Elements To A Blog Post

Elements To A Blog Post

do you struggle with creating blog posts
for your website you know it’s important for your website SEO but what are the
elements to a blog post that’s going to make it successful and have people
actually reading your blog in today’s video I brought on a guest expert to
tell you the exact elements to a successful blog post hey guys my name is
Trena and welcome to another episode of just the tips if you are new here make
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posting new videos to teach you how to use YouTube video in your business
strategy so now I have a question for you do you have a blog on your website
if you do share the link down in the comment section below because I would
love to check it out since that’s what we’re talking about here today so since
I’m not the expert on blog writing I’m going to turn it over to Rachel up
define your hustle to tell you exactly how to write a blog post hey everyone
I’m Rachel Moffett a blogger and the creator of defying your hustle calm I’m
so excited to be here in Trina’s channel today to share the five elements of a
great blog post as a coach who works with bloggers many of my clients
struggle to create amazing content for their website a lot of them simply
aren’t natural-born writers while others just don’t know the secrets of putting
together a great blog post well I have some good news for you creating content
for your blog really doesn’t have to be hard and in this video I’m going to
share the key elements every blog post needs to have if you want to captivate
your readers combined with high-quality valuable content incorporating these
elements will help your blogpost succeed every single time so the first thing
your blog post needs is a captivating headline the headline is arguably one of
the most difficult things about writing a blog post because a lot of pressure is
put on it the reason for this is because the headline you choose can essentially
make or break the success of your post think about this for a second the
headline dictates whether or not someone is going to click through to your blog
post and read more it’s the first and perhaps the only impression you’ll make
on a potential reader and that’s why you need to make sure the impression you
make is a good one and one important thing to keep in mind when writing your
headline is that you want it to grab attention without ever being misleading
if you constantly trick readers with clickbait they won’t stick around for
long make sure your head I reflected en’t they’ll find in your
blog post a great headline will be short and it should make it clear what a
reader will get out of the post it’s also wise to add numbers to your
headline when it’s appropriate because readers love a good list post once
you’ve gotten their attention with your headline and they’ve click-through to
your blog post you need a powerful introduction to seal the deal your
introduction should hook them and keep them interested in reading more you see
we have short attention spans and it’s not the easiest task to get people to
read through your entire post in fact it’s been said that about 80% of people
will read your headline but only 20% will stick around to read what you’ve
actually written this is exactly why you need a captivating headline plus a
powerful introduction working together if you want your content to succeed so
don’t write a great headline and then leave your readers hanging with a crappy
introduction write a brief introduction that’s around 5 to 10 sentences and make
sure it leaves them wanting more try starting off your post with an
interesting fact or a quote sharing a memorable story or even a
thought-provoking question your blog posts could have all of these essential
elements but it will still fail if you don’t offer up high-quality valuable
content your readers don’t want to read a bunch of fluff they want incredible
content that’s going to address their struggles and provide a solution to the
problems they’re facing that’s why you need to include well research supporting
points in your post doing research is helpful because you’ll have outside
sources to link to as a way to back up any points you make and sometimes you
may need to learn a little bit more about the topic you’re writing about
just make sure you link back to any sources you quote or cite within your
content and when presenting the content within your blog post you need to make
sure it’s readable you can do this by dividing your post up with subheadings
and using bullet points and numbered lists where appropriate let me ask you
this when it comes to blog post is there anything more overwhelming than a
gigantic block of text staring you in the face probably not that’s just one
reason why you should incorporate eye catching visuals into every blog post
you publish not only are visuals great for breaking up text but depends on
you use them they can also serve as visual aids to help your readers learn
and absorb your content try adding a visual for every 200 to 300 words in
your post you can screenshots photos for tutorials or created graphics with
quotes from your post this is your chance to get creative and add a little
extra value for your readers plus they’ll be perfect for sharing on social
media once someone is done reading your blog
post you don’t want them to click off your site never to return again that’s
why you need a call to action to tell them what that next step is you can wrap
up your post by telling them what they should do but make sure it’s clear and
actionable so there’s no chance they’ll miss out your call to action can change
base on the post and what you’re trying to achieve with your content
sometimes you may be trying to make a sale by encouraging readers to check out
your products or services but other times it won’t be about the sale you
might want them to sign up for email lists or simply engage with you by
answering a question in the comment section
whatever your call-to-action is just make sure you deploy it before they exit
your site alright those are the five elements every great blog post needs to
have have you been incorporating them into the content you’ve published or is
there something you’ve been skipping over leave a comment and let me know
where you need to improve when it comes to creating blog content Rachel you made
it seem so easy to write a blog post and I’m definitely going to take some of
those elements and update previous blog posts that I already have on my website
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  1. Thanks so much for having me on your channel again, Trena! I hope everyone finds these tips helpful. 👍🏻

  2. great video with very useful information. For me is very difficult to come up with ideas for a blog post since I think pretty much every topic is out there already. ( does that makes sense?) Thank you ~ Vero

  3. Thank you, Trena and Rachel for the helpful tips for a great blog post. I will differently have this "check list" for my current and future blog post.

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