broken down to our walls the first thing that was made it all starts with concept so started with a generic kit which was basically made up of a base section a middle section and a top section which we then create variants for so the furnish thing was done first then the abandoned theme so sort of taking those models cutting in all the detail giving it age doing it we’re from now it’s frozen theme freezing things up had a lot of specularity from ice and things that we’ve added in a cult which is I suppose of the one thing that’s taken it’s quite a long time to do really because saw that everything is really start from scratch like nothing’s been reused for a cult yeah we hope you guys like art I was given the job to create the new Demers and update the hold models as well and the way we do them all in for runescape is a bit different to other games where where’s we where’s another goes who suggested something by the texture here we’re actually modern in all the details so that for the Demers you’ll see detail in there in the muscles in the arm that’s all modelled in and we try it we model in light as well where we will shade certain areas of different different color different shade so that you all that details built inside the model yeah one of the main considerations we have is at the time the length of animations because we have a kind of a negotiation within content developers and graphics where graphics would like everything to be quite big epic and grand content developers their main consideration is to get this playable and make sure players play quickly and efficiently what we do often get a lot of leeway with is when there’s something a little bit different a little bit more unique for example there is a character in dungeoneering where it’s like a big guy with an eyeball and the eyeball kinda comes out and EXO has this weird sucker thing and kind of helps it back in and wipes you clean and that’s quite a long animation it’s called like 10 12 13 seconds but because that’s so unique this it’s actually it looks awesome it’s something where I think the content content about this or gives is a free render and a do as long as we want really as long as it looks really cool and the play gets a lot back from that there are three basic categories of music in the dungeons ambient combat and boss we have always been keen to add more adaptive interactive music into runescape and the self-contained nature of the dungeons made this much easier to achieve than elsewhere in the game we wanted the ambient music in the dungeons to be slightly ominous not too intrusive to the players exploration of the dungeons but to give a sense of suspense the combat tracks which play in the dungeons are designed to contrast this to get the blood racing when the monsters appear as the last monster in each room is destroyed music reverts back to the tension building ambient music the boss tracks are similar to the combat tracks only perhaps a little more thematic kinetic with the occult force one of the things I’m most happy about was the the audio they drive me into their office one day and show me all these new things that they’ve been working on it was just so creepy all these these whispering sounds and things it it just worked really well with the area it it brought out all the brilliant graphics we’ve already got it it just felt right we were ready to do the boss all right let’s go oh and there’s a drunk rabbit you idiots kill oh right okay I’m coming oh okay back it was a really great experience and I couldn’t be happy with how it turned out I hope you enjoy it the occult theme and look forward to seeing you in world woman seven

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  1. Will the dungeoneering developers ever consider as to letting us discover the truth behind daemoheim? I mean, isnt all this a bit too sudden, you guys at jagex hav made RS have a BIG BIG history storyline of how the gods came to be, like zamorak, the god wars and all that. But all out of a sudden you pop up this little island with weapons stronger than godswords. Dont you think you should put a little bit more of the history behind it? And also, will we fianlly get to meet Bilrach?

  2. @HardJumpBrothers yes it is. The untrimmed cape shows you tranforming into the armour of the dungeons. but with the (T) cape, it shows you transform into the armour, and killing 2 monsters beside you. It is a cape worth the effort!

  3. @runescape hi i would like to get up my dungeoneering but i don't really understand it. If you were to release a video showing how to organise a group together and a general guide on how to do dungeoneering.

  4. Hello Runescape, Runescape is just the best game ever created I can't explain how good this game is and you inspired me to create a MMORPG I just need a good animation system to create it I have good idea's for it and a name which I wont adress so please tell the one you used to create Runescape and I would be very grateful. Thanks, your HUGE FAN ZammyIsUrGod.

  5. @levigugus17plus1 The ` key accesses the developer console, currently this is useful to obtain more information from a player whoโ€™s experiencing a specific problem with the client.

