Eastern and North Western Melbourne Community Advocacy Forum, 28 February 2017

Eastern and North Western Melbourne Community Advocacy Forum, 28 February 2017

(gentle music playing) Today we’re in the East North West region of Melbourne at the Mantra in Bell City in Preston and we’re holding a local community advocacy forum. Advocacy in terms of mental health is often about people restoring their rights that can be removed from them by nature of having a mental illness and some of the systemic issues that arise from that. Today will be been made up of active community members, people who are living with mental ill-health, their families, their carers, supporters, local service providers, people who are just genuinely interested in community change. I hope people get a sense of hope I sense that no matter what they feel or how they feel that their voice does matter. Today is really important, it’s a first for Wellways where we’re coming out and helping people come together, have their voices heard, create the change that they want to see. I think the biggest issue facing people with mental health issues and disabilities today is the accessibility of services. It’s about having a voice and breaking down the isolation and coming into the community and taking control of the issues. It was a really good day, lots of dynamic, important people contributing very generously. We had people with a lived experience of mental health struggle. We had family members and carers, we had service providers, we had CEOs and we had a number of Wellways staff here as well. Really good ideas, conversation around stigma and social inclusion, how we inform services from a carer and consumer participation level there were really great conversations. One of the best outcomes for today will be bringing all that information together at a national level, to help us with national submissions, call to action campaigns and informing policy makers about what we’re passionate about what needs to happen and where change needs to be made.

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  1. It was such an amazing day and experience! I loved hearing all about people's different experiences and the amount of diversity in the room was so wonderful to see. Everybody's opinions were valued and respected. I would most definitely go again 🙂

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