Eating Healthy While Eating Out | Trainer vs. Blogger | Reality vs. Fast Food

Eating Healthy While Eating Out | Trainer vs. Blogger | Reality vs. Fast Food

if you’re wondering how to eat healthy
while you’re going out, stay tuned. Okay, you’re doing all the right things, you’re meal prepping, you’re workouts are on point, but then somebody invites you to eat out. Like this guy right here… “LA food and lifestyle” if you
want to get my consultation for free that’s Arlo right there If you want to get my consultation for free… you’re gonna be in my video. That’s the
price. So if… he’s not camera shy, he has his own food blog, and lifestyle blog. I’m
gonna put the link in the bottom. Alright, so we’re gonna go out in these places. We’re gonna find how to eat healthy… What’s our first spot we’re going? ARLO: We’re going to BBQ Choice. CESAR: BBQ Choice, ah barbecue. That’s not that hard. Barbecue is not that hard. We’re at BBQ Choice with Arlo, @lalifestylelo. That’s how he gets down. ARLO: That’s right, @lalfiestylelo. Watch how we eat. We’re gonna be eating healthy today
though. CESAR: I went through his numbers, after all he’s eaten today, he has some wiggle room. he has about 35 to 40 grams of fat left for the day… and 30 grams of sugar… max. So we want to hit 25 tops. So that’s what we’re gonna shoot for, but we’re gonna go for some delicious food. We’ll see how it goes. haha. I never usually do it this way, but this is how we’re doing it All right, so while they’re doing their
food blogging thing, I’m just gonna start eating. I got this lamb kabob here,
they don’t have the nutritional information out, but based on what I know, this is probably
about… a little bit more than 400 calories. I’m pretty sure. Alright,
we’ll find out what Arlo’s… how much of it he can actually eat ARLO: I got the barbecue salmon.
So how much of this can I actually eat? CESAR: Alright, I’m gonna take this… ARLO: Okay, that’s not bad, I can… that’s doable. CESAR: because, a whole pound of this salmon, is 64 grams of
fat and your threshold is 30 (40) ARLO: Right. That’s what you got. Based on what he ate already for the day, unfortunately this is out of the question
but when it comes to this delicious meat, he’s got this much. This is 8 ounces of
salmon, baked, cooked, flavored, but he still has a lot of calories left for the day. So he’s going quinoa salad. Alright? There are some sweetened corn, and
some cranberries in there, but this is definitely gonna fit within his 30 gram threshold. So he can enjoy this much. We’re ignoring the rice, but he’s good to go. We’re eating out, we’re eating healthy, that’s how we do. ARLO: So that’s how these
tastings go you know. You get all this food, but you gotta pick the healthiest. Right? CESAR: Yeah. Portion it out… ARLO: Portion control. Portion control that’s what it’s all about. CESAR: And the rest can go to his family… or me. I’m taking his food. Okay day two with Arlo. ARLO: We are back
taking him to another tasting and uh… he saw about went with with all the good
food that we had. CESAR: Yeah. We were able to make it work last time,
this time it’s gonna be so much freaking harder okay cuz what we’re eating is
deep-fried breaded chicken that’s breaded in flaming hot Cheetos and fries
that’s all they do. ARLO: Chips n’ Chicks that’s where we’re going. CESAR: Chips n’ Chicks, oh my goodness… but healthy. That’s an oxymoron… but… healthy
is a balance of what you eat throughout the day. So you’re gonna have a lot of
things on the high end of health some things on the low end. We’re
exploring the low end of healthy food, but… ARLO: Yeah we’ll see, we’ll see
if we can explore the low end of of hot Cheetos and fries. Okay? CESAR: It’s gonna be
delicious but it’s not gonna be… what… I’m not a miracle worker man, I’m not a miracle worker. ARLO: That’s why I called you here. That’s why you’re here man. CESAR: We’re gonna crunch the numbers. You’re gonna see how much of it he can actually eat. The rest of its going to the family.
Feed the kids. I don’t… oh man… all right You’re about to see this food. It’s… it’s
crazy. Alight, it’s gonna be delicious though Super ambitious health-wise ’cause… It’s not healthy. It’s not healthy. So, if we’re eating right throughout the
whole day, which we did. He’s got enough macros left to enjoy this. So that’s how we do it. VANESSA: The amazing hot Cheetos dish that I’ve been dying to try, can’t wait to have it This is cheat day stuff okay. Seriously,
cheat day stuff. If you’re trying to eat healthy you’re gonna just hurt yourself
because you could eat so little and you’re gonna leave so much left on my
plate Well 1/5 and 1/5. That’s not bad. I
mean you left a lot of macros on the table, so you’re allowed to have 1/5. That’s torture. ARLO: I’m good with that. As long as I get my 1/5, I’m good with that. CESAR: Okay, it would be an injustice if I didn’t
adjust the macros for this. This one… I didn’t realize how much cheese was in it
