– (FBE) Today, you’re going to be
reacting to a newspaper. – Oh.
– Political newspaper? (chuckles) – (FBE) You’re gonna be reacting
to a newspaper from the day you were born.
– 1922? – It was World War II
when I was born. – World War II
had just ended. And it was, you know,
countries are starting to get themselves back together. – We were in the throes
of a huge recession. Yes, I was born,
but I didn’t live through it, because I was too young
to know. – (FBE) So you’ll all be looking
at the New York Times that has been scanned digitally,
where you can look at the full newspaper
and click on any article that has been archived
over the years, and you’ll get a chance
to see what was happening in the world on the day
you were born. – I’ll be darned.
I’ve never done that. – I love it.
I wanna see what happened before I was born
or when I was born. – (FBE) So, here’s what
the front page looked like. – Well, it’s kind of interesting.
The first word I noticed up here was the word “Tammany.” Tammany was
a very powerful organization. – Wednesday, April 16, 1947.
I was born on a Wednesday. How much– th-three? Get out.
Three cents? – Three cents!
Wow. It’s like a freebie. – You’ve got “Harding may,”
blah, blah, blah. “Reds here jubilant.”
God, they still were around then too. – (FBE) So, this does have
the entire full New York Times from that day, so you can actually
click through some of the pages and see the entire full newspaper. – How fun is this?
I’m looking at the ads, you know, how things have changed
with the cigar ads. Silk ties, pure–
a lot of silk. – Knickerbocker Ice Company.
But that was in New York. We had– here,
we had… Yelloway Ice? – Attempting flight
from New York to Rome. Airplanes were everything.
That was the new invention. Flying in the air
like a bird, nobody believed
what could happen. – (FBE) So now, we going
to take you through a few notable articles from your paper.
– Okay! – “Scientists uphold
evolution theory.” (chuckles) Yeah, they weren’t sure we–
the evolution thing was here to hold.
The first awareness came, I guess, when I was
maybe 10 or 12. You know, people were–
you still heard bits and pieces. “Well, evolution, they don’t believe
that that theory is good. We don’t come from one thing
to another.” You know why they deny it?
Because they can’t comprehend it. – (FBE) Yeah.
And then it’s scary. – “Germans see door
to arms talk shut.” The Germans were playing games
in those days. They knew where they were going. – “Germans clearing
coast of Holland.” During the war, in the Philippines,
the Japanese really was mean to us. They were holding the babies up,
and then they have this thing with the knife,
and then they would kill the babies by throwing– yeah.
That’s why my parents had to hide me. It’s scary.
I don’t wanna live in war. – “Vandergrift is reorganizing
Marine Corps to make it more flexible for atomic war.”
Ooh, that doesn’t sound good. They’re making sure
that the Marine Corps is ready or their fleets are ready
just in case. You know what happens
when they drop those bombs. – “India is disturbed
by Gandhi’s threat.” “Britain silent on plans.”
Boy, he was a thorn in their side.
They did not know… exactly how to handle Gandhi,
and they never did. – “Bootlegger’s friend sued,”
and asks for ali– (chuckles) That’s great. Probation was still in effect
when I grew up. And my mother was a–
you know, like all the modern ladies of their day,
they were all flappers. Even at five years old,
I could remember when my mom and dad were going out.
My mother had this cute little hat on. You know, I’m saying to myself,
“Where do you get the booze, Dad?” (laughs) at five or six. – “Pay rise is voted
to state workers. The pay increase is 10%
for those receiving less than 2,000 a year.” (scoffs)
Oh my g– well, we think about the expenses
from before are not as big as now. I was making, like– wait.
250 every two weeks. But we survived. – “Hoover asks for new
and stronger effort, laying Maine upset
to the depression.” I don’t remember
seeing pictures then of people in food lines,
because I was far too young. I was born in ’32.
I was nine years old when the Japanese attacked
Pearl Harbor. THAT I remember. – (FBE) How do you think
that newspapers do in terms of giving you
a time capsule-esque look into how your life
was going on? – Oh, there’s no question about it.
That’s all we had for communicatin’.
We didn’t have television. Radio wasn’t even as good
as the newspaper in those days, ’cause you couldn’t see it.
A newspaper, you could read words and you could see pictures. At my age, I tend
to do a lot of reminiscing. You know, I’ll sit back and relax
on my lounge chair and sometimes I’ll drift on,
you know, things that happened in my life as a young kid. – All the articles, all the stories
does make me think about old times. Of course, we get it now
more from television and we get it quicker,
and we get it at the moment. – This is so much fun just to see what was happening
on the day I was born. This is one of the most
interesting times I’ve had here just to– never thought of looking up
a newspaper the day I was born. – Hey, guys. Ethan here from FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this episode
of Elders React. And if you enjoyed this episode,
you’ve got to let us know in the comments.
Or if you wanna see the elders take a look at anything else
from their past, please let us know there.
Bye, guys.


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