Easy Flowers And Graphite Junk Journal Page

Easy Flowers And Graphite Junk Journal Page

I’m really struggled with this piece you
know it was one of those pieces that I just went through the cycle of loving it
hating it loving it you know just it just was one of those although the jury
is still out on whether I cycled back to loving it at the end or not and I’ll
I’ll let you decide for yourself at the end if you like it when you see it when
it’s finished but I wanted to try something out and this is what this
piece is really all about it’s an experiment and a reminder that you need
to take some risks and try things out and not worry about whether you’re going
to get something that you love out of it a pretty piece of art or whatever it is
you’re you’re wanting to get this one’s definitely more about the process and
it’s the perfect place to do this type of piece because I’m in my junk journal
today so if you haven’t seen my junk journals before because it’s been a
while since I was last in my junk journal here on my channel hasn’t it so
if you need a reminder of what I use for my junk journals then I do have a video
all about and I’ll leave that in the description as well as the products that
I’m using today feel you know you find them there as well and I do try to list
everything including the colors but sometimes I might miss something so
shout if there’s anything you’re interested in that you can’t see listed
although on this page today it already has some colored down so I won’t be
listing what color was originally on this page because well because I don’t
remember I could have a good crack at it but I don’t think it would cover
everything when buddy looks a bit the colors on this page will probably left
over from another project that I then scraped out here with a plastic card and
anyone just sat in my junk journal for a while until I came to work on it this
time and because this page is so dark I thought I would go over contrast
and use a white paint pen to draw some flowers
I don’t have a plan for this piece at all I was just really attracted to the
idea of drawing on it with a lighter pen color [MUSIC] once the flowers were down I tried to
rebalance the composition with some leaves but I never really felt that
happy with that left hand side of this page I thought that adding some light
yellow of vanilla pastel color as scribble writing and also some dots
would frame the flowers a little bit better and add some interest to that
background as well and I didn’t quite like how that looked but I don’t know no
stunts something’s still missing here for me so I thought I would go in with a
dark glaze over that background to try and make those flowers pop out a little
bit more [MUSIC] and then the piece just sat for many
weeks after that glaze before I actually came back to working on it again
and because I’ve left it for a while I think when I came back to it I couldn’t
look at it in a little bit of a fresher light and yeah I felt the glaze hadn’t
gone far enough to lift those flowers out so then I turned to a lighter color
because well we you know that’s gonna lift those colors out and I blocked out
the background oh it’s a blocked out you can still see some of the texture
peeking through so it’s not a complete block but there are a couple of layers
of a lighter color here and I could also get rid of the leaf on that left hand
side that was kind of bugging me and the great thing about just playing and
experimenting is that you can let yourself try things that you would not
usually try like color combos and you know things like that so I wouldn’t
necessarily have picked out this color combo if I’d thought about it but
because I sort of did this in piecemeal there was a good time to just sort of
play with it and see where it go but you really have nothing to lose when you’re
experimenting particularly in your junk journal so if you take nothing else from
this video what I would really suggest you you try and take away with you is
keep experiment in your next piece make it an experimental piece if you do smart
today or you’re doing smart this weekend then do a risk-taking playful piece and
just you know try some stuff out that you wouldn’t normally do [MUSIC} now I brought back some of those
background pastel colored doodles again which then they’re adding some more
texture on this color and I wouldn’t normally have done this either I
wouldn’t normally have picked a pastel to go with a pestle so that was quite
fun to have a go at I mean I quite often go for contrasts that’s something I like
doing when I’m trying to change things up and adding drama and interest and
texture to a piece so actually breaking that habit and experimenting with going
with something that doesn’t contrast is really fun [MUSIC} once I had some texture down I left the
piece for only actually for a few minutes and considered if it felt
finished or not and yeah there it could possibly be finished at this point but I
don’t know I had an urge to just keep going and try something new and I’ve
been playing with graphite and adding it in the later stages of a piece and you
saw that last time as well when I did my DIY journal with those varied shaped
pages if you remember that one I’ll link to that one as well if you missed it so
I just wanted to see how graphite would work here on something like this so I
tried out some different graphite techniques I started with just a simple
pencil around the image and I didn’t want it to be on the white line so it’s
kind of just off the white line and this was an interesting way to pull that
white line out from the background [MUSIC] I also tried shading with the graphite
and blocking in the areas as well particularly around the flowers and I
kind of like the vintage or distressed look that gave and there’s very
interesting textures that you can get with a graphite like this and you could
use a pencil or a graphite stick so when I was using the pencil just using the
side of the pencil where I could sometimes I had to use the point as well
but he’s in the side of the pencil gave you some really interesting textures [MUSIC] Then I went back in and decided to tone it
down a little bit and blend it out this time and I’m using
a some kitchen towel to do this that I’ve twisted into a point but if you
have a paper stub to hand you use that it’s a lot easier I didn’t have one to
hand I would have had to have gone searching for one and the paper towels
just nearer so that’s why I’m using the paper towel if you’re using the paper
stub then you would get a lot more control specially in the smaller areas
and around the outline to I didn’t want to accidentally gray out the white line
that wasn’t the intention it’s more to sort of gray out the background. [MUSIC] now this
is not a water soluble graphite pencil but you will get some movement of the
graphite over the surface when you add water those wanted to add a little bit
more paint here and just brighten it up a little bit so added some water and
then I add a little bit of paint and just see how it reacted on this surface
as well and have a play with it and see what resulted and you’ll get a very
different look if you try this same technique out with a water soluble
graphite so give that a go as well and see how that works for you [MUSIC] but another advantage of having a wet
layer now is that when I come to flick the paint onto it the paint splatters
are gonna spread out in the water a little bit if you let the water layer
dry then you’ll just get your usual paint splatters but I thought I would
try this more diffused look and see how that worked so even though this piece is
a struggle for me I did I struggled with it you know all the decisions just
didn’t seem to want to go my way but once I let myself see it as just a play
piece you know changed my mindset around it and so it is something that was
experimental tried not to force it I mean I got a lot out to doing this piece
so I found some interesting new techniques but I want to play about with
some more and yeah that’s definitely what a junk journal is about isn’t it so
remember that not all of your art needs to be pretty or showable or even good
so even if you’re struggling the struggling can be really useful as well
and lead to some new paths too so keep at it is well worth working through the
struggle and keep going so go take some risks with your next piece experiment
and play don’t worry about outcomes just have fun making some new discoveries
along the way and if you want some more ideas to get you going
then what’s these videos next and I will see you over though

