Ein minimalistisches Bullet Journal beginnen // Teil 1: Key // Setup Aufbau 2017 Deutsch

Hello and good to see you again. This video again is about bullet journaling and I want to show you how to do the first set up. This time not with my own bullet journal because it is already ready BUT I gave my mother her own BuJo on mother’s day and her wish was that I do the first set up for her. How I did this journal by myself I link you here in this vid My own BuJo setup is coming soon! In the next days. This time it will be something special as I do a cooperation with another youtuber I will not let anything out or tell you who it is so be surprised. If you like this video I really appreciate if you subscribe and now have fun with the first set up. The first episode of this series is about the key. The key shows the meaning of the notes you are taking. Already on this first page you can begin with ornaments. In this case I chose a gingko leaf. I kept it quite minimalistic. The first and often used symbol is standing for an event what means something like a party, a meeting, things like that and the sign for it is a square. The next symbol stands for a tasks i. e. like posting letters into a box or the like. The next symbol is a cross which means You just place it onto the square or dot And it just means that a task is completed or an event has been taken place. If something is important you just write an exclamation mark beneath the current symbol or only write an exclamation mark beneath the task. So this is useful for not forgetting things and it just is eye-catching. If you have to schedule someting or postpone it forward like you can’t take part in an event or aren’t able to do a task then you can just write on the other sign an arrow which just means this task is postponed into the future Of course you can do they key more fancy more detailed and using more symbols like like a little heart if you love something or found a thing you favorize Or if you’re a youtuber you can use a little playbutton to symbolize posting or filming a video. I think there are no limits for your imagination And in the next part of this series I show you how you create a yearly calendar for your Bullet Journal. where all months are presented and I also show what you can do wrong and so on. So just feel free to watch the next video If you want to be notified just subscribe Apart from that you’ll maybe see me in my own BuJo setup for June so see you next time. Bye!

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