Ein Problem mit Amerika: Fehlende Gehwege! [Florida USA Reise Vlog Blog Deutsch]

Ein Problem mit Amerika: Fehlende Gehwege! [Florida USA Reise Vlog Blog Deutsch]

See this streetcar-train there? I think nobody in this country likes to walk. This is not meant as a insult. Just the first impression we had here in St. Augustine. There are no other public transports then this one. And … Best thing: THERE ARE NO SIDEWALKS! We still need to find out, what the problem with the US and sidewalks really is. We wanted to walk this way. And there: Sidewalk. But only for a short while. It gets narrower and narrower … Hmmm … This is the way we need to go. So let mingle with cars. Damnit. Over there is a Wendy’s. Now guess! We want to go there. On the other side is no sidewalk. On this side without restaurant is a sidewalk. Funny. We want to go over there to eat. But no pedestrian’s crossing. I want you to realise this: On the whole street is no crossing. KFC would say: “Safety precautions”. We just jaywalk. Than use the green. This is so awesome.
[Laughing.] Over the street now on my personal green sidewalk. But … I share a secret. There! In the grass … A sidewalk is born. Maybe they use Portkeys and we don’t have any. With them one can beam to the other side. Just use magic. Today we were at the Universal theme park. They have a Hogwarts there. It really may be that the US uses magic to travel by foot. Yeah, I know. We dumb Germans. Used to walk everywhere. Dumb Germans did not rent a car … Those Germans used Amtrak … Amtrak … “Why do you use Amtrak?” Every American just asks us, how we came up with the idea to travel by train …. We made this strange little Amtrak video to let off steam. This was after an 11 hour trip from Tampa to Jacksonville. We got 3000 clicks in two days. Got people to blame us for WW II. [Ironic] But in the end the sidewalk-question is easy:
JUST – USE – A – CAR …

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  1. I love watching videos of people from other countries visiting America. Idk why, I just love seeing + meeting foreigners visiting here!

  2. Yeah on behalf of the entire US, I would like to officially blame Florida. There are MANY more reasons to dislike Florida, so keep filming, you will find plenty!!

  3. LMAO @ these krauts all upset there isn't a sidewalk for them to goose step on. Just do it on the grass instead, idiots.

  4. No sidewalk so what to do?
    Walk on someone's lawn? get shot
    walk on the street? get shot by cop
    walk on a private business? get shot by a rent-a-cop

  5. Florida != all of USA
    Also, USA is a huge country. Much more spread out and sidewalks do exist but not everywhere.

  6. Jacksonville checking in. (Just north of St Augustine) I walk and skateboard to work every day and there is a huge lack of sidewalks. I've submitted petitions with the city and tried to get into contact with someone but it seems like nobody really cares. It is extremely dangerous for me to walk anywhere unless I go deep into the grass or dirt, which is often somebody else's yard or property. Like this guy mentions, also no pedestrian crossing. You essentially have to jaywalk, which is illegal, to cross the street. I live next to a business park that employees thousands of people with lots of apartments nearby, but I never see anyone walking to work. They would rather drive .5 miles to work.

    update: I believe those huge chunks of sidewalk missing are due to fiber lines being placed parallel with the sidewalk, because where there are no sidewalks, there are always the fiber posts/flags up.

  7. Most cities in America are designed for cars 1st – not pedestrians. It's why things are so spread far apart… and why we are so fat.

  8. Sorry guys. Ive been to Germany (Koln and Berlin). Europe in general is much better for pedestrians and also has a massive public transit system. USA was not designed this way. We use cars for everything outside of the biggest cities. Next time rent a car, it would be the American way! Hope you got to enjoy that Wendy's,. It's not curryworst but still decent!

  9. there are no sidewalks because Americans drive everywhere. Hence the reason they're all diabetic at 28 and over weight by 30.

