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  1. Maybe the best win of Mercado's career. Of course Shavers is probably the hardest hitter ever, but Mercado was a big puncher as well, and showed a lot of guts here.

  2. @cololmbiankid
    im a heavyweight amateur boxer my mom is from Medellin i am the only colombian heavyweight i know. my question to you is dose ur father train fighters?

  3. It would be alot like how tyson ko'd Bruno in 96 before the holy fight.That's how tyson of early 88 ko's shavers.Earnies power would do SQUAT to the fierce young classic mike.

  4. I think Mercado would be a top 5 heavyweight today…but no chance in a milion to beat Klitschkos…About Shavers, he would be top 3, but no chance to beat Vitali or Mike Tyson at their best…Good chances for Shavers against an young Wlad…

  5. I agree with your assessment on tyson 88 koing shavers but not the 96 tyson.TYson was impotent after jail.Alot of fight fans dont realize how declined he was from even his ruddock fights! His stamina couldnt get him past 3 rounds,his mental toughness had no conditioning backing him up so when things got tough,he bit and quit but the early 88 machine is still the guy to beat in history.

  6. I say that because of the way he looked vs all the fighters he fought from 86-88.Not one could get a combination in!!!!!!!! and many had 12 rounds to do it.OK smith caught tyson sleepng in the 12th and tucker caught tyson in the first,tyson walked thru it and regrouped and came in strong in the 10th 11th and 12th because of conditioning!.He was still bobbing and weaving in the 12th vs tucker.Thats the tyson days that give the ali's and lewis's all the trouble they need!

  7. SHavers power came more from throwing wild and straight right hands vs tall guys.He would have trouble hitting the elusive short tyson of 88 because tyson would be too close and under him.Uppercuts dont work unless tyson comes in with his chin exposed.He would go right after shavers and look for his opening knowing shavers had a marshmellow chin.easy 4 punch combination ko for tyson ala berbick type ko with tyson being more cautious with shavers but eventually the end would be fast

  8. watch at 3:51 a sneaky short uppercut by Lyle that stunned foreman and set up the lyle attack that ,if tyson instead,would have finished george off. Watch it carefully.About 3:51,my point is tyson of late 87ish finds that uppercut as easily and perhaps even more powerful.It's a clash of styles that isnt good for a tyson like style but tyson in his best days ,had the added benefit vs a foreman that others his size lacked.

  9. watch at 3:51ish for the short LYle uppercut that backed foreman up.I don;t know buddy.Evidence is to the contrary of what you are so sure about!

  10. Norton got stopped by Shavers in one round. What does that make Norton in your view? I don't think Shavers had a glass chin. If you watch the Quarry fight for example, or his loss to Lyle, he took a lot of really hard punches—-against Quarry, the fight was stopped, but it's not like he went down and got counted out from one punch. He had lousy defense and in most cases, poor stamina, but wow, he could hit.

  11. I agree that Quarry was small for a heavy and a counter puncher—-but he had enough power to get the job done and was a good finisher. Again, he hit Shavers with dozens of punches before the fight was stopped. No glass chin. Lyle also blasted Shavers with big punches before Shavers went down. No shame there. I'll ask again, what do you think of Norton, who lost in one round to Shavers and Cooney and lost early to Foreman—-and Garcia?

  12. I like Andy Ruiz Jr. But I really don't think Haye or Adamek would "play" with Mercado or Shavers. The Brothers K appear to be great—-no one has really tested them enough, but maybe they're that good? I still think Ali, Foreman, Holmes, perhaps Tyson—-would beat the Klistchos—-Ali in his prime could take both of them on the same night.

  13. You mentioned that Earnie Shavers never had great physical strength, well on the Phil Donahue show , Muhammad Ali was asked who was the strongest fighter he ever faced, and Ali told Phil, Earnie Shavers was the strongest, even stronger than George Foreman. That interview is on YouTube.

  14. I don't get where people say Bernardo was a bum , he had pretty skills , I woulda done well against the heavyweights of today , maybe never a champ , but he coulda been top 10 ,

  15. Anyone have the Mercado-Berbick fight? That fight ended with one of the more crushing punches in memory and I'd like to see it again.

  16. Shavers always had conditioning problems. He just plum ran out of gas in this fight and couldn't defend himself. That explained a few other losses he suffered during his boxing career. Mercado had little left in the end too but enough to do a little shoeshine at the end.

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