  6. @RsNoobsCJ very many likes it i personaly love dung but doing quests getting quest cape soon ;D after that i go back to dung and i wanna get 99 dung as my first ever 99 on skill ;D

  7. how old to you have to be to be apart of the team cause i have played runescape since i was 7 and im 13 now. i have had many accounts and so far all of them have been hacked or locked. i think it would be a great oppertunity to work with yall cause i would love to create things and get and account higher than 77. 77 is my highest account then it got hacked or deleted. it would be awsome just to go to where yall work and look at it personally please leave a comment back. ty for the great game

  8. yo i would love to be apart of yalls team i might be 13 but im good with electronics. and i have some good ideas on some things that should come out and i would love to have accounts like yall. i believe if yall taught me how to do things get the programs and stuff and send it to me i could make things then send it to yall via email. i would also love to be a mod i have played runescape since i was 7. and the highest account i have had was 77 it got hacked or deleted. please thing about it. ty

  9. @TheGtamaster64 I'm Canadian so yes, they do! You've got to have the right to work in the UK, whether it's by having UK/EU Citizenship/Residency or a work visa. ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Mod MattyC

  10. @OfficialElectroShock You can turn the subtitles off, just click the little [cc] button on the YouTube video interface, next to the resolution button [360p]. We have a large German community so it's been translated to that language along with French and Portuguese. ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Mod MattyC

  11. @iloveguysatwork44 J-Mods are people who work at Jagex. You can see our latest job postings at jagex. com/careers to see if there are any openings that would be a good fit for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Mod MattyC

  12. Very nice. Actually the 1st time i watched a rs vid and enjoyed it alot. So jealous wish I was working there!

    Great job on last floors in dung I really like it and I actually enjoy rs audio for the 1st time


  13. to runescape: Hey we want czech forum and czech runescape ๐Ÿ™ LOL! I think we will wait long for this ๐Ÿ™

  14. when the members gonig to have better graphics on the gnomes and the rest if the member npc except the humans and the fairys.

  15. @PKaddicted We have our own personal accounts alongside our Mod accounts. On our personal accounts we don't have any special powers or advantages whatsoever. ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Mod MattyC

  16. could you make the deaths on runescape diffrent? like you would have an arrow in your torso when you get ranged and when you get meleed you would have a cut scar on your arm if you dont have any sleeves and you would get a cut on your head that would pretty funny if you got maged you would have burn marks on you. ๐Ÿ˜€ mystic king/king bumbum2

  17. I found the 3d animating very interesting bu personally I thin the majority of the players of Runescape mute the sound because I can't stand that weird arcady noise when I hit something

  18. I jsut got the WOOPWOOPWOOP tital by dungerring by myself but i whent thru and killd all the thigns then opend the door? lol it was awsum i screenied it

  19. Nothing much to say except that dungeoneering added another sexy layer to the game. Instead of coming out with a quest series to add another Grandmaster quest in the game, how about you finish existing quest series? We've waited more than two years for a sequel in the Myreque Series and similar lengths of time for the Mysteries of Majarrat. It would suck to see the sequals to those quests come out after 4 years of their release because you guys keep putting more on your plate..

  20. Definitely upload more videos like this. I find this very interesting and currently doing a developer study. It's great to see other developers at work in a game I would like to work on myself. I hope I can get into such a company like Jagex, if not Jagex itself! These kind of videos are very motivating to me.
    I hope to see more of these!

  21. Jagex, I have this really great quest idea in mind and i really want to show you! I heard you sometimes get ideas from the players, and i have a big idea. Is it possible if i send an email to any Jagex adress (the players gallery one etc.)?

  22. Questions
    1. Have you thought about adding more dungeons? Not resource dungeons but other locations of deep dungeons outside of Daemonheim. It could have different inhabitants, storylines & thiems. Dosn't have to be as big as Daemonheim I know that's taking alot.

    2. I noticed the candles in the graphics are there any plans to allow us to Zoom in or the ability enlarge the game on screen so we can see the detail you have added better?

  23. Is that a new hitpoints system? And if you want to be a mod can you never have any offenses on your account? thanks!!!

  24. If I watch this video I see the worths miss if a monster hit you? Never seen that be4, another update or something?


  25. We have our own personal accounts alongside our Mod accounts. On our personal๏ปฟ accounts we don't have any special powers or advantages whatsoever. ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Mod MattyC
    Then do you test with your own accounts or your Jagex accounts?

  26. @runescape , you guys have done a brilliant job,jagex! i couldn't be more happy with the occult + warped floors ๐Ÿ˜€ i also have one idea, but it may be a little nuts, what if all skills could go to 120? players could hit much higher! ๐Ÿ™‚ it might not be the best idea,but it would be cool to have a true mastery skillcape for every skill, that is, if it even happens ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. I love the Occult Theme and Dungeoneering. I'm keen to reach 99 dungeoneering this year. The first fight with the Thunderous was very exciting and I really enjoyed it.

    Good job Jagex

  28. Imagine testing unreleased RuneScape content before anyone else with your friends while eating pizza and STILL getting paid?
    No I can't either

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