  10. This is capitalism with too little regulation or infrastructure. Wendy's does whatever they want, and the gas station does whatever they want, and the city is like "where should we put the sidewalks?? No idea! Finding that out would cost money"

  11. Foot says always have a motorized vehicle. A hike is punishment for not properly maintaining your truck. Pedestrians and bicycles are an invisible hazard to operators in windowed vehicle cabs with support pillars. They need to see something moving above 20MPH and at least 6 feet wide- or you don't show up on the radar. For safety, always have a vehicle.

  12. The only place with decent pedestrian access are older cities and towns, mostly on the East Coast. Even then, once you leave the core nucleus of a lot of those places everything is solely accessible by vehicles.

  13. I would be talking shit back at this german dude… but I've been to germany.

    We really don't have a leg to stand on. Should fix our shit 🙁

  14. One day they will have sidewalks like all the other first world countries.
    Good luck and prayers to the US people. May your taxes for once be spend on useful infrastructure. ? ? ?

  15. I'm an American and I don't own a car. I've never even driven a car! Back in my home city, this wasn't much of an issue because it's surprisingly pedestrian friendly and our public transportation system was top notch. However, where I live now, our lack of a car is so notable, my SO and I were once referred to as "the couple that walks everywhere". 😛

  16. U.S. is just a complete and total disaster. I no longer tell people I'm an American when I travel abroad. Simply too embarrassing. The only advantage this country has over others is money making opportunities. That's it. Other than that, it's a shit hole.

  17. well, just like everything, some cities mandate sidewalks and others don't. Most parts of my city of 200k has sidewalks. There might be a few roads where there's only a sidewalk on one side of the street or bridge. Many of the smaller towns may not have sidewalks, but then they also don't have storm sewers or curbs and gutters. Also sidewalks need to cleared of snow/ice within 24 hours of the last snow/ice event.

  18. In the second half of your video, sure, the design could be better but no one walks there. But in the first half, a sidewalk would look hideous. The lawns and trees should be preserved. Walk on the road and hop on the grass as needed.

  19. I live here! I'm sorry, I hope you had a good time otherwise. You really can't do anything without a car here, it's rediculous.

  20. As an American, I too am confused by our sidewalks. They just seem like they randomly appear and and disappear. It's especially jarring when this happens next to a busy street and you are forced to walk on the street with the cars or walk like a tight-rope walker on top of the gutter.

  21. He's right I'm from NYC went to florida for vacation to disney when i was a kid… florida has no sidewalks!!! LOL

  22. We have sidewalks in my neighborhood. Then the city thought it was a great idea to plant trees in the sidewalks. Now the tree roots are buckling the slabs of sidewalk and the city is all like "yo homeowners, the sidewalk is your responsibility" ….. erm so yea none of the sidewalks are safe in my neighborhood.

  23. Lol the guy in the blue certainly doesnt walk much. This does happen a lot in rural areas with no or ending sidewalks.

    Nebraska is full of sidewalk, never used one though.

  24. I am glad to see people see this as a problem in the US its almost assumed you are driving even to very nearby places.

  25. It's the US, we drive cars. We have 50% more cars per person than Germany. Rent or borrow a car, you'll be much happier.

  26. Actually, it is always comical to me when I go to the south or Texas and they are shooting their mouths off about how "traditional" or "conservative" they are, but they all spend their days indoors or driving around like a bunch of modern metrosexuals in their air-conditioned cars with their windows rolled up, like animals in a zoo. What a bunch of phonies. Too bad it takes a German to point out the obvious.

  27. This is very common in rural cities or generally any non-major city that doesn't have massive amounts of pedestrian traffic. Also fairly common is the lack of any safe street crossings anywhere other than large intersections. This is why jaywalking is never really enforced. This is partly why public transportation is also relatively small or non-existent in cities who's populations are under 500k.

  28. just be glad no one called the police on you for walking on their lawn or in front of their house or in the streets, but then again they probably mistook you for some crazy americans instead of foreigners.

  29. My town had a program that put new sidewalks around all the neighborhoods near schools so the kids have a safe path to walk to and from school. America still has the mentality that you use anything but a vehicle for transportation, you're considered lower class, homeless, a loser, or just plain poor. Never mind all the health nuts out there.

