Easy Art Journal for Beginners–How to Start An Art Journal Page?

Easy Art Journal for Beginners–How to Start An Art Journal Page?

hi everyone its Keren here and welcome
back to my channel today I have a new art journaling tutorial using marabu
sprays which I recently got and I just really really loved and I also use a lot
of different stencils from several companies and just created a really fun
background this is really easy to make nothing fancy or very complicated about
it I am working in my Joggles 6 by 9 disc bound journal and I took a page out of
the journal because it’s much easier to work when something is flat especially
if you’re spraying with it I started spraying a couple of colors
onto the background the sunshine yellow in the Reseda and mix them together and
then heat set this first layer it’s really important to heat set between
layers that way the colors don’t blend into each other because the marabou
sprays are permanent once they’re dry the next color I added was tangerine and
I used a different stencil to add a different pattern i heat set this as
well then I took a number stencils from the crafters workshop and using the
raspberry color I started adding a little bit of this nice fuchsia looking
color into the background I went in certain areas and just added a little
bit of that spray to create that distressed look I heat set this layer as
well then I went in with another stencil and I will definitely list all the
stencils that I used and all the products that I use below in the
description area this time I used the Caribbean color and I created another
pattern in the background I love creating these really fun patterns by
adding lots of different types of stencils the last stencil that I used
was stencil by juggles and I will list it below I don’t remember the name and I
used the average in color which is a dark purple almost like eggplant color
and I covered everything this is almost like a mask and a stencil all in one and
I covered the whole area when I lifted it left a really cool
pattern in the background I just thought this was really really cool and all I
had to do was let it dry once it was dry I could doodle with some markers when it
dried it kind of dried burgundy because it had a little bit of a different color
underneath and I guess when it dries on top it dries darker so instead of drying
in that eggplant color it almost looked like a burgundy color and I still really
like that I took a sharpie marker this is a white paint like sharpie marker and
I started outlining all the shapes on the background only the burgundy shapes
the purple ones and left everything else the same I highlighted and outlined all
the shapes on the background because I wanted it to look as if they were part
of the design and this was just fun to do because it’s almost like doodling I
really didn’t want to complicate this background I really wanted to show that
it can be done very simply by just adding sprays and stencils and not much
needs to be done to it so this is how I left it I really like the pattern and I
thought it was really cool looking so I just figured I will just leave it the
way it is the only thing that I did is grab a couple of Tim Holtz small talk
words and added a sentiment to the background
finally just because I really don’t know how to stop sometimes I took a little
bit of the white imposter paint and using one of the crafters workshop
stencils I created a pattern at the edges of the art journal going
vertically and horizontally I use a sponge to create these really cool
patterns and that helped to frame the words and create movements towards the
center of my layout I use some prima fin a bear soft matte gel to just seal the
words to the background using the gel because the stickers were not sticking
on properly and I didn’t want them to become loose when I put it back in my
Journal’s so I just added a little bit of gel to just seal them through the
background finally I took the black marabou art crayon and I went ahead and
created a border around the edges of the art journal page all I did is just
outline and a border and then blend it with my finger until it creates a border
around the whole art journal page I also took my black pasta pen and just
outlined that the words in black I chose this art journal because I wanted to
have all the layouts in this journal to be horizontal because I wanted to have
spreads that are going lengthwise so this is another one of the art
journaling pages that I created for this journal and you can watch more of the
video tutorials from the art journal pages that I created in this discount
journal I went back with my white marker and I created a little bit more doodling
inside the pattern then I took the page and put it back in the journal it’s
really easy to just pop it back in and that’s why I love this journal because
you can take it out so easily work on a flat surface and then pop it back in and
have your journal ready to go for the next time thank you so much for joining
me today if you like my video please give it a thumbs up and share it with
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  1. I have really enjoyed watching you be so creative in this journal. Thank you so much Keren. Love, Love!

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