10 thoughts on “Easy Flowers And Graphite Junk Journal Page

  1. What I use for my junk journals is here, in case you haven't seen it yet: https://youtu.be/SLVs52pJCvE and I have loads more junk journal page inspiration in this video playlist for you: http://bit.ly/2PV6Ky7

  2. You always teach me new things! I quite like the outcome – a couple of times along the way I was a bit nervous but then I would remind myself who I was watching and I knew everything would be alright. ? And it was! I love your flowers and really need to work on mine – I used to draw a lot more than I have recently. I'm going to make a point of doing that the next time I sit down to work in my junk journal. Everything is all good when you add scribble writing…and it's even better when you flick the paint. My world is happy when I see your pieces have those elements. Add in the drippiness of watered down paint and my heart just explodes with mad love! I'm going to take a break from (seemingly endless) gift making to work in my junk journal this weekend and explore some graphite. I love the effect you were able to get around your flowers so I've got some scribble writing-, paint flicking-, graphite shading-exploring to do. And I can't WAIT! Thank you for reminding me of some techniques I had forgotten about and for reigniting my fire for exploring in my junk journal. Sometimes we forget to create outside our comfort zone and get in the habit of only creating what is safe and "good." There are times we can learn SO much from exploring and being fearless – and that's what I will be doing this weekend. I may wind up with some butt-ugly pieces by the end of my art time, but I bet I will be full of new information and have an abundance of fresh perspective! You're a doll, Ms Dellow – thank you for always finding new ways to reignite my passion! (Even when I wasn't aware it was slipping!) ❤ xoxo

  3. So pretty! Fun to watch the transformations and see where this piece was going to end up. Thank you for providing the supply links!

  4. Love the flowers. I enjoyed watching your constant metamorphosis of the background. I liked it at various stages but the final outcome is great too xx

  5. I actually loved your piece when you drew the white flowers but as you went on, I loved it too. The finished drawing is beautiful. I just can't imagine how you would have changed it, but you certainly did exceptionally. TFS another beautiful mixed media product again. ???????

  6. I really like how it turned out, Kim! I know, the struggle is real…lol! I like shading with graphite. if you never take risks, you´ll never learn, right? Tfs, hugs, Fia

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