EDU in 90: Innovate with Blogger

EDU in 90: Innovate with Blogger

back to EDU in 90. Blogger is a platform
that lets users instantly publish a blog by making it
easy to share text, photos, and videos. It was created more
than 20 years ago and is now a free tool
and an additional G Suite for Education service. JILLI MOORE: There’s a huge
range of innovative ways to use blogging to enhance
learning in the classroom. On this episode,
we’ll look at some of the creative ways
educators are using Blogger in their classrooms. We asked you to share
your ideas, so let’s dive in and check out some
favorite suggestions. [MUSIC PLAYING] Blogger allows students
the opportunity to tell a story from
someone else’s perspective. And Simon Drury’s
school in New Zealand swapped class mascots
with another school across the Pacific Ocean
in San Diego, California. His students learned
about Swampy the pukeko’s exciting day-to-day adventures
as they shared photos and stories to show what life
is like in a different part of the world. How cool is that? MORGAN WEISMAN: And
in Alberta, Canada, Charity Helman developed
a Blogger book project where her students take on
the perspective and voice of a specific character. This allows her
students to demonstrate a deeper understanding
of the characters they’re reading about. By taking the time to tell a
story in someone else’s shoes, students become engaged
through critical thinking and interaction and can develop
understanding, tolerance, and empathy for others. Here, you can see a blog
written as Charly Gordon from “Flowers for Algernon.” The student has fully
embodied Charly’s personality, thought process, and
progression over time. JILLI MOORE: Blogger
has also been used to increase transparency
with an important audience, parents. Danai Maramba’s classes use
a single Blogger account for their entire G Suite
school to celebrate student learning
by posting stories about their achievements. This allows for critical
advocates like parents to stay invested and informed
of their students’ progress. MORGAN WEISMAN:
Many educators have utilized Blogger to increase
transparency and communication within their schools, too. Middle school
teacher Ryan Carroll and his teammates
leverage Blogger for an internal announcement
system, The Morning Buzz. Teachers check the blog with
their first period class every morning to start
the day and get up to speed on what’s
happening around the school. This streamlines the
announcement process and keeps everyone
on the same page. JILLI MOORE: Well, that wraps
up this episode of EDU in 90. We hope these innovative
use cases from your peers spark some ideas
of how you might use Blogger in your school. MORGAN WEISMAN: Be
sure to subscribe to the Google for
Education YouTube channel for more EDU in 90. Thanks for joining us, and
we’ll see you next time. Accessibility features
are a critical part of making sure that
all students are set up to do their best work. Check out our last episode to
learn about a few features that are built into G Suite tools.

5 thoughts on “EDU in 90: Innovate with Blogger

  1. Blogger tiene grandes posibilidades, pero es una aplicación detenida en el tiempo. Aplicaciones como WordPress se han actualizado con una interfaz amigable, que reconoce la importancia sobre cómo debe lucir un blog; misma situación que se ve en otros desarrollos de Google, como Sites, Gmail. Calendar, etc. Pero Blogger parece una aplicación de los 90s. Espero que esté en los planes de Google actualizarla, porque como está, no es útil en las escuelas.

  2. i'm really glad you have made this episode, as i see blogger as one of the BEST tools google own – yet blogger is not 'cool enough' for many people and therefore gets passed by. what you have said here is so appropriate for everyone — Have a great idea and just write it!! Blogger also is forced to be the BEST website ever — where is reality all is needed is a decent idea, words and a story to be told .. it also makes me feel inspired to actually write on my many blogger blogs 🙂 … thanks

  3. Blogger is like Google Groups – wonderfully, powerful tool that could use a little love and a new coat of paint.

  4. Great to see blogger being recognised as a platform for learners and learning. How about showcasing gadgets and how these can support learners having an authentic audience? Check this class blog in Gisborne, New Zealand.

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