  30. in the US a lot of things are far away we use cars for everything if you don't have a car you can't get around in most places we don't use public transport this isn't Europe and we sure as hell don't walk

  31. I like the transportation in Portland, but I used to live Kansas where everything was so far apart you had to have a car. I enjoyed your video and as an American wasn’t insulted I appreciate your perspective. I didn’t even know what an Amtrak was until I took it to Canada a few months ago ?

  32. Decades of car company cronyism at every level of government made this happen. Engineers here are indoctrinated into a cult of the automobile, which can only be justified by theological claims as to why pedestrians must compromise for cars at every occasion. Claims like, “Smooth traffic flow is safer” or “Horizontal clear zone must be 4 feet in urban areas to provide for ‘forgiving’ streets.” These add up to long, straight, lifeless streets where drivers are entitled to drive as fast as they can, wobbling all over the place and not paying attention. Almost all transportation funding goes to the car, while buses, bicyclists, and walkers have to get by on scraps from the table.

  33. Taxes are low is states like this, lower taxes draw people to live there. Budget and necessity dictate what was built. Germany is 28 times smaller than the US and has neighbors on all sides. To have a much more robust transits system makes sense for Germany. But for the US state that has about 87 million people arrive by plane each year and most destinations are not walking distance from each other, yeah walking is not big in Florida. But go to Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Palm beach, Sarasota, Tampa, Daytona you know denser less touristy areas (I know all of FL is a tourist area) and you'll see more complete sidewalks. Would you like a criticism of Germany?

  34. Ich hörte von der Tatsache, dass in Amerika jeder nur ein Auto benutzt, aber ich dachte, es sei nur ein Stereotyp.

    Es ist schlimmer, als ich erwartet habe. Warum Amerika, warum?

    (Deutsch is fur mich Fremdsprache)

  35. Okay let me get this straight. You are a German "tourist"? Why would a tourist just walk around the rural housing districts? Do you not have a travel guide? What the fuck? You are not in the city you moron. Why would there be sidewalks and crossings? You wanted to see houses? Stop taking drugs.

  36. Even better, in Mississippi not only do we not have pedestrian sidewalks, but there are no shoulders on the roads so even our cars don't have sidewalks.

  37. sees people WALKING
    <me> what is this?!

    but seriously, different approach to life, IMO better. It's not like walking is prohibited (yet). I noticed that too when I was there, but I don't mind.

  38. Well, it just gets as hot as an oven out in Florida when you're walking, so no real need for sidewalks. You know the term "hot as an oven" right?

  39. The mistake here is that you're assuming this one single place to be representative of the entire rest of America. Remember that the U.S. is a union of 50 different states. What you see in one place may not translate to another. These areas in Florida and some others int eh South were unplanned, whereas planned neighborhoods do have sidewalk. The only other place that wouldn't have sidewalks are rural-suburban areas. If you visit practically any other parts of the U.S. there will be sidewalks. What you're experiencing is the exception, not the rule.

  40. In America, things that Americans think aren't needed don't exist.
    Like sidewalks, because everyone supposedly has cars. Only now are they beginning to realize how basic-minded and problematic this is.
    Also, universal health care, because Americans put capitalism above common sense and basic human rights.
    This explains cancerous American capitalism in a nutshell, actually. Everything is made for short-term gain and long-term loss, with really materialistic, basic, dumb, thick, dense focus. Perspective doesn't exist – it's all about cashing in right here and now.

  41. I am southamerican and used the Amtrak for fun to travel from Chicago to Texas, americans could not realise how I chose to do that trip instead of taking a plane, but it was such a great experience…

  42. Krass, mega gut 😀
    Das scheint ja doch recht viele auch interesant zu finden wenn man sieht wie viele Leute dein Video aufgerufen haben 😀

  43. Hier in Amerika planen oder konstruieren wir nicht mehr. Es ist alles so nah genug Mentalität. Und ja, unsere Zuginfrastruktur ist im Vergleich zu Europa schlecht. Auf der guten Seite, probieren Sie etwas Cajun-Essen mit einem Micro-Brew! (Google Translate)

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