so he’s down to 1/8. You could only eat 1/8 of this if you want to staywithin your macros Arlo. Sorry Arlo… but… It’s delicious, but if we’re gonna stay within our parameters, most of it is going to his family. ARLO: This isdefinitely in my parameter right now CESAR: Right now. You’re getting there. The finish line is coming up… Sooner that he thinks. Okay he’s only got to do one fifth that’s all he’s got. ARLO: 1/5 huh? I can’t eat all this either. Oh my goodness. VANESSA: How is it? CESAR: I’m about to make this a cheat day. ARLO: Hot Cheetos on my fries… mmm. CESAR: Oh my gosh, I’m ’bout to make this a cheat day. Do I have to stay within my macros today? Today’s a cheat day. Today’s a cheat day. ARLO: All good bro. CESAR: Nah, I’m gonna be good. I’m gonna be good. If I could do it, you could do it. Ah, what’d I just say… okay… dammit. ARLO: That does not fit into the diet… for… CESAR: For me it does. ARLO: For me it doesn’t… apparently CESAR: I can have 2/3 of this sandwich. I’m gonna do 1/3 of this, and 1/3 of the other one. That’s how I’m gettin’ down Everyone watching my videos is like, “you
don’t get to finish your plate? What’s the matter with you?” If I want to keep my abs, I have to sacrifice finishing the plate. but hey, I’m the most generous person everyone
knows because they get to finish my food for me. ARLO: Apparently if I want abs I have to stop eating fries. But I’m still eating fries. CEAR: Yeah. You’re getting close. He’s almost at 1/5 I like the hot a little bit better. The regular is freaking bomb. It’s so good. They got their own flavor. They got their own batter. It’s their own taste. It’s so worth it coming over here. VANESSA: It’s very unique. On my end, I like that kick on that hot one. They got levels when it comes to the
Chips n’ Chicks fries… we went all the way. We told them to blast it, and we’re loving it. If they blast it, the blasted it. It it’s not like a little bit of Tabasco sauce blast it. They threw some heat in this. VANESSA: They brought it. CESAR: They brought it. Alright… last… I’m pulling the brakes on him… pulling’ the brakes! ARLO: Last one, last one. CESAR: No. that’s 1/5. You’re not paying me to take away food from you. That’s what you’re doing. Usually you would pay me. This is his payment right here. being in my video… haha. All right you got 1/8. You got like two bites left…. haha. ARLO: Ay, but you gotta see this. This is freaking amazing. I hte that section there. Don’t worry I’m properly policing him. ARLO: Alright. Cesar: he’s got… okay that’s not a full bite.
he’s got a bite and a half. He’s gonna do it in… like right now. Savor it! What are you doing slow down! ARLO: I’m savoring it right now. Believe me I’m savoring it. Cesar: Now I gotta pull it away. That’s it. Yay. he gets to eat what he
wants and leave… ARLO: You wanna take my fork too? Here. Might as well take my fork. Cesar: You don’t get to lick the fork. and he get’s t leave… hungry. When it comes to the fats and the sodium… we passed the sodium. You’re gonna… ARLO: In like two bites we passed the sodium. Cesar: Yeah we passed the sodium, but he’s got other calories left. when it comes to this… he’s maxed out but he’s got other
food to eat for the rest of the day so… ARLO: I’m taking this home so he won’t know
that I’m gonna eat this in the middle of the night. It’s a Late night dinner. CESAR: That’s what happens. You pay… that’s what a lot of clients do. they
pay… and then lie to me about what they eat. ARLO: I’m telling you… at least I’m telling him the truth you know I’m like… CESAR: Yeah this one tells the truth. ARLO: I ain’t lying. Cesar: but I know… when you talk to your nutritionist, they know when you’re lying. They know when you’re lying. We have these looks we give to each other in the gym ARLO: What’s the look? CESAR: Oh yeah! oh that’s what you had for breakfast? Oh… that’s good. For my macros, this is my last bite here. Medium sized bite. I know exactly where I’m supposed to end. hmm I can’t finish this… I wanna eat more. but that’s… ARLO: Nah. you can’t have none of this. You an’t have any more man. CESAR: That’s the reality We get to enjoy this kind of food. We keep it balanced. Keep it balanced, keep your abs that’s how we do it. ARLO:I was able to control my
food at my tasting thanks to Cesar. So… so it… it can be done. CESAR: It can be done.
You can live a healthy lifestyle, enjoy the food you like. If you know how to do
it right. So I hope this helped you out. See you in the next video. Okay. It’s the day after, and if you’re wondering if we were actually disciplined and ate the
portions we said we were set out to eat… Here’s my third of the leftovers. There it is So yeah we stuck to it. we stuck to it. Here’s the takeaway, if your going to take away something from this is that… knowing your numbers is the way to go. If you don’t… err on the side of a lot less than you think. Okay? Make those adjustments you’ll hit your
goals and still enjoy the food you love. Alright see you next time. ARLO: slouch… slouching. CESAR: Slouch so I look taller. ARLO: Alright. Cesar: We’re at Choice BBQ with Arlo right here… ARLO: BBQ Choice. CESAR: BBQ Choice. BBQ …delicious here… ARLO: Now protein, how much protein is in here? CESAR: how much… um … shoot…. He stumped me. I’m gonna… ARLO: Stumped. I stumped him. I stumped the trainer right here. Cesar: It’s okay… I’m gonna put like… right here…

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  1. Cesar this is so freaking cool! Plenty of times people go out and they say that they are forced to cheat when actually you can go out and have a good time and still maintain your count numbers. And I don't ever finish my plate anyway when I go out to eat so this is actually perfect awesome great job.

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